Monday, July 25, 2005

Roadkill Blues

Oh man, if any of you guys are the screaming types, don't read on (and no pun intended on the word screaming types)

I was getting back from work today and I have to take the intermediate ring road back home. It was late, it was a little dark too and it was raining. Somewhere almost near the end of the road, I was riding pretty slow, say 40 kmph or so, when I saw this Tata Sumo, definitely one working as a pick/up drop cab for some fucked up call center around town, pull up right behind me and overtake me. He was doing a good 80 kmph atleast, twice as fast as what I was doing. He overtakes me and just at that moment a dog crosses the road and BHAM!!

The fucker hits the dog on its hind legs and the dog goes airborne for about 5 seconds and lands a good 10-15 feet away, whimpering and badly injured. That mother fucker of a cab driver doesn't even care to stop and look. He just continues driving on the road like nothing ever happened.

And there I was, behind him, having witnessed it all. I had a dog lying on the road side in front of me and there was little I could do. I did stop, but the dog was almost dead, was just twitching its legs when I got near it. I felt really crappy. I wasn't attached to the dog or something, but I felt really crappy. I wish I could have done something, to help the dog survive or shove a hot iron rod up that cab drivers ass. Fucking mother fucker!

Anyways, what really pisses me off though is the fact that there are so many stray dogs in Bangalore. I could be all rude and blame the cabbie for driving fast. But I'd only be kidding myself. Dogs aren't meant to be on the road. They need to be at a home, safe from danger. I just hope someone does something, other than pick them up and electrocute them.
Divine intervention pleaseeeeeee...
I've had enough of this shit everyday. It saddens me.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Two Choices...

I have reached that state of mind again when I dont have any clue about what to do next.
I mean I am having shit loads of fun, there is enough for me to do everyday, I love my job, yet, there are things that still bother me and I have absolutely no idea what to do about them

I've let them bother me all this while. I've made the conscious attempt to put it all behind me and look forward to a brighter day. Yet, I keep getting dragged down into the same shit all the time. The further I try to run away from it, the faster I realize that i am only running around in circles.

It wouldnt make much sense to any of you reading this, but I need to put this down for the prints that I'll be taking at the end of the year; to remind myself about how miserable life can be just cause of a thing or two that hasnt really left me.

But then again, in the words of Mark Knopfler

"Why worry, there should be laughter after pain,
There should be sunshine after rain,
These things have always been the same,
So why worry now.."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What the Futch

Oh man, what crappy service.

I goto tell you all, dont ever get yourself a FUTCH number. You'll only end up getting screwed in the long run. Trust me.

Over the last one week, I've had very little time to do anything that I've wanted to do. Yet, I take time off to sit and post this message cause I care for you all (not really)

First of all, Futch managed to put me out of communication for nearly 16 hours when all they had to do wouldnt have taken them a mere 2 minutes [their confession]. I went to them to get my SIM card migrated from pre-paid to post-paid cause I get to claim my telephone bills from work. They take 16 hours to do that and in the intrim period, they put me out of communication. I did excatly what any other respectable human being would have done. I marched straight up to the Futch Shop and gave them a piece of my mind. They assured me that this would never be repeated.

We took off to Ooty to shoot an Ad. When I got back two days later, they barred all my incoming and outgoing calls cause apparently my verification wasn't done yet.

Hey wait a minute, what the fuck you guys talking about? I thought I wasnt going to be bothered anymore..

WRONG answer Doctor. Wrong fucking answer.
I walked into their Futch Shop again, got the issue sorted out, with the only difference being that two people assured me this time around.

A day passes by without any problems what so ever.

Yesterday though, my display suddenly read "Sim Card Authentication Failed"

Hey wait a minute, what the fuck you guys talking about? I thought I wasnt going to be bothered anymore..

WRONG answer Doctor. Wrong fucking answer.
I walked into their Futch Shop again, got the issue sorted out, with the only difference being that three people assured me this time around.

They activate it again.

Today, they bar all my Outgoing Calls again.

I have decided to give up my number and couldnt really care less if I have to get my number changed. Futch sucks and they can take their connection and stick it up their ass!

But then the problem is, everyone who knows me with relation to work has just this number and I cant help it but make do. Fuck futch. I am screwed.

Btw, I composited the image myself. Even I am as creative as those fucked up futch fuckers who figured out that fuckall futch campaign that I fell for and picked up this connection.

To those of you who are not on futch, stay away from them.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Old Habits Die Hard

Just today while I was travelling to work, I swear to God, I saw nearly 7 people at various junctures of the road who were peeing on the road side.

I mean give me a fucking break man. Its 9:00 am in the morning. You've obviously done whatever you had to do when you woke up this morning. Like the regular stuff. Take a crap, and while your at it, you've obviously pee'd, and you've gone about doing whatever you do every morning. What amazes me though is, in a mere fraction of say 2 hours, how the fuck can you feel such a strong urge to pee again, that too on the road side?

Dont you fucking have any dignity? How badly is your image tarnished? Dont you care? I mean seirously, the guys I saw today aren't those guys who earn a living washing cars or something. They looked like guys who actually sat in a cement shop and sold cement or were people with enough money in their hands to afford a toilet. What pisses me off though is that they choose to pee on the side of the main fucking road. The same road used by hundred's of people just like me who've obviously seen these dudes letting go. What a fucked up image to begin your day with.

The cops should probably get a hold of all these fuckers and chop their dicks off. But the problem with that is that the fucking cops in our city tend to pee on the roads too. So basically, we are all fucked and we have to live with this image until Honda figures out something for us.

P.S: The image above is only a representation of something that I also noticed today painted on the Cash Pharmacy wall. Its not the actual photograph. Excuse the spelling mistakes.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Chain Mails

I dont quite recall blogging about this, but hell, it pisses me off so much that I might as well.

These fucking chain mails totally piss me off. Its not like I asked for them or anything. Now call me a skeptic if you please, but for crying out loud, forwarding an email around isint going to change the world or buy Ann or whoever the fuck a new set of clothes cause she suffers from Cancer.

I dont want to be rude and hurt anyone's sentiments, but for fucks sake man, we've go to stop believeing in this crap and forwarding shit to everybody. It just doesnt work. Trust me!

If you'd trust anyone, please for crying out loud, trust me, IT DOESNT WORK!

Taken for granted that half of us never even read the contents of the god damm chain mails, yet we happen to read that one impact line, clearly put there for a reason by some smart ass fuck who wants to rule the world, and find it within ourselves to feel sympathy/empathy (never figured the difference in Philip's Class) towards that author and his cause and forward it to almost everyone on our mailing list.

How fucking STUPID.
Dont forward it to me.

Thank you