Saturday, October 08, 2005

Life is like a friggin lemon!

Now although I'd have prefered a pissed off entry, i'll buy this one. Its worth a few reads. Moreover, adds color to my blog. Thanks dude for taking the time. Appreciate it.

Guest Entry by BLAH BLAH

I have a pet lemon. I picked him out from a whole bunch of lemons at a book fair recently. They were giving away one lemon with every book bought. I was just idly playing with the lemons in the bag, when I saw this quiet little lemon standing apart from the others. He looked like
he wanted to join in, but couldn't really muster up the courage to ask. My heart went out to this little green fellow; I'd been a kuccha nimboo myself when I was growing up. On the spot, I decided that this was the lemon for me. I quietly picked him out of the bag, and put him
into my pocket. It was the start of one of my most fulfilling and enlightening relationships.

It's not easy to raise a lemon alone, you know. I rushed into it impulsively, not really knowing the sort of responsibility involved with such a task. There are many things you learn only the hard way. For example, my lemon takes it really hard if anyone calls him a lime. He has an inferiority complex about limes. What's more, my brother keeps telling him that I got him by mistake, that I was actually hoping for a lime instead. I've assured and reassured him a hundred
times that this isn't true, but then, there's only so much you can say to salvage a hurt ego. You know how lemons can be once they believe something strongly!

But it's not all bad. There are times when I'm feeling really low, and my lovely lemon manages to cheer me up. We play a little game. I start to tell him all about where lemonade comes from, and then I take him into the kitchen and show him the lemon squeezer and explain in detail
how it works. He then pretends to be totally speechless with fear. Sometimes for variety I put him into the mixer and threaten, jokingly of course, to shred him to pieces. Some days, I just shout out "Juice!" and we share a laugh. I love my lemon. I hope he doesn't die of lemonAIDS.