Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Awkward Silence

Oh, well, just when I thought I wouldnt really be pissed off about anything today, this had to happen.

Just so that everyone knows now and there are no more awkward silences, my girlfriend and I kinda fell out of our relationship sometime back. Cant really call her MY girlfriend right now cause she's with someone else, but trust me, thats not the pissing off part. I am happy for her and am sure glad she's happy doing what she is doing in life.

Anyways, getting back to the post. My folks and I share a very open relationship. I mean, they have no qualms about me seeing someone and they are like one of the first few people to know when I do start seeing anyone. I dont really have to tell them. They kinda already figure it out and stuff.

One thing though, when you break up with someone, for some odd reason, you dont find the courage to go and tell you parents about it. No matter how open they are about the issue. Call me a coward or whatever, I dont really mind it. But honestly, I just find it odd. I can tell all my friends about it, but I cant tell my parents. Its just a crappy feeling...

So I get back home today from work and I was sitting down in the hall and just talking to my mom who was all enthu about watching some of my edits on TV and feeling proud and all. Just then, she turns towards me and says "So, where's XYZ? Haven't seen her in a while and she doesnt even call or come home anymore". An awkward silence follows... I ponder over the option of lying to her, like I have done in the past just, but I decided to otherwise today and to put an end to this..

I dont blame my mom. I blame myself. But these frigging awkward situations piss me off. Moreso the silence. I finally found it in my heart to tell her today though. I am sure she'll tell my dad and it'll all be cool and no one will bring it up anymore, but thats not the point. These awkward situations are such a piss off .. Fuck, I cant even put it to words to remember about this someday down the line...
This sucks..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mud Splashes

Ok not really. Except maybe if I was in a mud pool reliving my fantasies. But, shit crap man. I love the rains alright. They make me happy. Except for 2 things.
1. Getting wet in the rain while riding back home on the bike wearing the only set of nice formal clothes that I own
2. The mud splashes from all the cars/bikes/trucks/busses/bullock-carts/etc.

Now dont get me wrong, I can make do with getting wet in the rain wearing formals, except that I dont wear a banyan (oh, I love that word) and everyone will get to see my sexy body, but mud from the revolutions of a car tyre, I cant handle.

It rained like mad last night and I worked all night at the office cause I was doing an edit that is supposed to be aired tomorrow on ESPN. Anyways, after working all night and heading back home in the morning, the last thing I need all over my face is MUD. I mean what the fuck. These vehicle owners in and around Bangalore dont believe in mud flaps. Because of all the slush collected in their fucking tyres, the bikers on the road are the ones that are hit the worst. I ended up riding behind this Tata Indica and this bugger, ironically ends up being a cabbie for a call center. He, without knowledge that he has just exited from a mud road that got totally wet because of yesterday's rains ends up taking off at this signal and his tyres kept squirting out mud right into my face. Ironically enough, I had my helmet off and got a good taste of good ol` bangalore mud.

Fucking stupid fucking cabbie pissed me off today. The next time this happens, considering that it will happen cause of all the rain, I am going to throw my helmet at him, come what may..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Christian Retreats

Oh man, I am Catholic alright, Roman Catholic at that, but fucking shit, I dont get these fucking christian retreats. They bloody piss me off and when I have aunties and uncles talking about how these fucking miracle works work their charms and apparently HEAL people, it fucking pisses me off even more.

Not to be blasphemous or anything, but I dont like those guys on TV. Especially these Tamil guys who claim to have the hand of God and to have the power to frigging heal the world. Then why the fuck are they on TV? Why arent they out there doing shit for the people, lets say in Somalia for instance, where they are really fucking needed?

Why the fuck do they goto stand on a stage, hold their hand out and knock someone on the head hard enough to make that person go crashing down to the floor only to have him wake up much later after lying unconcious for a while because of the hard knock on their head and cause of the pain from crashing down to the floor and temporarily feeling weightlessness and happy soon after.

I just dont get it I tell you. And when they try to spread the good word, that pisses me off even more. Thank you, but I dont want to be a part of this crap! You can take your salad elsewhere..

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Death Metal

With due respect to all the original metal bands, I think covering Death bands and other really hard metal bands totally sucks. I mean, seriously man, come on. I am sure each and every one of of you reading this blog has been to one Autumn Muse or a NLS fest or something and quite honestly, although you might be a metal fan, I am pretty darn sure that you guys agree with me when I say ALMOST ALL THE BANDS THAT COVER A DEATH METAL BAND SUCKS!!

Actually hold on a minute there. It doesnt really matter if you guys agree with me or not, I still think they suck. They go on stage and make noise. First off, they cant pull off the riffs. Secondly, the drummer cant keep time. Then why the fuck attempt it. Just cause I am in love with Dream Theater, Rush and the likes wont make me pick up the frigging guitar and go on stage and do a Petrucci solo right?

I dont get our local bands from Bangalore. Almost 90% of them play covers. Not that I hate covers or anything, but if then end up covering death metal and doing a crappy job out of it, whats the point in covering the music in the first place? They'd rather not play. Either that, or they can probably cover some easier music to play, like we did.

To make matter worse, I hate death metal as a genre of music. Its just not pleasing and doesnt impress me technically either.

Anyways, I think semi pro bands or whatever-the-fuck-they-are-called-bands should just stop playing on stage and saving the audience the trouble. I skipped going to this year's Freedom Jam cause I knew there'd be more than 45 bands out of the shortlisted 50 covering death metal. Thanks a bunch for spoiling my experience of it all. Bastards..

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Maa, where's the Spam?

spam (spăm) pronunciation

Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

tr.v., spammed, spam·ming, spams.
  1. To send unsolicited e-mail to.
  2. To send (a message) indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups.
meaning derived from

Oh, what the fuck.. I've been had!
There are some fucking strange odd programs, otherwise reffered to as BOTS that have invaded my frigging blog. I just realized that I was taken for a ride when one of these bots posted on my frigging blog about my impeccable command over the english language and crap like that and I replied even! hahaha!

Anyways, these bots are now pissing me off. They are getting on my nerves and thats why I've enabled WORD VERIFICATION for the comments section. Else, they'll go on spamming and I cant do shit. Some might suggest disabling the anon comments option. But I cant do that. Most of my friends who visit this place arent really members and like to comment. Thus, the only other option, word verification.

Now, as a warning, dont fall prey like me. These bots are nothing but scripts and are out to get you. Down with the fucking bots.. down down down

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Digging - In general

I know I've blogged about this earlier and I know I'd also commented on another person's blog that I wouldnt post this cause his anthem rendition made me happy again, but I cant resist.

I was on my way back home from work today and I got stuck at the signal near the Ring Road (Koramangala End). I switched off my bike, took off my helmet and decided to wait..
As i began to look around, I saw this one guy on the other side of the road and he was carrying a backpack and was dressed like a guy who was definately educated and he looked sane enough to know his place in this world. Say about 10 seconds after I spotted him, he began digging his nose, quite furiously even.

Now dont mind me, atleast know that you are surrounded by another 6 people who are looking at you digging your nose. Doesnt that bother you? I mean, yuckkk!!

Then the signal turned green and I passed him and I actually saw him still frantically busy at his nose picking skills. Then I just thought to myself. Imagine if that guy was doing what he was doing early in the morning and then headed to my office. I'd have to shake hands with that guy and he'd have bogger all over his fingers. He'd probably have little residue from all those bogger balls that he'd have made and thrown away onto the street after picking his nose for such a long time and I'd have to shake hands with him.... NooooOoOooooO!!!!

Thankfully though, he doesnt look like the kind of guy who'd visit an office like ours. But then again, no one said he was alone! I am sure there are others and the thought of not knowing if the guys you are shaking hands with have been digging their nose or not and going ahead and shaking hands with them scares me.

Its just disgusting you know.
I've decided to go the Japanese/Chinese/whatever the fuck Way .. Mushi mushi..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cloved Laddus!

Now I am a typical South Indian fella with South Indian habits and tastes. But when it comes to laddu's and pani puri, I absolutely love the way the northies prepare the dishes.

For one, give me any boondhi laddu from any northie sweet shop and I'll finish it within 8 seconds flat. But then there are these yucky south indian laddu's that are often mistaken for their northern counterparts.

Laddu's are from north india and are meant to be from there. Why, you ask? Well, cause we south indians cant make laddu's for nuts. Like for instance, a north indian laddu is just a shit load of boondhi and ghee with a dash of cashew nuts and thats about it. A south indian laddu on the other hand has shit loads of boondhi, DALDA and cloves. I mean what the fuck are cloves doing in a laddu. Its like some sadistic bastard who wanted to spoil the taste of them laddu's suddenly thought of putting it there and that ritual has caught on until this day.

I cant stand them cloves in my laddus. They piss me off. Its like I put the whole laddu in my mouth and then bite into a clove and hate the taste cause its yuck and I have to try and seperate it from the rest of the laddu inside my mouth with my tongue and then remove it out with my fingers and throw it away. Instead, why the fuck cant they all just let them north indians make the laddus just the way I love them?

But no.. the sadistic bastard hates me!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

All the crap!

Oh man .. All the crap that goes into our papers just pisses me off.
I am sorry I havent written to myself in a long time, its just that I have been shit busy with work. Have 3 more ads to be done with by the end of the month and cant seem to find the time at all to work on all of them.

Having said that, I am one of the buggers who needs to read the paper every morning. I have noticed the changes in content that our newspapers are going every day. Times of India started it all and now, they are a fucking SOFT PORN daily. I mean, being a guy and stuff and having them publish all those images in the paper should make me happy. But it doesnt.

I aint no gay or anything and I aint attracted to men and want them to publish images of guys instead, but man, geez, there are small kids reading the fucking papers. I am not talking about really small kids. I am talking about the 13-14 year old's who are just about figuring out that there is more to life than "mar kothi" and "lagori" and I am sure the last thing they need to be reading about at their testostorone filled age is "how to satisfy your man/woman over the weekend".

Seriously, come on!! There is Cosmopolitan for all that crap. I say, its all done in bad taste and it aint good. If any of you have seen any of the images published in the god damm Bangalore Times, you'll know excatly what I am talking about. And the print.. Good Lord, the crap they try and educate you with. It gets worse over Saturday and Sunday too..

Someone needs to shoot down the people doing this to our morning papers. Then again, come to think of it, I could subscribe to "The Economic Times"..