Saturday, August 27, 2005

Death Metal

With due respect to all the original metal bands, I think covering Death bands and other really hard metal bands totally sucks. I mean, seriously man, come on. I am sure each and every one of of you reading this blog has been to one Autumn Muse or a NLS fest or something and quite honestly, although you might be a metal fan, I am pretty darn sure that you guys agree with me when I say ALMOST ALL THE BANDS THAT COVER A DEATH METAL BAND SUCKS!!

Actually hold on a minute there. It doesnt really matter if you guys agree with me or not, I still think they suck. They go on stage and make noise. First off, they cant pull off the riffs. Secondly, the drummer cant keep time. Then why the fuck attempt it. Just cause I am in love with Dream Theater, Rush and the likes wont make me pick up the frigging guitar and go on stage and do a Petrucci solo right?

I dont get our local bands from Bangalore. Almost 90% of them play covers. Not that I hate covers or anything, but if then end up covering death metal and doing a crappy job out of it, whats the point in covering the music in the first place? They'd rather not play. Either that, or they can probably cover some easier music to play, like we did.

To make matter worse, I hate death metal as a genre of music. Its just not pleasing and doesnt impress me technically either.

Anyways, I think semi pro bands or whatever-the-fuck-they-are-called-bands should just stop playing on stage and saving the audience the trouble. I skipped going to this year's Freedom Jam cause I knew there'd be more than 45 bands out of the shortlisted 50 covering death metal. Thanks a bunch for spoiling my experience of it all. Bastards..


Archrival said...

I find myself largely in agreement to what you said.Even we as a band dont cover Death at all it mother fuckin sucks bigtime man but you should be looking out for JRO next year dude i am sure you will have a better time although you will find some of the bands covering Death or own comps whatever but most of them will be really nice

Dr. Pissed said...

But fuck all the bands that cover Death anyways..
Just wanted to say that.. Woohoo!

silverine said...

This is a nice idea of a blog. To highlight stuff that pisses you off. Thanks for the comments on the 'Work Peril" post. Hope that was a compliment. And hope that roaches aren't one of the things that piss you off.Cos then I would know it wasnt a compliment lol

Alice said...

Oh gosh! Forget Death Metal.. most of them just suck anyway..

Dr. Pissed said...

Grateful Dead, Dream Theater, Rush and Floyd forever..

Anonymous said...


|_|, ... Yeah man!

Hate the fuckers, but they make me laugh :)

- Waleed

Dr. Pissed said...

wally macha
Fuck them bands man ... Fuck them all. Remember how we tripped on stage on those bands that played at Christ and how Mootu and I were headbanging and singing crap!

darkmatter said...

Rush Fan eh? Nice :-)

darkmatter said...

@diabolique - There is no way that the Unwind center would invite any band that plays death metal for JRO
After all Demonic Resurrection - that plays Melodic Black Metal was denied a chance at JRO for about three years just because their name dint sound right! Bleh

Though after a long while(JRO 2005),Unwind did them in :-)


metal wannabe said...

hate it when u wannabes comment on death metal. i like death metal as a genre. its good. the problem here is that ppl who cover death metal bands have the wrong idea abt music and end up playin with some really ugly patches which sound rubbish. and you as a music fan should encourage all the youngsters who have the nerve to go up on stage and perform. and dont give rubbish abt missing the freedom jam since u dislike death metal. u missed it thanx to your job and u so wanted to come with us. just like to inform you that the bands that played there were good and they were not entirely death metal. just myndsnare played deathmetal and they sucked. the other bands were good, esp perusia (preuzia, perutia) :s, ministry of blues etc and a jazz band from germany had come too. and you missed it. muhahahahahahahaha.

p.s. i remeber u askin abt the concert thrice to me. :p

Anonymous said...

Hell yes mr Dr pissed Chill out dude. First of all one deranged fucker like u would be the most likely person to be voted a death metal fan. Plus u have long hair after all that if u are going to trip on hootie and the blowfish's hold my hand and sign along people will know u are a wannabe metal head. Dont compare the local bands to Rush and DT what a fool. Death metal is a brilliant Genre by itself i suggest u listen to Death the band which is more technical and way more brilliant than even rush itself. Dont even get me started on DT. Petrucci has 10 good solos its more like each member is trying to promote their solo career within the band all talented with one useless bassy who is confused with his yamaha Six string.Coming back i think the only fuck up with death metal is the growling where their lyrics are lost as its not understood. But the rest of the band needs to be highly talented to paly at such speeds. While the blast maybe a stupid beat to u but is highly complicated. Listen to Extinct reflections a local band with all young guys below 19 they play death metal and are highly taleneted and brilliant and they dont make fools of themselfs.P.S u called me also thrice about freedom jam. Listen to Damage inc originally by metallica covered by your favourite DT with barney from Napalm death.(A total death metal cover where portnoy gives u a good taste of the blast beat from beginning to end and james le sports a napalm death T shirt in their live concert. So lets Diss Death metal and Dt who are fans and play death metal themselves. Go concentrate ur negative energy on talentless fuckers like Eminem and Backstreet Boys and not talented musician who work as hard as an prog band to make an own comp and get that good.