Saturday, August 20, 2005

Digging - In general

I know I've blogged about this earlier and I know I'd also commented on another person's blog that I wouldnt post this cause his anthem rendition made me happy again, but I cant resist.

I was on my way back home from work today and I got stuck at the signal near the Ring Road (Koramangala End). I switched off my bike, took off my helmet and decided to wait..
As i began to look around, I saw this one guy on the other side of the road and he was carrying a backpack and was dressed like a guy who was definately educated and he looked sane enough to know his place in this world. Say about 10 seconds after I spotted him, he began digging his nose, quite furiously even.

Now dont mind me, atleast know that you are surrounded by another 6 people who are looking at you digging your nose. Doesnt that bother you? I mean, yuckkk!!

Then the signal turned green and I passed him and I actually saw him still frantically busy at his nose picking skills. Then I just thought to myself. Imagine if that guy was doing what he was doing early in the morning and then headed to my office. I'd have to shake hands with that guy and he'd have bogger all over his fingers. He'd probably have little residue from all those bogger balls that he'd have made and thrown away onto the street after picking his nose for such a long time and I'd have to shake hands with him.... NooooOoOooooO!!!!

Thankfully though, he doesnt look like the kind of guy who'd visit an office like ours. But then again, no one said he was alone! I am sure there are others and the thought of not knowing if the guys you are shaking hands with have been digging their nose or not and going ahead and shaking hands with them scares me.

Its just disgusting you know.
I've decided to go the Japanese/Chinese/whatever the fuck Way .. Mushi mushi..


The Arbit Council said...

dr., diggin is deffo a piss off.. u know whats' worse tho?

discovered this when i started workin a few years back.. in the men's toilet... i saw a few men that didn't, well, botehr to wash their hands off after peeing!

i just maintain a mental list now of people i am not goin to accept food from!

Dr. Pissed said...

the problem with a mental list is TWINS!

Finch, Scout said...


Atleast you haven't witnessed a chemistry teacher scratch her groin, in front of class.

Of course, it was done in secret.
And I was sitting in the first bench.


Dr. Pissed said...

Oh please, at Bethany, everyone from our batch has seen the math teacher digging his nose with his pants unzipped cause he forgot to pull his zip back up with all the digging in the nose..

Everyone was confused abt what to laugh at..

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Pissed said...

Oh your kidding me man!
The Finch who's been scouting my blog has far better grammar than I can even dream about. Not to sound rude or anything, but I honestly know that I suck at writing.. but sure, advice I will give. Why call myself Doctor otherwise?

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