Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Deadly Combination of Rain and Mud

slush (slŭsh) pronunciation
  1. Partially melted snow or ice.
  2. Soft mud; slop; mire.
meanings derived from www.answers.com

First off, I know its been a long time since I posted last on the blog, but hell my brother got married and I was damm busy.
I am still busy running around doing all his stuff (no pun intended and no underlying subliminal messages either) and he's kinda pissed me off enough to run this blog for months, daily updated too with his ill planning and screaming for me every single minute of the day. Anyways, I take it as any good brother would and just keep quiet and do all that I can to help.

None the less, today, although I am still busy editing my brother's wedding video, I couldn't help but remind myself that I needed to document all this. The deadly combination of rain and mud which gives you "slush" is deadly alright.

If you are riding a bike like mine with absolutely no threading on the front tire cause you don't have money to replace the tire, then you're fucked. Moreover, if you stay somewhere in Gottigere as I do where nearly ¼ of the roads are mud roads, you're fuuuucccked. Also, if you happen to live in Gottigere which is a slightly higher area than the rest of Bangalore which tends to get most of the rain, I think we already know what you're experiencing right now.

I slipped and fell today. Right into the mud and it was all mucky and stuff and I got all slush all over my jeans and my t-shirt. It fucking sucks let me tell you. Iwasn'tt riding fast, nor was I riding slow. I just slipped and fell cause of all the dampness on the road and my tires failing to have any traction with the road.

And since I fell and dirtied all that I had on, I am pissed off today!
Fucking shit!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Dont listen to what the pic has to say.
Fuck them vegetarians. Its like this alright. You host a dinner, call a bunch of people and order dinner. You assume that everyone is a meat eater, else why in the world would they be humans. I mean, go be a cow or something. That'd help solve two problems.
1. I wont have to hear you crib about the lack of nice tasting vegetarian food.
2. More meat for me.

If they are going to argue about eating other animals, I say, why stop at eating animals? Cause they are alive eh? Then what about them plants? Not alive?
Go ahead, crib. I dont give a rats arse. Bring your own food the next time you come house for dinner though. But come. I have no issues with you vegetarians coming home though. I just dont approve of your food choice.

I hate it that vegetarians wont touch anything made of umm.. meat/flesh/blood whatever! Its like an additional burden. Something that you've goto think about and care about cause they have to be taken care of. Like its some kind of disability or something. Now if one of my friend was confined to a wheel chair, I'd have hired additional guys to stand at the front door to help carry him in. Why the fuck do I goto bother about "vegetarians"?
Take only the gravy and stay away from the Kababs. Else, go become a cow. Its the order of the world. Man eat cow, cow eat plant/grass. Thus man gets cow and grass (no pun intended). What else could it be? Man eat grass, cow eat man and thus cow get man and grass? Grass eat cow, man eat grass, thus man get cow and grass!

Oh i could go on. The point being, i take time out from doing whatever I was doing (which included filling confetti into small pouches to be distributed at the wedding the day after tomorrow) and blogging about something cause VEGETARIANS piss me off shit loads!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Being Busy and Stuff

Ok, so I am not going to be posting for atleast a week or somewhere close. Rest assured things will sure be pissing me off in the coming week, but I cant really help it. I got tons of running around to do. Afterall, my brother's getting married on the 21st. I know we've had our share of fights and our share of arguments and disagreements over the last 20 odd years, but I have no regrets. He's still my brother and although I hate to admit it, its nice to have a brother like him!

Anyways, one thing did piss me off a little` though. He just told me about an hour ago that I am supposed to be doing the toast for the reception in front of all those people. And then he just laughs. Very evilly. Now I am all puzzled as to what to say and stuff cause I swear to God, I've never done a speech at a reception, let alone a toast. Fucking shit..

None the less, cheers to my brother and his soon-to-be wife. Hope they have a peaceful life ahead of them for years to come.

If anyone of you should be kind enough to write me a toast speech, post it in the comments. I'll send you a cheque for 250 Rupees.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Car/Truck/Bus Horns

Oh for fucks sake already, I wonder why they even bothered inventing the stupid HORN.
I mean, there is no practical reason for its existance. It doesnt help anyone. Doesnt do anyone any good. Then why invent it? Its like finding a way to make "lint". Why would anyone want to make lint eh? Its the same for them horns.

I was on my way back home today when there was a small traffic snarl caused by a bus. Now, I'd imagine that most us of stuck behind the bus were all educated in some school or college and we knew that bellowing our horns would not have any effect in clearing the traffic. Rather, it would only cause more noise and stress to all of us who had to hear the fucking horn go "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

There comes this retard. I am sure he was a northie and a software professional at that. He was driving this Ford Ikon. He parks his fucked up car right behind me and without even waiting for 12 seconds, starts honking his balls off. He just goes on and on. I kept quiet for some 20 odd seconds after he started. Then I got pissed off and turned around and told him to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" in my regular 6'3"-large boned-loud voice way. He just looked at me. Didnt say a word after that and took his hands off the bloody horn. A few seconds later, the traffic cleared and we got moving. I am very sure him having to honk his balls off had nothing to do with getting the traffic cleared. It was obvious it was going to happen without him hitting that horn.

Trust me, that fucked up horn on your vehicle serves no purpose. It just manages to piss completely sane people like me off.
Fucking retards who use their horn for every thing including a stray plastic cover flying in the wind piss me off. Egaad!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Those Damm Ad Jingles

I mean, fuck those guys who make those ad jingles man.
You know what I am saying?

Your about to sleep right. You turn on the fan at full speed, pull the sheets out, turn off the lights, get into bed, pull the sheets back on top of you covering half your body with atleast one leg outside the sheet to make sure that you feel that occasional mosquito bite and more importanly, the cool air blowing down from the fan, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, this fucking ad jingle that you heard on TV pops into your head.

You try hard to forget it quickly and just hit the sack. It doesnt work. You try even harder, but now you cant stop singing the song in your head. You turn sides. It just keeps coming back. You open your eyes, reach for that bottle of water lying near your bed, have a small drink of it, get back to lying on your pillow. This time its even worse. You try to count sheep, but then the sheep start singing the same song too. You can swear you can see the sheep lip synch the same bloody jingle. You just cant get it out of your head now. Your singing and singing and singing and singing....

Then, without your knowledge even, a good 2 hours have gone by. Dont ask me how, but you just fall asleep soon after.

I mean, fuck those guys who make those bloody jingles. It happens with catchy songs as well? I wonder though, why in this world dont I think of songs like "Coming Back to Life" or "Hey You" or "Black Muddy River" or "Scarlet Begonais" or something like that.. I mean I like those songs and hate those fucking jingles. I am sure the ad guy must be feeling mighty happy right now. Fucking bastard!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Deceit and Deadly Lies

de·ceit (dĭ-sēt') pronunciation
  1. The act or practice of deceiving; deception.
  2. A stratagem; a trick.
  3. The quality of being deceitful; falseness.
lie2 () pronunciation
  1. A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
  2. Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

meanings derived from www.answers.com

I just hate it when a good friend lies to you about something. I dunno how to explain it, but I am sure each and every one of us have had friends who've lied to us. Its like stupid, cause first of all, you're friends with them and considering that fact, they should be pretty honest about everything with you. If they arent, then they're not really friends cause I am guessing the first rule among friends is truthfulness and the one thing that friends respect among themselves in trustworthiness.

Anyways, it just sucks when a friend or anyone for that matter of fact lies to you. Then tries to decieve you and then try to cover it all up with some more lies. It kinda stinks cause all along you know what that person is really trying to do and all along you know the TRUTH.

It just pisses me off..

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Umm... Scriptures!

Now, before I post this entry, I would like to make an annoucement. I am not trying to be blasphemous or anything. I respect every single religion out there and dont really care which religion one follows cause it doesnt interest me nor bother me.

Having said that, I was chatting with my friend on MSN sometime back cause the thought was kinda pissing me off all evening. I was just thinking about what we Christians believe in and how most of the things written in the bible falls into place. None the less, I am pretty sure I've been told many a times about how incest is bad and not approved by the church. I am against it as well. Come to think of it, I would hate to know anyone who has the hots for his own mom/dad/brother or sister. That would just suck and make them a total fag.

Anyways, its amazing how we're here if not for incest if you go by what was taught to us in catecism classes. The following text is the text from the conversation I had with a friend. Here goes nothing.. If any of you are easily offended by bad words or controversial subjects, do not read on. I hope it explains what I am so pissed about..

Doctor Pissed says:
bro, if Adam and Eve were the first man and woman
Doctor Pissed says:
and they had two children who were both guys
holy mouli says:
Doctor Pissed says:
that means the kids fucked their mom right?
holy mouli says:
fukk u man, why cant they have kids where they are both guys
Doctor Pissed says:
Doctor Pissed says:
who else did they fuck?
Doctor Pissed says:
the donkey?
Doctor Pissed says:
the snake who was apparently satan?
holy mouli says:
yeah i know tht
Doctor Pissed says:
so they must have fucked their mom or their sisters if they did have one..
Doctor Pissed says:
fucking incest right in the begining of our time and apparently we're not supposed to do it
holy mouli says:
listen they did it and they had kids, ok so they got a baby boy first
Doctor Pissed says:
how crappy
holy mouli says:
and then they got another baby boy again
Doctor Pissed says:
Dude .. dont be stupid on me
Doctor Pissed says:
Listen to me ..
Doctor Pissed says:
I'll make it simple to you
holy mouli says:
Doctor Pissed says:
Adam is A ok?
Doctor Pissed says:
and Eve is B
Doctor Pissed says:
So adam+eve = c
Doctor Pissed says:
and once more adam+eve = d
Doctor Pissed says:
and c and d are both guys
Doctor Pissed says:
considering that a and b didnt plus again, they just have two kids who are both guys.
Doctor Pissed says:
so c+d wont give you shit
Doctor Pissed says:
so c must have +'ed with b
Doctor Pissed says:
or d must have +'ed with b to continue the fucking order right?
holy mouli says:
ok listen now
Doctor Pissed says:
and considering that a+b had another f who was a girl
holy mouli says:
C and D are fukkin small
Doctor Pissed says:
but when the grow up or whatever man
Doctor Pissed says:
holy mouli says:
they cannot +ed with B
Doctor Pissed says:
how are there going to be any other women other than eve ba?
Doctor Pissed says:
you stupid lil` american brat
Doctor Pissed says:
your not making any sense
Doctor Pissed says:
who cares if they are small.... they are going to grow up..
holy mouli says:
say tht then no
holy mouli says:
holy mouli says:
yeah they would have
holy mouli says:
and its obvious
Doctor Pissed says:
grow bigger dicks with brains that think only of sex all the time
Doctor Pissed says:
they'll hump the tree for a while
Doctor Pissed says:
and the occasional snake
holy mouli says:
and listen GOD granted them kids too
Doctor Pissed says:
but they are going to jump on their mom some time or the other
Doctor Pissed says:
what ballocks..
Doctor Pissed says:
INCEST i tell you
Doctor Pissed says:
and the bible tells me not to even think of it
holy mouli says:
dont u post anythin on it
Doctor Pissed says:
I am going to post this entire conversation..

So there you have it. Contradiction eh? Pisses me off..

Monday, May 09, 2005

Flat Tires

Do any of you guys ride a bike? Doesn't matter actually, but I am just being kind by asking the people who are reading this blog.

I am sure each and everyone of us uses one form of transportation or the other. Using a bike can be very convenient. I mean, you can ride through traffic like it was no bother. You wouldn't have to be stuck in the traffic jams like the cars are. You can live on a shoe string budget if you have a 4-stroke bike even since you'll be spending just about 30-40 bucks on gas a day. Moreover, what could be more simpler than taking your bike out of the garage and heading out to wherever you are supposed to be heading out to and knowing for a fact that you'll make it there at whatever time you set out to make it there at.

Until and unless you have a FLAT.
Or as they call it back here in Bangalore, India, a puncture. Now, a small inconvenience like a bloody nail in your tire wont exactly make anyone happy. But unlike them four wheelers, you dont really carry a spare at the back now, do you. So what do you do? Push the bike to find the nearest 'puncture shop'. In the process, instead of having just one hole in your tube, you'll end up breaking the neck of the tube and rendering it useless and irreparable. So, what it actually means is that, you'll end up pushing your bike for nearly 10-20 minute and at the end of it, you'll end up spending nearly 120 bucks on a new tube.
And to add insult to injury, you end up being late to wherever it was you were heading out to.

Fucking punctures piss me off.

And just as an added note, as my friend was pushing his bike today and trying to find a puncture shop, I went to one guy who was dressed well and was from some company or the other, I am guessing call center (judging from the formals he wore and the id card he flashed which was hung around his neck - btw, that pisses me off as well, that ID card thing, but I'll blog about it some other day) and gestured to him. He spoke back to me in the most annoying fake accents ever and said "Yeaasss" and I was like "Err, where is the vulcanizing shop" (just to put him in his place and pretend like I was angraizee too) and he said "Eh? What" in that typical south Indian accent.. Then I just laughed and said "Puncture shop saar, puncture shop" ...
The fact of the matter being, his stupid pretence also pissed me off.. fucking dumbfuck! He must be blogging about me as well.. But who cares :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cheers to the Smarter People

Today I was playing trivia online since I had nothing else to do. After watching the race, I figured, I'd either watch a movie or play trivia on mIRC and be cool. I choose to play trivia. While I was on the channel, there were a number of us playing there.

Now, I usually dont argue much, but there was this one guy who decided to argue about a question that apparently had a wrong answer, atleast according to him. I mean who really gives a fuck right? First of all, its trivia online. The points are not actually going to be converted into dollars and given to you at the end of the session, although that would be nice.

Someone else scores a point for answering "monocrystalline silicon" and this bugger takes off saying that he's some degree holder from some engineering college somewhere in the world and that he deals with silicon almost everyday and that there was no such thing as a monocrystalline silicon, or so he claimed. Now the guy who got the answer right on the other hand, didn't bother arguing with him. But I was pretty sure I'd heard of Solar Cells being made of monocrystalline silicon, so I jumped and went and quickly googled for an answer on monocrystalline silicon+solar cells. I found a nice elaboration on one site that said everything that needed to be said about the very fact. When I sent him the document, he didn't bother saying much. Infact he didn't even bring the topic up...

What pisses me off the most is the fact that some people pretend to know everything, when infact they know very little. And when you prove them wrong, all the arguments that they raised just fail surface. I wonder why..
Moronic imbecile!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Oh, images speak louder than words now, don't they?

Anyways, I hate it when people disagree with you. Especially when its something you firmly believe in. Now as a self respecting individual, I like to believe that all of us are free to do whatever we please to do. Should someone disagree with me or come in my way, I am only going to want to take him down with my new air gun (although I wouldn't succeed in killing the person, I am sure I'll hurt him/her good)

I was recently reading a blog on the Internet titled "Why I hate you" and knowing me and what I blog about, I thought it be very interesting for me to go through that person's blog. The guy who blogs over there is a person who identifies himself as Ivan. I am neither friends with him or know him personally. But I agree with some of his views. I am pretty sure he doesn't give a rats arse about what I think of his blog or his views and I am sure he couldn't care less for the people who left their nasty comments on his blog either.

Now lets examine the facts nice and easy.
1. spaces.msn.com is a blogging site that offers free space to anyone who wants to blog as long as that person has a MSN ID.
2. Once you've got a blog setup, you might as well frigging write about whatever you want to. No one argues with you.
3. If your blog is interesting, it should get quite a number of people viewing it on a daily basis just to humour themselves with it.
4. If your blog is uninteresting, who really cares, its your blog anyways, so it shouldn't matter to you if you get any page hits.
5. I am sure the interesting blogs' bloggers' don't really care much about page hits either.
6. Once you own the space and start bloggin, you wouldn't really care a shit about what other people have to say about your thoughts or opinions. Cause quite frankly, your just a lazy ass not to maintain a diary like any other 8 year old schoolgirl. But you choose to do it in public with a medium that they call the 'blog'.

Having said all that, I just hate it when people disagree with you. Even on the internet. Like we all don't have enough of the negative bullshit in real life already. I pity that guy Ivan. He sure brings up a few interesting facts about the world that we live in as of today. If anything, he should be appreciated and thanked for his services to the mediocre and the community at large.

So, to all you people who like to disagree with everything and anything, go shove a cucumber up your shit hole.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My Carpenter

Guess what? I just did an image search for the word 'carpenter' on images.google.com and guess what popped up. About 148,000 images most of which had actual carpenters in them. Now there was just one common trait among all those images; every image with an actual carpenter had him holding a hammer or using it on something.

Anyways, the most vaguest thing happened today. For some reason my dad called a carpenter over at 9:30 in the night and had asked him to put some fiber sheet onto the bathroom doors, all 4 of them in our house. First of all, I find it very odd that my dad calls a carpenter over to our house at 9:30 in the night. Anyways, thats not what pissed me off. The fact that he took nearly 1½ hours to finish 3 doors before he reached my bathroom door which is just 2 feet away from this computer table made me realize that something is going to piss me off about him working here and i am not going to like it much.

So he gets to my room at about 11:00 pm in the night and gets inside my bathroom and locks the door from the inside. He then yells, "light dhaloo saahab". So I switch the lights on inside the bathroom since he doesnt know how to work a two-way switch. Anyways, once in there, he doesnt make a noise for nearly 14 minutes. Or maybe he did. But he wasnt loud about it. Then suddenly, without warning, he pulls out his hammer and starts hammering nails into the door making a loud noise. Dab Dab Dab... Dab Dab... Dab Dab Dab!

He goes on like that for nearly 20 minutes. Everytime he hammers a nail in, he maks a loud noise and I either twitch or blink my eye when it happens. Dunno why though, but I kept doing that. That loud noise just got to me and I started snapping at all my friends whom I was chatting with online too. It was just getting way too annoying for me to handle. Then I got fed up with him and banged on the door from the outside and asked him to stop. He then calmly tells me that he's done.

The fucking chooth. I am sure he was done long before the 20 minutes of hammering and was just doing it to piss me off. Or piss my dad off cause he knew they were sleeping in the room right below my room since he had worked there and then come up to my room. None the less, he fucking pissed me off with his loud hammer! Fucking Chooth!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stop Changing the Spellings - BITCH

So I was chatting with this friend of mine who is off studying in Oklahoma right now and he was telling me about how his first term is ovah and how he has nothing else to do now. He's finished all his projects and basically everything is ovah for him, so he's kinda bored.

Wait, did you notice - OVAH?

I mean what the fuck man. Till sometime back, when you used to stick around here in Bangalore, you did take the trouble and type that "OVER" but now that your american, you dickwart, suddenly its ovah eh?

Choothya, dont try to pull that shit with me alright. You fucking grew up in Bangalore and it will always be OVER. Saala!
I've noticed many of my other friends who've travelled or stayed abroad for a long period of time to start following the same trend as well. Akkan yenollai?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shut the Fuck Up Already!!

Ever recieved a hundred messages in your inbox because your part of a yahoogroup or two? Lets be honest about one thing. Who really gives a damm eh?
Now I could be all nice and all and keep writing back to these groups by telling them how I spent my weekend when I went paragliding and then i happened to land on a huge green piece of untouched land and then just spent the whole evening gazing at the sky, BUT THAT DIDNT FUCKING HAPPEN SO I AM NOT GOING TO FUCKING WRITE ABOUT IT!!

If your everyday is as mediocre as mine, why would you bother filling your friends in on the same old same old bullshit? Like they dont have enough shit to be bothered about anyways. But then again, many of you might suggest that I unsubscribe from the group's mailing list. That would be an option now, wouldnt it? Except for the fact that all the people on that list might meet me in the coming week and question me about why I removed myself from the list and go on and on about what a piece of shit I am and so on and so forth.

So here I am, blogging about it. Venting it all out. If anyone of them should read this blog (not the ones that have already read this space, you guys are cool) I dont give a damm! So, STFU already!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


su·per·sti·tion ('pər-stĭsh'ən) pronunciation
  1. An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
    1. A belief, practice, or rite irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance.
meaning derived from www.answers.com

Swami: OMG OMG! Dont tell me you killed a snake...
Me: Err, yeah I did. Just sometime back.
Swami: OMG OMG! Your bloody going to die. Did you pour milk on it and offer prayers?
Me: You mad? I dont even go to church for crying out loud.

Well, basically, a cobra was stuck on the railing right outside my backdoor tonight and as my dad was coming back inside the house after hanging his towel outside, he heard a loud hiss and with his reflexes as he looked up, the cobra was just retracting after trying to strike my dad on his head.

As anyone would do, he came inside and told us and we all went outside and tried to move the fellow. I am against killing snakes, let alone any animal, but we tried for nearly an hour to get the snake to budge and move, but he didnt move an inch. Quite contrary to what you guys must be thinking right now, we didnt make any loud noises or a lot of movement to aggrevate the bugger. We just let him be there and moved away hoping that in an hour he would gradually move away. But he didnt. It was already 10:30 in the night and having a pretty large cobra hanging outside your backdoor while we slept all night long wasnt really a pleasant idea. So the gardner we have called Ramanna took an impromptu decision and ended the snakes life, cause we knew that if it wasnt for Ramanna doing so, someone might have been hurt in the morning. I know many of you are going to probably argue with me saying that "he was probably more scared of us than we were of him and stuff" but these are just somethings that dont fit into the "lets talk about it" category. What was done, was done. I do feel bad for the snake, but not as bad as I would have felt for say my dog who if the snake had decided to strike at in the night or for my mom who the snake might have struck the next morning when she goes out to the garden to pick mint and accidently steps on its tail. So, sorry snake!

Anyways, what pissed me off the most today wasnt the snake and all the trouble and scare it caused, but the superstitions of a particular religion. I am not trying to be blasphemous or anything, but hell man, there were some uneducated house contruction folk living around our house and heard about us killing the cobra and all and they began to murmur stuff like, "they better pour milk and offer it eggs and some prayers, else it might come back in the afterlife and attack and kill them all, ayyoooo ayyooo"
I mean, with all the fucking problems we're already having trying to get rid of a dead snake, the last thing I need is these people pissing me off. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!

P.S: We did try calling a number of animal care centers, but none of them wanted to help with capturing a cobra. When we tried the Bannergatta National Zoo, no one even answered the phone. So much for caring people at the santuary and the pet care center eh?

Monday, May 02, 2005


cock·roach (kŏk'rōch') pronunciation

Any of numerous oval, flat-bodied insects of the family Blattidae, including several species that are common household pests.

[By folk etymology from obsolete cacarootch, from Spanish cucaracha, from cuca, caterpillar.]

meanings derived from www.answers.com

Umm, who doesnt hate cockroaches? I mean, what the fuck right. What in this world are cockroaches doing here? I mean, if God did exist, why in this world would he think of making an insect like a cockroach?

When you get back home after a long day sometime at 7:30 in the night, the last thing you'd want is for a flying cockroach to come and land on your shoulder and freak you out. I hate them cockroaches and the one that landed on my fucking shoulder died today. And that's just a warning to all his brothers and sisters. Come get some, bitches.

Note to Self: The traffic situation on Bannergatta Road also pissed me off today, but not as much as that mother fucker of a cockroach.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Stupid Shops

I hate it when you make up your mind to go shopping and you try and hit as many shops as possible only to find out that all the shops that you are going to visit dont have the things that you intend to buy.

Today, I went out shopping for a few new pairs of jeans and some t-shirts. I am the old fashioned guy who hates faded jeans and the likes. I am not into the new age stuff. It just ticks me off that someone would pay 1,500 odd bucks for a pair of faded jeans, which would in turn fade even more and render the pair unusable, except if you wanted to look stupid wearing a pair of jeans that had a whole lot of white around the thigh areas and blue or black elsewhere. I also hate the fact that good ole jean manufactures come out with designs that look absolutely stupid, if anything. Infact, almost all the shops are filled with jeans from brands like Levis, Pepe and the likes with jeans that have claw marks and other ugly stuff on them. Who the fuck would want to wear jeans that give out a message that you were just mawled by a tiger for crying out loud.

So there I was, at this shop and I ask the guy there to find me a pair of 517's or 530's and he pulls out about 12 different colours, all of which are faded or have some other ugly shit on them. I tell him that I am looking for plain good ol` Levis without all the jazz and he says that he doesnt have any stock of those kind of jeans anymore.

I am like, what the fuck man. Give me my jeans that I like. The not-faded good looking types. He asks me to come back after a week. The same story everywher. What's happening to the world? Dont I get a chance to live here anymore? Give me my good ol` jeans for crying out loud. I dont want to walk the streets of Bangalore looking like I was born in the suburbs of New York with the rest of the Rap Community or for that matter of fact, in a jungle where I was mawled by many a tiger. Fuck, I want to be the coal miner that I always was.

Fucking chooth shop keepers!