Saturday, May 07, 2005


Oh, images speak louder than words now, don't they?

Anyways, I hate it when people disagree with you. Especially when its something you firmly believe in. Now as a self respecting individual, I like to believe that all of us are free to do whatever we please to do. Should someone disagree with me or come in my way, I am only going to want to take him down with my new air gun (although I wouldn't succeed in killing the person, I am sure I'll hurt him/her good)

I was recently reading a blog on the Internet titled "Why I hate you" and knowing me and what I blog about, I thought it be very interesting for me to go through that person's blog. The guy who blogs over there is a person who identifies himself as Ivan. I am neither friends with him or know him personally. But I agree with some of his views. I am pretty sure he doesn't give a rats arse about what I think of his blog or his views and I am sure he couldn't care less for the people who left their nasty comments on his blog either.

Now lets examine the facts nice and easy.
1. is a blogging site that offers free space to anyone who wants to blog as long as that person has a MSN ID.
2. Once you've got a blog setup, you might as well frigging write about whatever you want to. No one argues with you.
3. If your blog is interesting, it should get quite a number of people viewing it on a daily basis just to humour themselves with it.
4. If your blog is uninteresting, who really cares, its your blog anyways, so it shouldn't matter to you if you get any page hits.
5. I am sure the interesting blogs' bloggers' don't really care much about page hits either.
6. Once you own the space and start bloggin, you wouldn't really care a shit about what other people have to say about your thoughts or opinions. Cause quite frankly, your just a lazy ass not to maintain a diary like any other 8 year old schoolgirl. But you choose to do it in public with a medium that they call the 'blog'.

Having said all that, I just hate it when people disagree with you. Even on the internet. Like we all don't have enough of the negative bullshit in real life already. I pity that guy Ivan. He sure brings up a few interesting facts about the world that we live in as of today. If anything, he should be appreciated and thanked for his services to the mediocre and the community at large.

So, to all you people who like to disagree with everything and anything, go shove a cucumber up your shit hole.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog. Thanks for the link.

KayBee said...

hmmmm wanna see people who have nuthin to do except trash my blog n my opinions?
see the comments on my blog
its like being surrounded by lotsa tiny, vicious gnats

Dr. Pissed said...

I assume thats cause your a woman. If I said i was a woman and put pics of myself on my blog, sure i'd get a bunch of bullshit, instead I choose to blog about what pisses me off the most. Who really cares anyways eh?

The Dalda said...

this blog reminds me of myself. but since i got a seperate topic on this blog for moi, i dont seem to care. but i cant help but say you are right about this. for crying out lout, its YOUR blog. its ur bloody problem on wat to post or not. y do u care whether someone disagrees or not.

i know wat i posted above makes little or no sense at all. omg, i m goin bonkers. gimme a job.

KayBee said...

what does my being female have to this?
Help! am i completely missing the point?
am i lost?

Dr. Pissed said...

oh, isint it obvious already?

I mean, sheesh! Join #bangalore or #delhi for that matter of fact on mIRC (which is an internet relay chat client - IRC CLient) with a nickname like anitha_18 or some crap like that and see how many guys send you a query message. Disconnect soon after and log back into the same channels on the same network with a nickname like praveen_18 and see how many query messages you get.

My understanding of what I've just said above is that the ratio of guys spending most of their time on the internet as compared to the girls is some 9:1 ..

As simple as pie.

KayBee said...

I was wondering what all those fleas are doin on my blog...
Now I know
Anyway, i deleted all da pics