Sunday, May 01, 2005

Stupid Shops

I hate it when you make up your mind to go shopping and you try and hit as many shops as possible only to find out that all the shops that you are going to visit dont have the things that you intend to buy.

Today, I went out shopping for a few new pairs of jeans and some t-shirts. I am the old fashioned guy who hates faded jeans and the likes. I am not into the new age stuff. It just ticks me off that someone would pay 1,500 odd bucks for a pair of faded jeans, which would in turn fade even more and render the pair unusable, except if you wanted to look stupid wearing a pair of jeans that had a whole lot of white around the thigh areas and blue or black elsewhere. I also hate the fact that good ole jean manufactures come out with designs that look absolutely stupid, if anything. Infact, almost all the shops are filled with jeans from brands like Levis, Pepe and the likes with jeans that have claw marks and other ugly stuff on them. Who the fuck would want to wear jeans that give out a message that you were just mawled by a tiger for crying out loud.

So there I was, at this shop and I ask the guy there to find me a pair of 517's or 530's and he pulls out about 12 different colours, all of which are faded or have some other ugly shit on them. I tell him that I am looking for plain good ol` Levis without all the jazz and he says that he doesnt have any stock of those kind of jeans anymore.

I am like, what the fuck man. Give me my jeans that I like. The not-faded good looking types. He asks me to come back after a week. The same story everywher. What's happening to the world? Dont I get a chance to live here anymore? Give me my good ol` jeans for crying out loud. I dont want to walk the streets of Bangalore looking like I was born in the suburbs of New York with the rest of the Rap Community or for that matter of fact, in a jungle where I was mawled by many a tiger. Fuck, I want to be the coal miner that I always was.

Fucking chooth shop keepers!


The Dalda said...

i know wat u mean. i never got plain lookin jeans so had to settle for faded ones. though i have to admit that i dont mind wearin them. though i hate things written on my jeans. those things suck.

liz said...

I EXACTLY know what you mean, i hate stuff written on my jeans.And really if Bangalore pisses you off you haven't seen nothing yet. In delhi even branded bags and shirts that cost over a grand have shit like 'cool guy,sexy girl' written in glitter, the only way to survive it is to pretend like you didn't see it. And man people really throng around these things here, but hey if it makes them happy...