Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Deadly Combination of Rain and Mud

slush (slŭsh) pronunciation
  1. Partially melted snow or ice.
  2. Soft mud; slop; mire.
meanings derived from www.answers.com

First off, I know its been a long time since I posted last on the blog, but hell my brother got married and I was damm busy.
I am still busy running around doing all his stuff (no pun intended and no underlying subliminal messages either) and he's kinda pissed me off enough to run this blog for months, daily updated too with his ill planning and screaming for me every single minute of the day. Anyways, I take it as any good brother would and just keep quiet and do all that I can to help.

None the less, today, although I am still busy editing my brother's wedding video, I couldn't help but remind myself that I needed to document all this. The deadly combination of rain and mud which gives you "slush" is deadly alright.

If you are riding a bike like mine with absolutely no threading on the front tire cause you don't have money to replace the tire, then you're fucked. Moreover, if you stay somewhere in Gottigere as I do where nearly ¼ of the roads are mud roads, you're fuuuucccked. Also, if you happen to live in Gottigere which is a slightly higher area than the rest of Bangalore which tends to get most of the rain, I think we already know what you're experiencing right now.

I slipped and fell today. Right into the mud and it was all mucky and stuff and I got all slush all over my jeans and my t-shirt. It fucking sucks let me tell you. Iwasn'tt riding fast, nor was I riding slow. I just slipped and fell cause of all the dampness on the road and my tires failing to have any traction with the road.

And since I fell and dirtied all that I had on, I am pissed off today!
Fucking shit!

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liz said...

So finally got pissed enough to write again!