Monday, May 09, 2005

Flat Tires

Do any of you guys ride a bike? Doesn't matter actually, but I am just being kind by asking the people who are reading this blog.

I am sure each and everyone of us uses one form of transportation or the other. Using a bike can be very convenient. I mean, you can ride through traffic like it was no bother. You wouldn't have to be stuck in the traffic jams like the cars are. You can live on a shoe string budget if you have a 4-stroke bike even since you'll be spending just about 30-40 bucks on gas a day. Moreover, what could be more simpler than taking your bike out of the garage and heading out to wherever you are supposed to be heading out to and knowing for a fact that you'll make it there at whatever time you set out to make it there at.

Until and unless you have a FLAT.
Or as they call it back here in Bangalore, India, a puncture. Now, a small inconvenience like a bloody nail in your tire wont exactly make anyone happy. But unlike them four wheelers, you dont really carry a spare at the back now, do you. So what do you do? Push the bike to find the nearest 'puncture shop'. In the process, instead of having just one hole in your tube, you'll end up breaking the neck of the tube and rendering it useless and irreparable. So, what it actually means is that, you'll end up pushing your bike for nearly 10-20 minute and at the end of it, you'll end up spending nearly 120 bucks on a new tube.
And to add insult to injury, you end up being late to wherever it was you were heading out to.

Fucking punctures piss me off.

And just as an added note, as my friend was pushing his bike today and trying to find a puncture shop, I went to one guy who was dressed well and was from some company or the other, I am guessing call center (judging from the formals he wore and the id card he flashed which was hung around his neck - btw, that pisses me off as well, that ID card thing, but I'll blog about it some other day) and gestured to him. He spoke back to me in the most annoying fake accents ever and said "Yeaasss" and I was like "Err, where is the vulcanizing shop" (just to put him in his place and pretend like I was angraizee too) and he said "Eh? What" in that typical south Indian accent.. Then I just laughed and said "Puncture shop saar, puncture shop" ...
The fact of the matter being, his stupid pretence also pissed me off.. fucking dumbfuck! He must be blogging about me as well.. But who cares :)

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The Dalda said...

punctures piss me off to. though i am lucky to note that i have not had any punctures so far in mah bike. though i had many in my bicycle during mah school days. know how pissin off it iz esp in the heat of the day