Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shut the Fuck Up Already!!

Ever recieved a hundred messages in your inbox because your part of a yahoogroup or two? Lets be honest about one thing. Who really gives a damm eh?
Now I could be all nice and all and keep writing back to these groups by telling them how I spent my weekend when I went paragliding and then i happened to land on a huge green piece of untouched land and then just spent the whole evening gazing at the sky, BUT THAT DIDNT FUCKING HAPPEN SO I AM NOT GOING TO FUCKING WRITE ABOUT IT!!

If your everyday is as mediocre as mine, why would you bother filling your friends in on the same old same old bullshit? Like they dont have enough shit to be bothered about anyways. But then again, many of you might suggest that I unsubscribe from the group's mailing list. That would be an option now, wouldnt it? Except for the fact that all the people on that list might meet me in the coming week and question me about why I removed myself from the list and go on and on about what a piece of shit I am and so on and so forth.

So here I am, blogging about it. Venting it all out. If anyone of them should read this blog (not the ones that have already read this space, you guys are cool) I dont give a damm! So, STFU already!


Payal said...

Hey...Got to your blog through Lizzie's. What you could do is automatically filter your group mail to trash. that way, it wont get in your inbox and piss you off, and wont let your group-mates know that you dont read the mails anyway. Unless they are reading your blog of course.

vsqz said...

Just let all that anger out.

Dr. Pissed said...

hehe nice thought payal!
But you know how it is.. :)

The Dalda said...

lol. there is an option to tag all the messages in the group into one single mail. would take more or less the same amount of space in your inbox but would make u'r inbox look a bit more presentable. or on the other hand, unsubscibe to all the groups like i did. :D

Dr. Pissed said...

cant ba!
One is a TAAQ group. Another one is a bullet riders group (most of the junk comes from here). Another ones for my classmates from college.

I cant unsubscribe to TAAQ. I like them.
I cant unsubscribe to the Bullet Riders Club cause thats the only way i can maintain a login on the bullet site since i am picking up a Thunderbird in a week or two.
Cant unsubscribe to the classmates group cause they are my classmates for crying out loud.