Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stop Changing the Spellings - BITCH

So I was chatting with this friend of mine who is off studying in Oklahoma right now and he was telling me about how his first term is ovah and how he has nothing else to do now. He's finished all his projects and basically everything is ovah for him, so he's kinda bored.

Wait, did you notice - OVAH?

I mean what the fuck man. Till sometime back, when you used to stick around here in Bangalore, you did take the trouble and type that "OVER" but now that your american, you dickwart, suddenly its ovah eh?

Choothya, dont try to pull that shit with me alright. You fucking grew up in Bangalore and it will always be OVER. Saala!
I've noticed many of my other friends who've travelled or stayed abroad for a long period of time to start following the same trend as well. Akkan yenollai?

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vsqz said...

I have friends that IM me and everything they type is "slang" or some new language. I hate it. It's so difficult to understand what they're trying to say.