Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So we all got dengued today!!

Umm yeah, so they fucked us over..
I was just lying down at home today in the evening and watching TV and with nothing better to watch on TV, I happened to tune into the News.

Apparently some terrorists (from the north, I wont say India, but you'd never know) rode into the IISc in Bangalore in a white ambassador car and opened fire with an AK-47 killing one professor and injuring quite a few others.

So shocked was our state govt, the CM apparently called for an EMERGENCY MEETING at 10AM TOMORROW morning. Now lets look at the facts. What the fuck is the meeting called for? The fucking gangsters are out there, not nabbed yet and he calls for an EMERGENCY meeting, then too at 10 AM in the morning. I am pretty sure he wont be done going to the parlour, shaving his armpits, waxing his legs and getting a manicure before that. So, he decided that he'll just call the emergency meeting at 10 am, instead of say earlier, like maybe.. Just maybe for instance, tonight itself. Or wait, what about his beauty sleep no? Fucking dickwart.

Moreover, I was so fucking shocked when I was watching all this shit on TV. I mean, seriously, give me a fucking break. Some good 20 cops landed up at the spot. No one fucking knows where the ambi is gone or who the fucktard was who opened fire. What the fuck are they all doing getting to that spot after the god damm firing is done with and the guys are already on the loose, somewhere on the streets of Bangalore. Don't you think, these fukwit, fat belleyed policemen should maybe immediately block off all roads and start checking each and every fucking vehicle that remotely resembles an ambassador? Fuck that, shouldn't the city come to a standstill to make sure the fucking culprits are nabbed??

Then, on Headlines today, that Chetan fellow was interviewing someone who's designation is MoS of Home and his name is some kantri Shivprakash or something. Now, another correspondent of Headlines Today has gathered information that it was actually a mod planned out by the LeT to strike Bangalore and or Hyderabad sometime in this week. When Chetan asked that dude, he just refused to accept that it was a terrorist attack. I mean, come on, the guy was just wielding an AK-47 in a campus and shooting people cause he is half blind and thought they were black bucks. OBVIOUSLY. Its no terrorist attack. Its just a small misunderstanding that they'll sort out at tomorrow morning's emergency meeting at 10.

Seriously, what the fuck do you think they are going to be talking about at that meeting? Do you think Dharam "i have no neck so thawp me on my head" Singh is going to gather intelligence by himself by tomorrow morning so he can sit across the table with his fellow dumbfucks at the Vidhana Soudha over hot samosas and coffee and work this all out? Meeting it seems. Bloody fucktards!!

I am shit worried about my family, my friends, everyone of my fellow people cause there is a guy in a white ambi with a loaded AK-47 and the cops are busy shaking hands and posing for the news crew at IISc. Hope everyone is safe. Hope everyone will be ok.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Full on Kalti

"Everyone of us has got a kalti atleast once in our lives."
- Doctor Pissed

Now, having said that, i just hate it when someone gives you a kalti. It didn't happen or anything recently, but I just reminded myself today about how fucked up you feel when someone gives you a kalti.

Now, for the people who don't know what I am talking about, allow me to explain.

So there is this person you know from like school, your apartment complex or something and you being the nice person you are, remember that person very well. A long time goes by and you don't keep in touch or anything for reasons unknown, but you know for a fact that if you spot that someone somewhere, you'll make it a point to acknowledge the fact that you knew that person and atleast for courtesy sake, go and say hi to him/her. You play your part.

But what does the bitch/bastard do. He/she pretends like he/she has no clue who you are. Just looks away when you wave from across the road. Just continues talking to his/her friends like he/she didn't even notice you.

I mean what the fuck right? Its not like i am a bad person or anything, but it sure has happened to me more than once and I fucking hate it. Cant stand it one bit. Its one thing if you tell me you don't want to talk to me, but failing to acknowledge the fact that i even existed in your LIFE sometime back is just something that I cant stand. I mean, sure, I don't remember so many people by name. But I've never even once done this to someone. I smile at random people I don't even know cause they're already smiling at me. I even talk to so many people I have no clue about. That's only cause I don't want them to feel uncomfortable cause i know it fucking hurts..

How i wish i could put my thoughts down. I suck at this. But I know for sure that it pisses me off.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Do Some Dance YAAR

I've been refraining from putting this post up for quite sometime now. But I just couldn't resist anymore. I mean what the fuck are all these northies doing in Bangalore? Not that I hate all of them really. They are all ok. Afterall, we're all Indian and all that jazz, but when did they take over the fucking city?

Everywhere I look, all I see are north Indians. The mangy's have all moved to the gelf. The malayalees are taking over Greenland I am sure. Those were the two danger breeds, but now that they've moved shop, north Indians are spreading. And fast.

There's something very personal to me about this city. I was born here for crying out loud. St. John's Hospital to be precise. I've lived here for almost all my life. Its just not fair when I see so many outsiders in my fucking city! I mean get the fuck out already. Goto Gurgaon and study or something. How about Chandigarh huh? Maybe join a call center there. Like we don't have enough talent going around to fill up the jobs here anyways. But no, you guys have to come here and make life difficult for my fellow Bangaloreans.

Take your MH, HA and other crappy registrations other than KA and drive back. We don't need you here. Sorry if I am being mean, but I am just frustrated man. I mean there used to be a time when bangalore used to rule. Not that many cars on the road, nice clean air, open roads, the works. For some odd reason, when I look back at it, ever since the call center boom happened and these truck load of northies landed up in the city, its just a downhill thing happening for us. They are making too much money, buying more cars, polluting the air, eating a lot, spoiling the roads and causing traffic jams.

Anyways, I think I lost it yesterday at a youth fest in the city. I was sitting by myself and there was some loud music and some fashion event happening. I was waiting for a friend who went to bring me chicken. There was this one dude, sure shot northie standing right next to me. For some odd reason, he kept screaming "Alliance rocks man". I swear those were his exact same words. Now if he did that once, it was fine with me. I wouldn't have been here blogging about NORTHIES in general. But he did it atleast 4 times.

Fucking piss off. I mean who the fuck cares if Alliance rocks. What the fuck is Alliance? Who the fuck really cares? Why scream more than once. Your voice is drowned by the god damm music anyways. Moreover, your pissing us bangaloreans off with that fucked up Northie accent. Ashooo, anger is came.

Go back to dilli. Go!! Just go!!