Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So we all got dengued today!!

Umm yeah, so they fucked us over..
I was just lying down at home today in the evening and watching TV and with nothing better to watch on TV, I happened to tune into the News.

Apparently some terrorists (from the north, I wont say India, but you'd never know) rode into the IISc in Bangalore in a white ambassador car and opened fire with an AK-47 killing one professor and injuring quite a few others.

So shocked was our state govt, the CM apparently called for an EMERGENCY MEETING at 10AM TOMORROW morning. Now lets look at the facts. What the fuck is the meeting called for? The fucking gangsters are out there, not nabbed yet and he calls for an EMERGENCY meeting, then too at 10 AM in the morning. I am pretty sure he wont be done going to the parlour, shaving his armpits, waxing his legs and getting a manicure before that. So, he decided that he'll just call the emergency meeting at 10 am, instead of say earlier, like maybe.. Just maybe for instance, tonight itself. Or wait, what about his beauty sleep no? Fucking dickwart.

Moreover, I was so fucking shocked when I was watching all this shit on TV. I mean, seriously, give me a fucking break. Some good 20 cops landed up at the spot. No one fucking knows where the ambi is gone or who the fucktard was who opened fire. What the fuck are they all doing getting to that spot after the god damm firing is done with and the guys are already on the loose, somewhere on the streets of Bangalore. Don't you think, these fukwit, fat belleyed policemen should maybe immediately block off all roads and start checking each and every fucking vehicle that remotely resembles an ambassador? Fuck that, shouldn't the city come to a standstill to make sure the fucking culprits are nabbed??

Then, on Headlines today, that Chetan fellow was interviewing someone who's designation is MoS of Home and his name is some kantri Shivprakash or something. Now, another correspondent of Headlines Today has gathered information that it was actually a mod planned out by the LeT to strike Bangalore and or Hyderabad sometime in this week. When Chetan asked that dude, he just refused to accept that it was a terrorist attack. I mean, come on, the guy was just wielding an AK-47 in a campus and shooting people cause he is half blind and thought they were black bucks. OBVIOUSLY. Its no terrorist attack. Its just a small misunderstanding that they'll sort out at tomorrow morning's emergency meeting at 10.

Seriously, what the fuck do you think they are going to be talking about at that meeting? Do you think Dharam "i have no neck so thawp me on my head" Singh is going to gather intelligence by himself by tomorrow morning so he can sit across the table with his fellow dumbfucks at the Vidhana Soudha over hot samosas and coffee and work this all out? Meeting it seems. Bloody fucktards!!

I am shit worried about my family, my friends, everyone of my fellow people cause there is a guy in a white ambi with a loaded AK-47 and the cops are busy shaking hands and posing for the news crew at IISc. Hope everyone is safe. Hope everyone will be ok.


vsqz said...

"If you're not angry then you're not aware"


Vikram said...

Very tragic incident. I was shocked to read the news today. Automatic weapons in IISc premises is something totally unbelievable. There was a lapse in the security, I guess.

kishan said...

shit happens. too bad a prof got caught in the shootout,as it is gettin into IIT is tough enough and after all the hardwork of studyin and reaching the level hw had to get killed for nothin, again i d bet its one off those panzy DILLI fukkers to have killed him, after all it takes a dilli fukker to kill dilli fukker. all the exits in the city should have been blocked off. all the stations blocked etc. now i d bet new yrs will be horrible cause all the cops will be drooling about tryin to "catch" us innocent ppl...


ladyparadox said...

what a way to end the year man. thoo. some chooth fuckwits these cops are. if they had even stopped me to check the car because they were on the lookout for terrorists, i would have prostrated before them and done the all hail salute. thoo. louday nan magas. throw them all in jail and put them in some fitness clinic. lets see if they can run 100 mts after that. damn.. too much to say. going to blog about it now.

Wally said...

I think its fair to say we have the wost police force on the planet. Its a miracle we get to catch any criminals at all. The only time the policefukkers catch people is if they caught them doing it.

Tha Dalda said...

blaady kishu, came off and finished off my comment with his own tit bits. mental boi.

anyways i was saying, "shit happens. too bad a prof got caught in the shootout. all the exits in the city should have been blocked off. all the stations blocked etc" and each n every bloody vehicle should have been searched (lil too much to ask). very shitty to hear abt this. wat a way to end the year.

but i m not gonna be a part of this because i got a job in chennai. taa daa sistas. gonna miss u all.

Alice said...

I know!!! I was bloody horrified when I read "emergency meeting at 10 am"!!! BLOODY HELL!!!


Deppe said...

And all along I thought IISc was on of the last nice places left in Bangalore :-(

Finch, Scout said...

AK 56 da.

And those fucking news people also hyping all of it up.

What the fuck, front gate of IISc is guarded it seems, back gate not.

beshtest besht is that these fatangs have neglected any amount of security. zilch security. to save that no-necks ass, one hajaar people will be there, and to save punter-doing-nation-good ass, one freaking oldie-turning-to-retirement constable will be assigned.

studs i say! studs!

Bluefrogtribute said...

THis looks like a Job for JLA. lets all meet tom morning at 11 am sharp for emergency meeting have some smokes tea and go home. Wat say JLA ppl

Tha Dalda said...

count me in. i can make it at 11 AM. u buyin this time ok. :p

vaibhav said...

Ya what happened was very tragic. Hope such things don't happen in this new yeaR.

A very happy 2006 to u!

Mind Curry said...

So true buddy.. Another Indian English daily came up with the headline " We told you so"..And went on to say that they have been talking a terrorist attack on Bangalore since 2 years and how attacking Bangalore would create such a big impact! I say its such hypes that create more danger to people and cities than anything else. I wonder when media will be more responsible to the nation and its people!

Anonymous said...

wassup biatch. chennai is nice nice. its the cool like. missin u ppl though. come off here biatches.


silverine said...

I worry too about my limbs and life and those of the people I care about. But the politicians don't care. They have the commanodes to protect their lard and those of their kin.Dharam/Gowda combo is too busy raping Bangalore while the going is good to be bothered. I bet the Emergency Meeting was all about how much more money they can make this year. The whole thing sucks!!!!

p.s. the post was hilarious !!

Dr. Pissed said...

vsqz: deep man, damm deep

vikram: like duh, and the govt was still trying to ascertain if it was a terrorist attack. Beat that. hahaha

kishan macha, its all someone elses fault da. It always is.

ladypara: they spoil everything for us no? Thoo only.

wally: wost is such a cool way to spell the word man. I am so sure your getting that job now.

dalda: bloody kissu and you only. Thoo. We're missing you already da sista!!

alice: what an Emergency no? I am sure they made an "emergency call" also. Like Dharam Singh will say next day, "I made an emergency call as soon as i heard and called for an emergency meeting at 10 am the next day" hahahahaha

deppe: it isint really. Northies infest that place too.

finch, scout: Tis the media i say, they told me first it was Ak-47. It looked like a galil, but i wasnt sure. Anyways, who cares, gun is gun. Full studs only. Lets join poliss force wah?

bluefrog: yeah JLA Forever sista

vaibhav, cheers and a appy nuu ear to you also

mind curry: Oh ballocks man. I mean, sure, you have a point and all, but for calling out loud, the media did nothing wrong here. If anyone did anything wrong, its that fucktard who pulled the gun out and started shooting. Blame him first.

silverine: maybe, just maybe, they planned this out to instill the fear of god in all of us so we'll pay them more money in taxes, which in turn they'll promise to use to "protect" us, no?