Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Full on Kalti

"Everyone of us has got a kalti atleast once in our lives."
- Doctor Pissed

Now, having said that, i just hate it when someone gives you a kalti. It didn't happen or anything recently, but I just reminded myself today about how fucked up you feel when someone gives you a kalti.

Now, for the people who don't know what I am talking about, allow me to explain.

So there is this person you know from like school, your apartment complex or something and you being the nice person you are, remember that person very well. A long time goes by and you don't keep in touch or anything for reasons unknown, but you know for a fact that if you spot that someone somewhere, you'll make it a point to acknowledge the fact that you knew that person and atleast for courtesy sake, go and say hi to him/her. You play your part.

But what does the bitch/bastard do. He/she pretends like he/she has no clue who you are. Just looks away when you wave from across the road. Just continues talking to his/her friends like he/she didn't even notice you.

I mean what the fuck right? Its not like i am a bad person or anything, but it sure has happened to me more than once and I fucking hate it. Cant stand it one bit. Its one thing if you tell me you don't want to talk to me, but failing to acknowledge the fact that i even existed in your LIFE sometime back is just something that I cant stand. I mean, sure, I don't remember so many people by name. But I've never even once done this to someone. I smile at random people I don't even know cause they're already smiling at me. I even talk to so many people I have no clue about. That's only cause I don't want them to feel uncomfortable cause i know it fucking hurts..

How i wish i could put my thoughts down. I suck at this. But I know for sure that it pisses me off.


Gary Freedman said...

Nasty picture.

.m. said...

lol! happened to me couple of times this year... schoolfriends who refuse to smile... doesnt cost much to say a hello does it.

flip side, met couple of other girls who during school time barely knew me, acted all haughty, who now were all smiles and howareyous... thought twas nice :)

move on, people shouldnt definitely not be the centre of our cribs.

Tha Dalda said...

azhoo paapa. wadda sad life u have. its ok ya. if u see me across the road, i promise to wave out. i will slap the others arnd me and make sure they wave at u. then ull turn into a large wav file and ill compress u into mp3 and then further compress u into a midi file and set u as a ringtone. ill then go to a disco and make every1 dance to that ringtone. super na.

ladyparadox said...

awww, my poor baby! here's a hug to make you feel better! i promise to hug you every time i meet you, okay?

Tartrazina said...

today i walked up to a complete stranger (on behalf of my boss) and asked if she was his junior school teacher from Calcutta! turned out she was... i'd have felt rather odd if she wasn't... or if she'd brushed me off! i'm glad i did, he had a long chat with her & made her day!

Bluefrogtribute said...

Wat bro i see all ure recent blogs seems to be triggered or inspired after conversations withme. PS i know u have blogged about b t w.

wondering wheter i should shut my mouth for the benefit of ure fans or keep running it. We will have an vote all who think i should continue talking say yes all think otherwise fuck ure selfs actually say no.

Dr. Pissed said...

gary, heh, yeah it is no?

wbix, there's always something positive in everything negative! asshoo

dalda: how many times do i say this to you? fuckaafff ra rai :)

lady paradox: ok

tartrazina: shit, your name was difficult to spell. Anyhoo, i am so happy for you and your boss. I cant stop smiling.

blu: your inspirational macha. What to do.

Wally said...

Dont blame it on other people ... its just that you have no charm, thats why people ignore you.

dee iyer said...

I have been kaltied too,
but see. the secret is maintaining the non chalant face at all times

silverine said...

You have a way of brining up hurt and facing it by bloging about it. I like it, cos I like to face such unpleasant stuff head on too instead of burying it under the carpet.
Yes, it fuckin hurts when someone ignores you all of a sudden or tries to avoid you like the plague. It hapens to all of us and I think it is rude and discourteous and makes you feel like you were a klingon someone is trying to shakeoff. For god sake, dont ignore, maybe just acknowledge my presence with a wave and carry on with your life.

@dalda: ROFL :))

Anonymous said...

once tried to hit on this gal so i asked her if she knew this guy i knew she knew but she said she dint an' so i went off red-faced and muttering 'bullfuckinshit...'.

jax said...

Man I so fuckin hate these baddi makkaLu! The same persons who do the Kalti, come up and give you a hug like you were long lost friends when they spot you with a cute looking chick. Ba*tards!

Spaced out! said...

when i get kalti, i make sure to go and be extra friendly and full of luv for the kaltifier...then watch them go on a guilt trip for ignoring one so nice as moi... :)

dee iyer said...

Dai .. jesus christ .. u look like him only ..

Finch, Scout said...


thats what you should do when they forget to acknowledge you.

worsht is reverse kalti.

i ran into one chut fatang i know. in the middal of koshy's. i say hi will full exhuberance, and he gives me "macha, you lost your marbles?" look.

ada thoo!

Dr. Pissed said...

wally: Oh thanks a whole bunch for making spirits bright you fucking whore

ms. iyer: I've tried and i've failed.

silverine: yeah, and then they think like we're so desperate to talk to them and all. Fucktards.

anon: so does that gal know through that guy you knew if she knew that you said "bullfuckinshit" or are we just confusing the shit out of me?

jax: yeah no, that also happens. Loafers

spacedout!: that doesnt usually work to be honest. You end up being bitched about without you actually being informed

ms. iyer: you also look like him only

finch, scout: haha, chooth fatang. Fucking kaad guldus only they all are.