Monday, February 13, 2006

Lets all LiveStrong!

I've been meaning to write more often, but I just havent been able to find the time. I know it kind of sucks, but when I read this blog somewhere down the line, I want to remind myself about how busy I actually was :)

Anyways, so these Livestrong bands. There have been enough talk about this all over the place, mainly here, but I cant seem to find the link to the post right now, but the whole thing is pissing me off.

I remember, quite sometime back, there was this honest endeavour that Lance Armstrong started to help fight cancer. By making bands that show support to fighting cancer and selling them for a moderate price to help sponsor cancer research, I honestly did think it was a nice effort. I also figured out that something like this existed thanks to OCC on Travel and Living where those Orange Country Choppers guys built a LiveStrong bike to support the cause as well and gave it away. Thats when I begun reading up on the subject and stuff like that.

Now, dont get me wrong. But I think all you dimwits out there who go and purchase the god damm band from a local shop or two are just fooling yourself into believing that you are cool. Sporting a genuine one also aint cool anymore.


Cause its not supposed to fucking be cool. Its not supposed to have any other significance than to indicate to the world that you are genuinely concerned about the millions of people who die due to cancer every year and are trying your best in your little way to help fight it. And if any of you reading this can consciously say that you know more than 5 people who own a band and are really bothered about the whole thing and didnt actually purchase it cause it was such a craze, I'd like for them to go visit Curie Center of Oncology or Kidwai or something if they are in Bangalore and see how they can help. Else, tell them to tear it off their arms cause its defeating the purpose.

What pisses me off even more is the number of organizations that have caught on to this idea. Lets not forget to support COURAGE, LOVE, FRIENDS among other things that are inscribed on these bands. And also the brilliant colors that I so love.

For heavens sake, if you want to ride the wagon, so be it.
Else jump off and die!

By the by, today is my blogs appy budday. Appy Budday to you, appy budday to you, appy budday dear blogggggggg, appy buddayyyyyyyyyyy to youuu!!!
And to deetee also.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Oh man, this totally sucks. Inzy and his boys can go suck on their thumbs for all I care.

I totally lost whatever little respect I had for the Pakistani Cricket team today. Fucking fucktards. What the fuck do they think about themselves? Really!! There are limits to which you can stretch your fucking cheapness, but to do what they did today is just not fucking acceptable. Not to the millions of us watching cricket with so much anticipation at home/office/wherever. They fucking owe us that much to entertain us. Bastards.

So today, Pakistan walk off the field with some 18 balls left needing 18 runs to win with just 3 wickets in hand. I am no huge cricket fan. I don't watch much cricket either. But throw an India-Pakistan One Day match in my face and I'll be hell interested. Don't know what it is about these cricket matches, but they never seem to stop fascinating me. Let alone me, everyone in Bangalore atleast. I just love it when an India Pak match happens. Every one stays glued to the television, eyes riveted to the television sets, small eats all stacked up nicely and in close reach and watching the match with the spirit that is innate with being Indian I guess.

And what do these fucktards from Pakistan do? Walk off the field with a lame ass excuse of Bad Light. Now give me a fucking break. I aint no rocket scientist, but it doesn't take much to pull off that scam alright. First off, Inzy 'I am a pussy" Maam is run out obstructing the field. What a fine example to set Mr. Capeetain. And then as he walks back to the dressing room, he does his filmi shit by looking up to the heavens for answers. What a bastard. I felt like whacking the shit out of the numbskull of his.

Then, as he was sitting there in his dressing room watching his team almost go down to a fighting Indian side, he quickly checked with his statisticians and figured that if he asked his "boys" to leave the field on time, they win the match by some 7 runs cause of some two dip shits called Duckworth and Lewis.

Who the fuck is Duckworth and Lewis? Do I really care? I want the fucking match to end like it should. Either India wins or it loses. We still deserve a full match. Not a half assed match where one team is too sissy to continue due to bad light. Give me a fucking break. Those bastards just pulled a fast one on us and we're taking it lightly.

I think we need to nuke the mother fuckers!