Monday, February 13, 2006

Lets all LiveStrong!

I've been meaning to write more often, but I just havent been able to find the time. I know it kind of sucks, but when I read this blog somewhere down the line, I want to remind myself about how busy I actually was :)

Anyways, so these Livestrong bands. There have been enough talk about this all over the place, mainly here, but I cant seem to find the link to the post right now, but the whole thing is pissing me off.

I remember, quite sometime back, there was this honest endeavour that Lance Armstrong started to help fight cancer. By making bands that show support to fighting cancer and selling them for a moderate price to help sponsor cancer research, I honestly did think it was a nice effort. I also figured out that something like this existed thanks to OCC on Travel and Living where those Orange Country Choppers guys built a LiveStrong bike to support the cause as well and gave it away. Thats when I begun reading up on the subject and stuff like that.

Now, dont get me wrong. But I think all you dimwits out there who go and purchase the god damm band from a local shop or two are just fooling yourself into believing that you are cool. Sporting a genuine one also aint cool anymore.


Cause its not supposed to fucking be cool. Its not supposed to have any other significance than to indicate to the world that you are genuinely concerned about the millions of people who die due to cancer every year and are trying your best in your little way to help fight it. And if any of you reading this can consciously say that you know more than 5 people who own a band and are really bothered about the whole thing and didnt actually purchase it cause it was such a craze, I'd like for them to go visit Curie Center of Oncology or Kidwai or something if they are in Bangalore and see how they can help. Else, tell them to tear it off their arms cause its defeating the purpose.

What pisses me off even more is the number of organizations that have caught on to this idea. Lets not forget to support COURAGE, LOVE, FRIENDS among other things that are inscribed on these bands. And also the brilliant colors that I so love.

For heavens sake, if you want to ride the wagon, so be it.
Else jump off and die!

By the by, today is my blogs appy budday. Appy Budday to you, appy budday to you, appy budday dear blogggggggg, appy buddayyyyyyyyyyy to youuu!!!
And to deetee also.


silverine said...

Happy Birthday Doctor Pissed Blogspot!!!

What you say about Livestrong Bands is so true. What is distressing is people making copies and making money out of duplicates.

Happy Valentines Day DP.

p.s. you have been tagged!

Anonymous said...

happy budday to dr.pissed!!! whee... & happy valentines day ya.... wat u got for me??


Anonymous said...

& happt b'day to my adeetee!! yaaiieeeyyyy!

vsqz said...

I agree with you on the band thing, it's just getting too overboard.

Happy Birthday Doctor Pissed!! I wish you the best of luck!!

Angel said...

Agree with you, saar!

When I did buy it from Archie's, it was because I wanted the 50 bucks to go for cancer my band's torn...but I still am glad I bought it, and for the right reasons.

But yeah, I detest those duplicate multicoloured ones..eesh!!

here's the link you wanted!

Wally said...

whatta beauty! one year of your ranting ... and here i was thinking you would stop and go on to better things!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Doctor Pissed Blogspot...and welcome back

Dr. Pissed said...

Silverine: thanks mins thanks ok? Appy Valentines Day to you too ya. Want me to make you one more card? hehe

Susu Baby: Thanks ya. I got you all my lough.

vsqz: heh, 1 year man. Thanks and cheers. Just hope people would give more of a damm about Lance though.

Angel: You should have seen the kind of crap they have in Mumbai man. You'll go mad. My friend and I were totally trippin on this guy on the way back just a few days ago. He had a band on his hand and he was one of those cool buggers with lots of money and all and we kept asking him whats the deal with the band like we didnt know. He said he was wearing it cause he could hang his keychain on it. Dumbfuckingidiotpissoff.

Wally: you take it izzy bro. I know the louggh with me you as well. You should stop reading my rants and move on to better things! hehe. But wait, apparently you have..

Anon: Help me identify with you. Thanks anyways :)

Mind Curry said...

hehe..happy bday reading "every second counts" presently.

Angel said...

Oh, and APPY BUDDAY Doc!!

1 year of being pissed! YAY, I guess ;)

Ms. V said...

I'm probably risking pissing you off, but I happened to read your post today and felt the need to put up a counter-argument on my blog.
Do visit if you care :)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

hey dr.pissed,

happy birday to ur blog.

i so totally agree with u on the whole cricket rant.

not to mention the livestrong bands. some jackass in some stupid indian college decided that they wud take what was meant as a good intelligent idea, and screw it, so v nw ve ppl hanging key chains off these multicolored bands supporting people with bad hair days or whatever!

on a lighter note, silverine tagged u to write about things u hate...i dont't whether to laugh or cry considering u've dedicated an entire blog to it, and she has asked u to write just "one post".

silverine, honey....what were u thinking!

dee iyer said...

you have been tagged! you have you have you have!!!!

by me. shucks.

Alice said...

Jommy! Eey what yaa.. this bleddy Iyer has tagged us. We must come up with effective combat strategy.

Pooja Vijay said...

haha what you say is so true...
these stupid girls in my school wore it on their was ridiculous.
and they thought it was so cool...
i tried to explain to them that it lost its point..but they didnt get it...

anyways happy old is your blog ??

Tha Dalda said...

chumma dont leave the voul. voul badri onlee u r. u used to wear abt 4-5 of those just too look cool. u had 3 in pink, 1 in red and 1 yellow. since some1 bothered to tell u that its not cool if u wear those and u still stink, chumma got off angree and started telling its not a fashion accessory and all. wat ya. y the u the do the like the this the. if they dint point it out to u, u would have made piercings in ur body with those. shame shame onlee.

for those of u who smoke, be thankful that this band may help u sometime in the future. me included.

Tha Dalda said...

btw, happie burrday belated to blogluu. i guess even mah blogluu is 1 yr old then. chindi bindi.

p.s. happy belated vellintines day. love u. :p

NTP said...

i so agree with you!! i am sure some of these people think that cancer is curable and just something you get when you SMOKE!!!
i know these bands you talk about seen them all over brigade road (bangalore) various damm colours and even with the Nike Swoosh all to be cool!!
yes i agree take them to the curie centre of oncology and make them spend a day with someone with cancer and then let them wear something like that!!
oh i am just angry and so agree with what you saying here but i just cant express how pissed i am!!
and to make me more pissed a counter argument on ms v's blog who wants to be "cool"
signing off extremelly pissed

Hiren said...

I endorse your views but what can piss not only you but any sensible thinking human being even more is some of the corruption that seems to have permeated the medical profession. My father had gone to the hospital to attend to my grandmother and because he was breathing heavily and complained of uneasiness, they put him in the hospital, put a pacemaker, made him do all kinds of tests etc. I have heard plenty of other stories from other sources and even watched a TV program to that effect. "Doctor khud band bajaane lage hai" How to deal with this band?

Mind Curry said...

@ hiren - sorry to disagree with you about doctors. there may be a few odd incidents to quote, but you cannot brand everyone as cheaters. what if your dad infact had a cardiac problem? sometimes it can just present with breathing difficulty and uneasiness. if the doctor said, its ok go home its just an uneasiness; god forbid you go home and find something serious? its very easy to blame doctors. and it is because of this mistrust that doctors are doing 10 investigations where one might have been enough - coz later you shouldnt go to court complaining the doctor missed that or this!

spu said...

hi dr pissed i totally agree with you on this matter......those fuckin basterds dnt even know y they are wearin it....and most of them r duplicates.......hey........but dalda is making me think if ur one of them

p.s.Happy b day

L*J said...

Happy Birthaaaaaaaaaaadai Dr Pissed and Things that just piss me off, may your anger and wrath pave way to many more aaaaapi birthaaadaaaaaaaaaais :)

Finch, Scout said...

Happy BURday!
(very belated)

Anonymous said...

some even say 'lets hold hands'.

i find it slightly ridiculous that we have to go out and sport livestrong bands, supposerting an american organisation [even though the cause is just and he is in fact doing a really good job] when there are enough causes here in india that we need to support. hungry people, homeless people, poor people, sex workers, aids victims, cancer patients, burns victims..fuck the list es fucking endless