Friday, July 10, 2009

Crow Shit

Freaking crow's piss me off

They serve no purpose in this world, quite literally. I mean, look at them. They are freaking scavengers and all that they do in life is while away time and feed off garbage bins. They have evolved quite extensively after living in the city for so long I guess.

Invariably, they've figured out a knack to only find a way to perch their freaking assess just above bikes and cars and they always let go only if they are confident it'll land on someone's tank or seat.

Like what the fuck man.. I don't know how many times I've had to tend to their shit piles on my bike. The worst part is, during summers, these mofos will take a crap on my tank and the sun will bake the fucking shit in. Then it becomes like acid and starts corroding the paint when you try rubbing it off with a wet cloth in the evening.

Not only do you have to scrub like mad, but you have to discard that cloth that you sneakily hide under your tank after using it on the crow's crap. Another good plan though is to steal someone else's cloth. But that's just cruel cause the crow might take a crap on his bike as well and then he'll be left with nothing. But who cares.

Also, I hate the way they go "kaa kaa". I mean, that's such a fuck all sounding thing. Its weird too that all crows the world over don't go "kaa kaa". I've heard them in Australia and in a small town near Amsterdam and the fuckers sound different there.

But they still mark their targets with 98% accuracy and still manage to get on my nerves!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things still piss me off..

Even after all these days, you'd be surprised to know, that things still piss me off :)

Like the sorry state of affairs that we still live in.
Or me recently finding out, thanks to a certain episode of Dispatches - Terror in Mumbai, that the Indian Intelligence was listening in on the conversations of the terrorists since the time they landed on our shores. They even knew exactly what they were upto and how everything was being blown out of proportion by the media and yet they sat there and did nothing to stop it.

What defeats me is why information couldn't flow from one dept to the other in time. I am sure the outcome would have been a lot different if it had.

Oh geez, will try and post more often. If time permits obviously.
Who cares, no one is listening :P