Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things still piss me off..

Even after all these days, you'd be surprised to know, that things still piss me off :)

Like the sorry state of affairs that we still live in.
Or me recently finding out, thanks to a certain episode of Dispatches - Terror in Mumbai, that the Indian Intelligence was listening in on the conversations of the terrorists since the time they landed on our shores. They even knew exactly what they were upto and how everything was being blown out of proportion by the media and yet they sat there and did nothing to stop it.

What defeats me is why information couldn't flow from one dept to the other in time. I am sure the outcome would have been a lot different if it had.

Oh geez, will try and post more often. If time permits obviously.
Who cares, no one is listening :P


Deppe said...

Welcome back mate. Your blog was still on my reader.

I even wrote a tribute

Dr. Pissed said...

hey man
Cheers to you!

If you haven't already watched the Dispatches episode I was talking about, youtube it. It should be there if its not already banned.

Anonymous said...

Yo Dude...Welcome back...I am the "anonymous" reader who just loved to read your blogs..I even used to check it time to time to see if you changed your mind and decided to that you are back, keep posting ...

And no, am not gay !!! Just happy (when I read your posts..pun intended)

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