Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad Luck!

Bad luck just sucks don't it?
Been running through some pretty shitty luck lately which just brought me about to question myself. I actually sat and thought for a while on a trip to a beach resort recently (which also explains the delay in updating my blog) about me. Thought about if I was a bad person and deserved all the darned luck I was getting off late with everything that I did.

For fucks sake, its been bad. Else it wouldn't be pissing me off this bad.
On this trip alone, I've had more bad luck than in the last 5 years. Or maybe I am just more conscious about it now cause I was thinking about all the "bad luck" so much. Whatever it was, it was pissing me off.

The minute we got into the Beach Resort called Turtle Bay - which by the way happens to be one the most brilliant places in Karnataka, second only to Devbagh in Karwar maybe, everyone checked into their rooms. To my luck, we got the last fucking room with a low roof. Now, not only was the fucking fan making enough noise to compete with my dad's snoring, the fucking fan just refused to cool the room. We even kept the mother fucking door and the windows open, yet, no fucking cool air in the room.

Anyways, I didn't want to fight it, so I just went out and slept on one of those hard cement things shaped like a fucking bed. It was hard, but the sea breeze made it all feel good. The morning came and we all jumped into the water. Now I aint a very good swimmer, but I get around. To my, or rather our bad luck, it was a day before "Amawase" which basically translates into "no moon day" or something like that. The waves were pretty rough, but that isn't the bad luck bit I am talking about. It was nothing that any average joe couldn't handle. To my luck though, everytime I jumped into the water, after about 2-3 minutes, I'd get stuck between 2 waves with a strong undercurrent and would be pulled down and sucked right in. I'd only come out of the water a few seconds later with enough salt water in my stomach, eyes, nose and ears. Trust me, the feeling aint that good. Now if it happened once, I'd shun it off as nothing significant. It happened more than 4 times, each time only after I got into the water. I mean, come on, I cant have that much bad luck.

It was evening now. Everyone ordered for something to drink. Most of them settled for Coffee/tea cause that's what they wanted. I don't drink Coffee or Tea so I asked for a Fresh Lime Juice cause that's something that I like. He said they didn't have Limes. So I asked for some Tender Coconut Water. He said no to that as well. All he had was Watermelon and Chickoo Juice, both of which I hate to the core. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

Couple all that with a driver with shit loads of bad attitude and trust me, you cant attribute it to anything else but bad luck, which by the way, pisses me off to the core.

All in all though, barring all the bad luck, it was one sexy LONGGGGGGGGGGGG overdue holiday that I needed very badly.
Cheers to some good fun with the family.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh! The Pains..

I thought I'll take a swing at what was happening in the city over the last couple of days, but I knew the job was meant for people with greater abilities of expressing the sentiments of the average bangalorean to dig into the Raj Kumar issue, so I stayed away and waited for them to put up their post. Read it, totally agree with it and discussed shooting all the mother fuckers down with my friends as well. That is the only way. Kill the bastards.

Then I thought I'll take a swing at the guy who took a swing at me in my last post. Under the comments section. Some dickhead who doesn't deserve another mention, nor a link. Decided against it cause it wasn't worth my time or my blog space.

But the other thing that has been pissing me off over the last few days was my trip to the dentist. First of all, I hate dentists. I hate the idea of going to the dentist cause I have no happy associations with the visit to the dentist. I am guessing no one does. I hate the pain, the sound, the everything about the dentist.

To my bad luck though, I haven't been taking care of my teeth lately. I've been eating junk food late in the night, not brushing before going to bed and waking up late, all which lead me to have 4 cavities and the need to get 1 root canal. Obviously, I tried to find the best dentist possible and with folks from the hospital line, that wasn't a problem. I managed to track down a very good consultant who was consulting at a hospital in Indiranagar who worked under my dad for sometime.

Now, don't get me wrong. He sure is good at his craft. But the problem was, he suggested that I let him use a Root Canal Specialist to get my root canal done and then he'd move on to filling my cavities and taking care of the rest of my dental ailments. I agreed. [read: the biggest mistake of my life]

The irony of the situation is, the mother fucking specialist ended up screwing up my fucking tooth even more than it actually was. Let me tell you guys what happened. I went to the dentist on Friday. The bastard gave me a local anesthetic to numb the pain and started drilling my tooth. He then took small metal pins and started digging out my nerve. From the way he was going, I obviously assumed he was good at it. He ended up cleaning and irrigating my canal (as gross as that sounds) in 15 minutes flat. With very little pain I might like to add. I was amazed and truely believed he was a specialist and was thankful to the doctors who suggested I get it done with him. Then he called me over to his table and said, "I'll see you on Tuesday and we'll complete it then. I'll put the permanent filling then". He then sent me packing.

I was so happy to get out of there that soon. It began hurting a little, but nothing severe. Nothing that I couldn't take. A day went by and my whole mouth started to ache like mad. I thought it was pain that I was supposed to deal with and didn't bother with it. That night, I couldn't sleep cause my mouth was hurting that bad. In the morning, I called the doctor at the hospital (the good consultant - not the specialist) and told him, "Doc, I am having this fucked up pain in my mouth and the tooth that the specialist did the RC on it just too fucking sensitive. What the fuck is happening?". He said, "Oh, just go get yourself these antibiotics and these pain killers and come see me tomorrow"

NOTICE, I was fucking prescribed the antibiotics 2 whole days after my RC. It slipped my mind too, but then I realized I wasn't prescribed any medication. I mean come on. They fucking drilled my teeth with metal, the dug the canal with metal and obviously there is no need to prescribe any antibiotics. ITS NOT LIKE IT'LL GET INFECTED OR ANYTHING. Mother fuckers, ofcourse it will. The infection spread to my gums even and that's why I couldn't bear the pain or sleep anymore.

I rushed to the hospital on Tuesday morning and my friend the specialist was there. I told him I am having severe pains and he said "Ahh, sit down, let me take a look". I was tempted to say "Fuck you mother fucker", give him the finger and say "take a look at this, why don't you, you fucking son of a fat cow", but I restrained and sat down on that cool dentist bed kind of thing. He gave me a local anesthetic shot and dug out the temporary filling and tried to remove whatever pus and infection that was there in my tooth. He managed to get out quite a bit before my tooth started to ache again. He gave me another shot of local and tried digging again. It still fucking hurt like mad. He gave me another shot. No luck. He took an X-Ray. Made me wait a while. The X-Ray came back and he said something in his oh-I-am-a-doctor-and-I-can-whisper kind of way to the other docs in the room and said "I'll just prescribe you some new antibiotics and some pain killers and some other medication to confuse the shit out of you so that you wont sue my ass and come meet me on Tuesday next" and he quickly left the room and made me leave too before I could say CADBURY.

I mean, just to get you guys to understand what kind of pain I was in, 1 local anesthetic administered and they should be able to knock off all my teeth in the stipulated region with a hammer and I shouldn't feel a thing. They gave me 3 and it still hurt. Fucking bastardddddd!!!

Apparently the infections spread to my gums. The pains still there. Its been 9 whole days, 24 tabs of Mox-LB, 12 tabs of Inac and a couple of Ketorals thrown in there to knock me cold at nights and it still fucking hurts. If this doesn't go away and even by mistake if the bastard doc ends up being a northy-residing-in-bangalore, no prizes for guessing what I am going to be doing with him...


On another note though, if you guys dont already read these two blogs, you should. Good fun!

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Aww Hanimals

Now I aint no Animals Rights Activist or anything, but there are somethings that make me sad and cruelty towards harmless animals pisses the life out of me.

I just don't see the point behind hurting an animal that is harmless. Not that i am advocating that we go around hurting the animals that are harmful, but then again, you get what I am trying to say.

Just this morning, when i was traveling toward Koramangala, I saw this poor horse man. Both his front limbs and his hind limbs were tied together with a rope. Tightly even. So tight that the poor animal could barely move. I didn't have the courage, nor the blade to chop that rope off, but the damm visual left me thinking. I was just wondering why someone would do such a thing. Like if his owner didn't want him to run away or something, he should have fastened him to a tree or something. Fed him well and tied him up in his backyard or something. Why do something so criminal that the animal has to suffer so much. In the hot sun! God damm it. That just sucked for that poor horse. He couldn't even move his legs forward without it hurting.

Now that might just be a one off incident, but i am sure as hell there are tonnes of such incidents out there that we're not privy to. I say, death to all the mother fuckers ill-treating animals for no fault of theirs. I cant write anymore on the subject. It pisses me off terribly. Damm it.
Poor horse.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

State of Bangalore

Yeah my ass..
I just got done watching this show on CNN IBN about 30 minutes back with this rather stupid mediocre title "State of Bangalore" which was a show that focused on the issues that have been troubling the city over the last few years, northies being one of them I might like to add as tactfully included in the list by the producers of the show made sure. It was more of an open discussion with a host and a few panelists which included our YENG Chief Minister, a few other dimwits and one smart man who runs Janaagraha. Some interesting points that man brought out.

Anyways, moving right along. I was really frustrated with the views of some of the mother fuckers on the show. Especially that Kannada Dude who wanted to rename bangalore to bengaluru just for kicks apparently. He wanted Bangalore to get in touch with and identify with Bengaluru and that was his stupid wart of a reason. Now really, what sense does that make? It just doesn't make any fucking sense to me. A name is a name. Leave it at that. I doubt even if we were to go ahead with the name change, it would really make a big difference to any one of us. You think all of us are going to adhere to it? I really doubt it. Whats going to happen after that? They'll send out the Speaking Police to monitor how we use the word Bangalore in everyday speech? I honestly don't fancy saying Bengaluru that much in a nice well laid down English sentence. Why? Cause it just doesn't fit. Like how it'd be for me to tell the waiter at Pecos - "Get me some kadlaykai masala please." To me, Bengaluru is just a kannada version of the real name of Bangalore and I'll identify with it to a certain extent and definitely not use it in everyday English Speech.

Moving right along, other important issues were brought up. Like closing the bars and pubs down at 11:30. Now although I don't really agree with Rohit Barkers statements, cause I know he messed up pretty big time with his questions to the panel, but what the mother fucker replied was just annoying to the core. Rohit Barker's point was basically that we should be allowed to dance and party as long as we want to, which I totally agree with btw, to which one mother fucker who's name I didn't bother noting down or remembering said - "You are free to dance at home till 3 in the morning if you want to". Now really, who in this god forsaken fucking world is he to tell anyone that? If the fucking pubs and dance floors were allowed to be kept open beyond 11:30, we'd be drinking and dancing there. Now if he doesn't want to come and drink and dance with us and wants to sit at home and party, so be it for him. But stopping someone from doing something that is doing absolutely no harm than what the root of the problem is actually causing makes no sense to me. Allow me to explain. Just cause the bars and pubs are closed at 11:30 does not necessarily mean that the people will stop drinking. They'll fucking finish drinking at the bars and then head home and drink man. Or they'll just find a new high in the needles, the weed and the coke. Simple solutions to difficult problems. I most certainly say. So don't go around telling me that its better that they close the place down at 11:30. Its not. If you don't want to be a part of the culture, like I choose not to, then don't be. But don't stop someone from having their SHARE OF FUN in their own RIGHTFUL WAY without them hurting or stepping on your social shoes. Really, what difference does it make to me or you sitting at home if there's someone partying in Spinn right now as you are reading this post (considering that its 12:00 in the morning). Absolutely nothing. And trust me, road accidents aren't going to account for the shut down either.

From what I hear, the cops are fucking out of their mind, a Police Raj if you please after 11:00 in the night. I've heard stories ranging from people being chased and abused in kannada to taking people in just cause they had a beer mug on their table next to their dinner plates at 11:35 pm. Which just goes to show how low-life the people in power that be can sink to and that just disgusts me.

Anyways, there was this other annoying award winning prick who was hell bent on glorifying and evangelizing Kannada when he accidently said, "when i was in London studying". Ahem Mr. Mother Fucker. If you love your Bangalore so much and want to profess Kannada to the masses and master mind a name change from bangalore to bengaluru, what the fuck were you doing in London you fucking scum bag. What happened to your patriotism to the city or the country for that matter when you were apparently studying in London huh? Bangalore Univ? Chitra Kala Parikshat? Heard of these places you whorefaced dickwart.

Someone please slap him. I am getting angry.

To sum it all up though, I think we have bigger problems at hand than a stupid name change and partying beyond 11:30. Lets hope they pay attention to those "bigger" problems and we as good citizens who bribe the cops, scam the RTOs to get our fake licenses, pay our way through the BDA among other things, co-operate with them with their ROAD PLAN cause like the host of that show said and I believe, Bangalore is the only fucking city in the country that has the potential to take India to new heights that it hasn't scaled already.