Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad Luck!

Bad luck just sucks don't it?
Been running through some pretty shitty luck lately which just brought me about to question myself. I actually sat and thought for a while on a trip to a beach resort recently (which also explains the delay in updating my blog) about me. Thought about if I was a bad person and deserved all the darned luck I was getting off late with everything that I did.

For fucks sake, its been bad. Else it wouldn't be pissing me off this bad.
On this trip alone, I've had more bad luck than in the last 5 years. Or maybe I am just more conscious about it now cause I was thinking about all the "bad luck" so much. Whatever it was, it was pissing me off.

The minute we got into the Beach Resort called Turtle Bay - which by the way happens to be one the most brilliant places in Karnataka, second only to Devbagh in Karwar maybe, everyone checked into their rooms. To my luck, we got the last fucking room with a low roof. Now, not only was the fucking fan making enough noise to compete with my dad's snoring, the fucking fan just refused to cool the room. We even kept the mother fucking door and the windows open, yet, no fucking cool air in the room.

Anyways, I didn't want to fight it, so I just went out and slept on one of those hard cement things shaped like a fucking bed. It was hard, but the sea breeze made it all feel good. The morning came and we all jumped into the water. Now I aint a very good swimmer, but I get around. To my, or rather our bad luck, it was a day before "Amawase" which basically translates into "no moon day" or something like that. The waves were pretty rough, but that isn't the bad luck bit I am talking about. It was nothing that any average joe couldn't handle. To my luck though, everytime I jumped into the water, after about 2-3 minutes, I'd get stuck between 2 waves with a strong undercurrent and would be pulled down and sucked right in. I'd only come out of the water a few seconds later with enough salt water in my stomach, eyes, nose and ears. Trust me, the feeling aint that good. Now if it happened once, I'd shun it off as nothing significant. It happened more than 4 times, each time only after I got into the water. I mean, come on, I cant have that much bad luck.

It was evening now. Everyone ordered for something to drink. Most of them settled for Coffee/tea cause that's what they wanted. I don't drink Coffee or Tea so I asked for a Fresh Lime Juice cause that's something that I like. He said they didn't have Limes. So I asked for some Tender Coconut Water. He said no to that as well. All he had was Watermelon and Chickoo Juice, both of which I hate to the core. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

Couple all that with a driver with shit loads of bad attitude and trust me, you cant attribute it to anything else but bad luck, which by the way, pisses me off to the core.

All in all though, barring all the bad luck, it was one sexy LONGGGGGGGGGGGG overdue holiday that I needed very badly.
Cheers to some good fun with the family.


Tha Dalda said...

yes yes yes. so happy to see u with all that bad luck. will send u some of my good luck charms. they will aid u in making ur life even more miserable.

vsqz said...

Salt water is the worst. It's refreshing to swim in but when you just happen to swallow some, SICK!

Last time I was at the beach I happened to swallow some salt water. I felt sick to my stomach. I started throwing up that nasty water.

I have also had my share of bad luck and yes, it just sucks.

wally said...

Oddly enough, the past few days for me have been the awesome. Havent got into trouble and been having a patch of goodluck lately and strangely those days coincide with you not being around ...

... maybe its just YOU.

Alice said...

It's the hair. I'm telling you, it just attracts bad luck. Cut it.

frankison said...

ayyyoooooooooo paaaaaaaaapa ....wats with these bad lucks.......they either dont come or come all together.......its happened to me is totally pissing off

Vikram said...

Bloody, U tend to give me also some of your BYAAAAD luck...:-| KEEP OFF :-D

Jay said...
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Finch, Scout said...

*big huggie*
bad luck comes to the best of us.
*stupid grin*

i have oosht luck too.
it's not funny how the Appy i ask for is either fucking FROZEN, or NOT chilled,

or for fuck's sake,

watermelon juice ain't so bad.
the diluted shit sucks.

Finch, Scout said...

oh, oh,
lovely picture.

but increase contrast littal no?

silverine said...

Cheers to some good fun with the family It is always fun when it is with the family :)

The photo is awesome. Just loved it.
Sad luck about the lime and room. But you enjoyed the holiday and that is what matters :))

silverine said...

p.s. I love swimming but hate swimming in the salt water in the sun. The skin iches and you suddenly realise what salted mangoes feel like when they are dunked in salt water in the name of a pickle!!!

@the dalda: You should be made an institution. I might just Copyright you and restrict you here. Your funniest comments are in DP's blog :))

Dr. Pissed said...

Dalda: Eyy screw you man. You know I want more from you than your good luck charms!

vsqz: And when it rains, it pours..

wally: Dont attribute your life with mine. I am superior.

alice: Done deal.

frankison: totally man. Cant imagine going through so much bad luck lately. Keep questioning myself to figure out what I've done to deserve this much bad luck.

vikram: hah, I remember..

Kissu in hiding who deleted his comment: You deserve more bad luck than me. Loser.

Finch: See ok, I dont like much Appyness, but it sucks when you cant get what you want to drink ok. And about the picture, I photograph on a Sony Ericsson K750i and dont retouch my work with PS. Dont like correcting them. I could if i wanted to, but dont intend to. Like to keep them totally raw. That way, I just learn more.

[ aside: ]

Silverine: Oh yeah, volleyball, beachball, boggie boarding, all good fun! Wouldnt have complained at all if not for the bad luck. I quite like the beach though. Swimming in it is fun as well. I cant swim very well, but I can manage a few feet. The best part about the beach though is just lying around on a mat all night right next to the beach. It'll only be better if you have cuddle company. teehee.
About the photograph, I am humbled. Just a few more of my photographs, all taken on the phone are out there on the website mentioned above.
And dalda sucks.. I can get a lot of people to testify!

ladyparadox said...

awww! hugs. now all better?

Pinkbury said...

When you are at the beach, all the bad luck in the world cant totally spoil the holiday. Things that didnt happen (& u shud be thankful):
----Watching a kid pee in the water just as you come out of it
--Getting a massage on the beach & not being able to move your neck for the rest of ur trip esp when the cute chick passed u by.
--- & finally Tsunami

See, makes u feel better about the trip already???

Dr. Pissed said...

ladyparadox: heh so cute you are ya. All the time hugs only you keep giving ok.

pink berry: I was at Pondy just yesterday and damm, all i was thinking was tsunami!! Sheesh, that would have sucked now, wouldnt it. And i totally agree with the massage and kid thing. Suckssss!! Cant say it happened at Turtle Bay though. One of the cleanest beaches i've been to!

Archana Nathan said...

happens...happens........bad luck is repetitive.....Good things don't happen that they?....
me gone through similar stuff!

Finch, Scout said...

hokay hokay, i understood about not doing the touching-touching for photo.

and i've seen thet blaag.
and i've refrained from adding my tuppence yennyver because of the godness of the fotos.
goodness even.

i want USB cable.

Finch, Scout said...

ey chillichikaaan!
you have kaampeteeshan.