Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh! The Pains..

I thought I'll take a swing at what was happening in the city over the last couple of days, but I knew the job was meant for people with greater abilities of expressing the sentiments of the average bangalorean to dig into the Raj Kumar issue, so I stayed away and waited for them to put up their post. Read it, totally agree with it and discussed shooting all the mother fuckers down with my friends as well. That is the only way. Kill the bastards.

Then I thought I'll take a swing at the guy who took a swing at me in my last post. Under the comments section. Some dickhead who doesn't deserve another mention, nor a link. Decided against it cause it wasn't worth my time or my blog space.

But the other thing that has been pissing me off over the last few days was my trip to the dentist. First of all, I hate dentists. I hate the idea of going to the dentist cause I have no happy associations with the visit to the dentist. I am guessing no one does. I hate the pain, the sound, the everything about the dentist.

To my bad luck though, I haven't been taking care of my teeth lately. I've been eating junk food late in the night, not brushing before going to bed and waking up late, all which lead me to have 4 cavities and the need to get 1 root canal. Obviously, I tried to find the best dentist possible and with folks from the hospital line, that wasn't a problem. I managed to track down a very good consultant who was consulting at a hospital in Indiranagar who worked under my dad for sometime.

Now, don't get me wrong. He sure is good at his craft. But the problem was, he suggested that I let him use a Root Canal Specialist to get my root canal done and then he'd move on to filling my cavities and taking care of the rest of my dental ailments. I agreed. [read: the biggest mistake of my life]

The irony of the situation is, the mother fucking specialist ended up screwing up my fucking tooth even more than it actually was. Let me tell you guys what happened. I went to the dentist on Friday. The bastard gave me a local anesthetic to numb the pain and started drilling my tooth. He then took small metal pins and started digging out my nerve. From the way he was going, I obviously assumed he was good at it. He ended up cleaning and irrigating my canal (as gross as that sounds) in 15 minutes flat. With very little pain I might like to add. I was amazed and truely believed he was a specialist and was thankful to the doctors who suggested I get it done with him. Then he called me over to his table and said, "I'll see you on Tuesday and we'll complete it then. I'll put the permanent filling then". He then sent me packing.

I was so happy to get out of there that soon. It began hurting a little, but nothing severe. Nothing that I couldn't take. A day went by and my whole mouth started to ache like mad. I thought it was pain that I was supposed to deal with and didn't bother with it. That night, I couldn't sleep cause my mouth was hurting that bad. In the morning, I called the doctor at the hospital (the good consultant - not the specialist) and told him, "Doc, I am having this fucked up pain in my mouth and the tooth that the specialist did the RC on it just too fucking sensitive. What the fuck is happening?". He said, "Oh, just go get yourself these antibiotics and these pain killers and come see me tomorrow"

NOTICE, I was fucking prescribed the antibiotics 2 whole days after my RC. It slipped my mind too, but then I realized I wasn't prescribed any medication. I mean come on. They fucking drilled my teeth with metal, the dug the canal with metal and obviously there is no need to prescribe any antibiotics. ITS NOT LIKE IT'LL GET INFECTED OR ANYTHING. Mother fuckers, ofcourse it will. The infection spread to my gums even and that's why I couldn't bear the pain or sleep anymore.

I rushed to the hospital on Tuesday morning and my friend the specialist was there. I told him I am having severe pains and he said "Ahh, sit down, let me take a look". I was tempted to say "Fuck you mother fucker", give him the finger and say "take a look at this, why don't you, you fucking son of a fat cow", but I restrained and sat down on that cool dentist bed kind of thing. He gave me a local anesthetic shot and dug out the temporary filling and tried to remove whatever pus and infection that was there in my tooth. He managed to get out quite a bit before my tooth started to ache again. He gave me another shot of local and tried digging again. It still fucking hurt like mad. He gave me another shot. No luck. He took an X-Ray. Made me wait a while. The X-Ray came back and he said something in his oh-I-am-a-doctor-and-I-can-whisper kind of way to the other docs in the room and said "I'll just prescribe you some new antibiotics and some pain killers and some other medication to confuse the shit out of you so that you wont sue my ass and come meet me on Tuesday next" and he quickly left the room and made me leave too before I could say CADBURY.

I mean, just to get you guys to understand what kind of pain I was in, 1 local anesthetic administered and they should be able to knock off all my teeth in the stipulated region with a hammer and I shouldn't feel a thing. They gave me 3 and it still hurt. Fucking bastardddddd!!!

Apparently the infections spread to my gums. The pains still there. Its been 9 whole days, 24 tabs of Mox-LB, 12 tabs of Inac and a couple of Ketorals thrown in there to knock me cold at nights and it still fucking hurts. If this doesn't go away and even by mistake if the bastard doc ends up being a northy-residing-in-bangalore, no prizes for guessing what I am going to be doing with him...


On another note though, if you guys dont already read these two blogs, you should. Good fun!

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2. Silverine


Archana Nathan said...

Sad! I pity you!
But on the lighter side, here is a joke.
X: I went to the dentist this morning.
Y:oh!Your tooth, is it still paining?
X: I dont know.It is with the dentist!
cheer up!

silverine said...

dr pissed, I am sending you contact details of an excellent dentist in St Patricks Complex called Dr Anil Devaiah. Went to him two years back and my fear of dentists vanished forever.

I rarely go to a dentist since I am the good girl who brushes her teeth twice a day ( more out of fear of dentists). :)) I hate that drill they use.

Am going over to BT now to read their posts. BT is a really talented dude. Thanks for linking me da. Appreciate it. *hugs*

Tha Dalda said...

brush ur teeth before u sleep anthe. thuu ninna. u dont brush when u wake up onlee. i bet if u step into the bathroom, u would not recognise ur toothbrush. and u would probly have doubts in differentiating b/w ur toothpaste and shaving cream. so next time, when u wake up, brush. dont consider that to be a process of gargling the coffee and drinkin it. those things r not advisable. anyways, sad to see that u have all that toothpain. if u visit the dentist, all that u can do is keep spittin that saliva out of ur mouth. so wat we can do here is catch that northie fukk who posted in ur blag and keep spittin on his face.

fair and handsome anthe. wat shit ba. kakkas writin i tell u. then he has the stoopidest idea that hez pissed us off. y r they under the impression that they can piss others off with their amazin vocab and superb dialect. and look at the pansy names that they choose. south indians r useless anthe. thuu.. cant come up with somethin better a. nonsense. i bet a 5 yr old can think of somethin way better.
i.e. talkin abt 5 yr old south indian kids.

on the last note, u ppl never piss us off. on the contradictory, u ppl make our day by livin up to our expectations. keep up the good work and stop spittin pan everywhere.

vsqz said...

I hate the dentist. What the fuck do they know. Just kill the bastard.

ladyparadox said...

awww... i gave you hug. still it hurt?? ok, will come to your house and hug you again. ok?

crazy schmuck said...

ya man, you got the short end of the stick from some quack! i got my tooth knocked out with hammer and chisel and was fine in two days. suggest you take a hammer and chisel to that fool who banged you up. you can slap your aftershave on his rootcanal to dull the pain...

Lavanya said...

Poor bugger! all my sympathies...hope the toothy problems clear up soon. And one thing with doctors if they start asking you to do too many tests and expensive procedures know one thing for sure they don't know what teh heck they are doing and hope that by teh end of it you don't know why you came to him in teh first place!

Rushes' Anomaly said...

;-))) I had enough exp with dentists with dental braces, at the age of 16 and their torture techs - Cant swear as you do, but damn, but u had the worst panga !!

yumcupcake said...

feel your pain...i got terrified just gettin those metal cap thingies on...the doc asked me to come back after two weeks for a root canal..that was 2 years ago...
my tooth doesnt hurt..i ll just wait till it does..

yumcupcake said...

and hey where s st.patrick's complex...

Finch, Scout said...

you haven't had BRACES for SIX fugging years have you??


don't you DARE crib about dentists mister!
OH NO you don't!!

frankison said...
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frankison said...

wat a pity..........hope the doc at st patricks complex is better

dee iyer said...

i like archana nathans joke. hehe
how you been?

Alice said...

Oh the horror!

Dr. Pissed said...

archana: heh, thanks. Liked your joke too.

silverie: Next time, 100% i am going there only. This other doctor at this place i went to called Dr. Nishant was really good too though. Moreover, I am more than happy to link you and BT man. Two of my fav blogs for a long time now.

dalda: suck my balls. Try as hard as you want, no chance in hell I am linking you.

vsqz: hehe, damm it hurt man and for me to be this pissed, its goto be bad. You ought to know, being one of my oldest readers and all. heh!

ladyparadox baby: Didnt come house only. All lice.

crazy schmuck: You bet i did. Trust me, no one ought to go through what i did. Except maybe Dalda :)

lav: aww, thanks :) I'll keep your advice in mind, ma`am.

rushes: No one deserves it.

yumcupcake: Ok after going through all that pain, I better tell you this today, your better off getting whatever needs to be done to your teeth "before" the pain kicks in, else your only other option is suicide. Good luck with either. St. Patricks Complex is near the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road, right next to Patricks Church.

finch: Speak to aicha. She knows the full story. Then lets see you come back and apologise.

frankison: I hope so too cause next time i am going there.

ms. iyer: I've been better over the last few days. Pain's subsided. How you been? :)

Alice: heh, now you know, after yesterday's explanation atleast :)

Tha dalda said...

linkin me anthe. thuu ninna. wat kakkas ya. go mane.

yumcupcake said...

hey thanks so much..!!

no said...

ah, the irony. someone posts about what pisses them off, and it makes everyone concerned feel better.
good stuff

Pinkbury said...

You think being in a dentist's chair is bad?? Think for a moment that you ARE the dentist. Think od the way you will spend the rest of your life looking into people's mouth, smelling their bad breaths. Think of how you have to deal with people's breakfast & previous day's dinner that is still stuck in between their teeth........

Now thats really painful

Tha Dalda said...

@pink: o really. then think abt the life of toilet paper. wonder wat that goes through.

Dr. Pissed said...

the pink berry: I dont particularly give a fuck about what the dentist is going through. For all I care, he shouldnt have chosen the god damm profession if he didnt want to. That way, we'd all be safe from the fucking monster and have bad teeth.

So much for pain..

Ronnie the cat said...

hi all!!

very interesting comments about dentists,and your experience with the Rc. i myself am a dentist, and i would say the mistake was not warning u, about possible complications that might arise, hey, if u people value your teeth, then visit them and appreciate them!!