Monday, January 02, 2006

Honk and I'll run you over!

So yeah, I totally don't get why I am blogging so much lately, but I figured, I'd make up for lost time.

Anyways, so I hate it when all these dumbass truck drivers from Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and all the other fucking states bring their trucks to Bangalore and ride around in our fucking city. Especially on the right most lane. What the fuck is that all about eh?

So, there I was on my bike riding on the Outer Ring Road, when i was faced with two trucks that were ahead of me. Considering that I was riding faster than them, I expected to overtake them from the right, LIKE I AM SUPPOSED TO. But the bastards refuse to give me way. I mean really, what the fuck right?

Where else in the world do you get to see this man? All the fucking trucks that cant travel faster than 40 kmph are on the right most lane, which btw, is supposed to be the fastest lane. Like if your traveling really fast anywhere else in the world, you'd need to be in the right most lane. Not cutting lanes and zipping across lanes and stuff like that.

So i took that pic while riding my bike. See that fucking dumbass lorry ahead of the lancer, that's one of the mother fuckers who refused to give me way. I had to eventually overtake him from the left. Thank god his co-driver decided to spit out his pan after i had passed him, else you know how I would have thrown my helmet at his fucking fat northie turd face!!

Bastards pissed me off..


vsqz said...

take back the streets

ladyparadox said...

lets punchar all their tyres. :)

silverine said...

Well..these guys are mostly illiterate and the cops catch them only to get the monies.This makes them care two hoots of road rules BEACUSE THEY HAVE PAID TO BREAK THE RULES!!! It is our traffic cops who have to be rapped for this kind of behaviour.

Your blog is a trail blazing example of Urban Bangalore angst and should be made compulsory reading for Social Scientists!!!

Tha Dalda said...

aich full on anger in the roads and all. btw, as far as i have concerned, u have overtaken on the left side of the road most of the times and u overtake on the right side abt 5 times in a year. u shouldnt be bitchy abt this. wadda chappar u r.

p.s. when i read the topic name, i thought it was abt ppl who just honk u from behind and do not overtake. cheap name ya. anyways good post. drive the damn biatches bakk to where they belong. i miss bangalore roads. :((

p.s.s. i m travellin in a bus here. total chindi da. travel for 2 hrz on this bigass road. will send u pics of my appice once i get it off. nice nice it iz.

Dr. Pissed said...

vsqz, heh, yeah, take back the fuckin country actually. I really see an uprising. I really do

ladypara: and while your at it, buy me some rolls at fanoos no.

silverine: but what the fuck man. You have no idea how much i had to honk to try and get him to pay attention to me and give me some way, but they never did. Really. That totally sucks. Even worse is when those bullockcarts and those tractors station themselves on the right most lane. So fucking annoying.
Btw, i am glad you think my blog is a trail blazer. You've just made me very proud. That too coming from someone as cool as you. Ussshooo

Dalda: go ya.. guldu only your one. Hope ur having a blast there in Chennai. Cant wait for another tsunami.

Loonie said...

i was in blore 10 days back..after 1 whole fucking year..the tarffic sucked man! on earth has the population increased like this?
i was checking out the car registrations..i saw.."DL 6759, MH 7896, DL 7865, DL 8654" whatever no?
i wish people filed for Visas to travel within the country too. Bloody I wud have rejected all!

Anonymous said...

Who're u moron???

i dunno who's dumber ; some northie shit driver who drive on the right side lane; or some asshole who tries taking a pic of that, WHILE RIDING A BIKE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD that he can put it up in his pathetic excuse for a blog !!!??

Heights !!!

Tha Dalda said...

and the winner is the pansy whoz a literate chicken who uses anonymous nick to avoid revealin himself.

@anon: shut ur fukkin face northie lamer. damn u guys r so bloody spaz that i would rather have technical discussions with an otter. were u guys born like that or is it for a fact that the nurse dropped u ppl when u were babies. watever the reason, u guys r lame. therapys wont do u any good. sell urselfs n give us the money.

Vikram said...

u should line them up and shoot them one after the other..

Bluefrogtribute said...

i am so happy. SOme whinny anonymos bithces have comne back again i love picking on them. I think the real question is

WHo the fuck are u moron?

i will answer all ure qs actually only one the nborthie dumb fuck drivers are worse cause his big ass truck does more destruction tan a bike so shut ure face ass wipe.

dee iyer said...

hheeey !!! whats up ?
does vipul still look like you remember him ?

Anonymous said...

Respect dalda..... northie should have visa to let them to south india ......lkb's