Friday, May 13, 2005

Car/Truck/Bus Horns

Oh for fucks sake already, I wonder why they even bothered inventing the stupid HORN.
I mean, there is no practical reason for its existance. It doesnt help anyone. Doesnt do anyone any good. Then why invent it? Its like finding a way to make "lint". Why would anyone want to make lint eh? Its the same for them horns.

I was on my way back home today when there was a small traffic snarl caused by a bus. Now, I'd imagine that most us of stuck behind the bus were all educated in some school or college and we knew that bellowing our horns would not have any effect in clearing the traffic. Rather, it would only cause more noise and stress to all of us who had to hear the fucking horn go "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

There comes this retard. I am sure he was a northie and a software professional at that. He was driving this Ford Ikon. He parks his fucked up car right behind me and without even waiting for 12 seconds, starts honking his balls off. He just goes on and on. I kept quiet for some 20 odd seconds after he started. Then I got pissed off and turned around and told him to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" in my regular 6'3"-large boned-loud voice way. He just looked at me. Didnt say a word after that and took his hands off the bloody horn. A few seconds later, the traffic cleared and we got moving. I am very sure him having to honk his balls off had nothing to do with getting the traffic cleared. It was obvious it was going to happen without him hitting that horn.

Trust me, that fucked up horn on your vehicle serves no purpose. It just manages to piss completely sane people like me off.
Fucking retards who use their horn for every thing including a stray plastic cover flying in the wind piss me off. Egaad!


joe said...

i dont like the hornomaniacs too...
but i do love to beep the terminator OST every once in a while.......... the other day some dude (i dint see him) replied with the same beep...its kinda cool... but i dont usually honk for the traffic.....

KayBee said...

I hate people honking me
But I love honking at giggly girls who crowd the roads of delhi, in desperation to catch the attention of streetside romeos and block my way in the process.
I also like to honk those silly streetside romeos.

Joe Satriani said...

man, i have to disagree with you because i like horns. they can help you get out of trouble. horns are useful to one and all. if you dont like someone, you can stab him with your horn. else, if you want to scold someone, you can tell them that they are as horny as a toad. wait a minute, what horns are we talking about here. oops, sorry.

comin to the main point, i hate it when people pass through you and not bother to honk to caution you that they are passing by.

p.s. how was my show? i hate it when you bastards came only enough for a handful. sad you people are.

Dr. Pissed said...


joe said...

dalda huh??