Thursday, May 19, 2005


Dont listen to what the pic has to say.
Fuck them vegetarians. Its like this alright. You host a dinner, call a bunch of people and order dinner. You assume that everyone is a meat eater, else why in the world would they be humans. I mean, go be a cow or something. That'd help solve two problems.
1. I wont have to hear you crib about the lack of nice tasting vegetarian food.
2. More meat for me.

If they are going to argue about eating other animals, I say, why stop at eating animals? Cause they are alive eh? Then what about them plants? Not alive?
Go ahead, crib. I dont give a rats arse. Bring your own food the next time you come house for dinner though. But come. I have no issues with you vegetarians coming home though. I just dont approve of your food choice.

I hate it that vegetarians wont touch anything made of umm.. meat/flesh/blood whatever! Its like an additional burden. Something that you've goto think about and care about cause they have to be taken care of. Like its some kind of disability or something. Now if one of my friend was confined to a wheel chair, I'd have hired additional guys to stand at the front door to help carry him in. Why the fuck do I goto bother about "vegetarians"?
Take only the gravy and stay away from the Kababs. Else, go become a cow. Its the order of the world. Man eat cow, cow eat plant/grass. Thus man gets cow and grass (no pun intended). What else could it be? Man eat grass, cow eat man and thus cow get man and grass? Grass eat cow, man eat grass, thus man get cow and grass!

Oh i could go on. The point being, i take time out from doing whatever I was doing (which included filling confetti into small pouches to be distributed at the wedding the day after tomorrow) and blogging about something cause VEGETARIANS piss me off shit loads!


liz said...

Mithun I was vegetarian till for 6 months, but that ended in may.I ve been gorging on meat every single day of the month.

Nothing like being a carnivore i say

Dr. Pissed said...

Yeah, like the quote I read the other day on some mail that I got.
"We didnt rise to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!"

pissed with dr. pissed said...

this is plain stupidity. being an vegetarian is a life choice. i guess the mistake is with both the parties. its their fault because they havnt justified the merits (or just their feelings) while eating plants. and i dont see the reason why they should take non vegetarians as an offence. and you idiots realise that cows are religious creatures and have a sentimental feeling in this side of the world. and yet you people pass such comments for the heck of it. would you people react the same if someone did the things you people thought religious. bloody pseudo posers. try to have a cool image but its not working.

Dr. Pissed said...

Faker! I wont even say anything cause I already know why your posting all this crap DALDA!

joe said...

dear Amigo

though im a meat eater im against what uve written....complete misconception ...or the info u collected aint complete.....
veggies dont eat meat not cause they are alive or cause its got a soul or anyother crap.... atleast tru veggies dont think that way.... its cause they prefer veg more than meat.... and if u research a little about health and vegetarianism ull know why people prefer veg..
and seriously lets face the facts they too dont give a rats bum what non-veggies think ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know i am a bit late on this topic but just want to bring a FACT to the table. Directed to what Joe said about health and vegetarianism, there was a study taken out on the eating and other habits of people above the age of 100 in Europe at around 1970 or something. Want to know how many people were veggies? less that 4% ... LESS THAN 4 PEOPLE IN A HUNDERED !!!! more than that were actually in the study but that should shut the stupid people up.

And its not like we are klling off the entire animal species, you dont see us eating panda or platypus do you? We eat domestic farm animals - cows, goats, chickens, ducks ... squrim around all you want but they are nutricious no matter how much you cry about it. And yum, dont forget yum.

... so just eat what you want and eat healthy. I hate veggies that whine the most.

KayBee said...

I'm all veggie.
But I eat egg.
Does this mean the end for us???
*loks very sad*
I pick on other people's brains, tho....
*gleam of hope in eye*

joe said...

according to your so said "statistics" which you must have got from a trivial but "reliable" source...and the Fact file is "35 yrs old.... puleeeezz dude u can do better than that....mamoo heheeheh...
ur just sad bro....

Anonymous said...

Apparantely Joe believes that life on earth started only about 50 years back ... so THIRTY FIVE years is well ... "unimaginable".

Sorry Joe, next time I will personally take out surveys for your Damned ideas and misconceptions.

- Wally

joe said...

heehhhe......sad wally..... i still believe u can do better than that if u try a little more harder.

Finch, Scout said...

yey, ninn ajji man.

i'm hard core veggie.
i don't eat because i don't want to. simple.

it's like saying you won't eat nutty chocolate cause you don't like nuts. (well, i'm not saying meat is served with the nuts.. hehe!!)

well, if you want an irrational argument, here goes: if you can eat cow, why not human? eat yourself no?

goobay. simp simply he'll talk it sims.

Dr. Pissed said...

What the futch!

No one's stopping you guys from being veg. Just dont come home for lunch! Or make do with chicken gravy is all that I am cribbing about..

Anonymous said...

I love you!

Couldnt agree more!!!!1