Friday, April 29, 2005

Plaza Theater

Although the image aint excatly that of Plaza Theater, I have to confess that its pretty close to how Plaza looks as of date.

I watched this movie called Cinima Paradiso today. Although I hate myself for having not seen the movie till date cause its a wonderful movie, I am kinda pissed off about a few things that the movie reminded me off.

One such instance is the fact that I heard recently that they were going to close down Plaza Theater on M.G. Road in Bangalore to make way for something new age, like a multiplex or something. Now, I for one, cant gurantee the fact that its going to be pulled down, but hell, its a part of the movie history in Bangalore.

I remember, quite sometime back, when "The Day of the Jackal" released, there was no Rex, nor was there a Symphony. All we had was Plaza. My dad picked up 3 tickets. One for him, one for my brother and one for me. I even remember that he had a friend at work. I cant remember the aunty's name, but her husband worked or co-owned Plaza or something and he got us balcony seats through her. Anyways, it was my first movie and I can recall every minute that I spent in that theater, all astonished and stuff.

Anyways, I think this was some good 15-17 years ago. Who'd ever think that I would still dwell on that facination that I had for the movies and choose for it to be a part of my career eh? None the less, not to stray away from the post, I am kinda pissed off by the fact that they're tearing down a piece of history and paving the way for the new. Although I must admit, I might be posting this out of nostalgia created by watching Cinima Paradiso, but hell, I for one, genuinely feel bad. I take it that you guys get the message from the way I've spelt the word genuinely that its all heartfelt.

But for some odd reason, I cant help but get pissed off when I hear them say "the old has to make way for the new". It just pisses me off..


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