Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Friend, Dalda


Any cuisine in South Asia including India, Pakistan and its neighbouring countries is probably never complete without some tasty recipes from the DALDA brand of hydrogenated vegetable oils, characterised by their typical flavor. The story goes that it used to be imported in the '30s from the Netherlands by a trader called Dada & Co. When Hindustan Lever limited got into the picture and wanted to brand it, the trader, who still retained a commercial connection with the product, said it had to be named after his company. HLL wanted to include the letter 'L' in it for Lever (of the UniLever group), and thus was born one of the longest-living brands in India. Dalda, which came to be synonymous with the vanaspati (hydrogenated vegetable fat) genre, was recently extended to a range of edible oils.

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I looked up, didnt find an 'apt' answer for this dude. He's a friend alright. A good one at that too. But like he claims ever so proficiently on his blog, he fucking manages to piss people off for no good reason..

Now yesterday, I happened to have a small lil` argument with him. Although nothing serious, I must admit, it got me pretty darn worked up. Now, I am not the kind of guy who'll go about arbidly lying to his friends. Atleast not the one's I know well and keep in contact with on a daily basis. So, he sends me this link about the next edition of the game Need for Speed. Little did he know that I had already heard about the very news from another friend quite sometime back. Being the egoistic bitch that he is, although I know for a fact that he is not really egoistic or anything but was just being so to piss me off, he went on arguing with me that I was lying to him and he got me all worked up and all..

Anyways, that feeling didnt last long. Although its nice to know a guy like Dalda, I must say, he's managed to piss me off for not having added him to this blog. Beat that..
Stupid twit :)

Now, I am sure he's going to post a million comments or come close to posting the million comments about how I suck and how he's the ruler of the world and so on and so forth, I just have one thing to say to him .. Up yours BIATCH!! heh!


The Dalda said...

i was so proud of u until i saw the last line. up urz, chee. dont come near me. :p

p.s. u'r journalism @ college pays off. nice

Bluefrogtribute said...

Both of u Get a room.So Dr pissed can take off his pissed nature and channelise it on u Dalda that will be a site.

Subliminal Message:Buy protection from me.Only one message cause i dont really care what happens with

U ahve been Froggified