Sunday, April 24, 2005

Digging In the Nose

I mean, come on.. There's a time and place for everything right?

Today, while I was out in the morning on some errands, I couldnt quite help but notice one guy waiting at the shop where I was at going about digging his nose quite extensively.

I mean, its alright if he did it discreetly enough, but he didnt seem to care. He just kept digging and digging for more and more. I was watching him every step of the way and trust me, those facial expressions that he had on him while he was going at it were worth a photograph. Unfortunately enough, I dont like camera phones and dont own one. So, sorry.

Anyways, if the queen mother can do it, why can't he eh?
None the less, watching him collect his stuff with the same fucking hands and then walk back home was quite disturbing and to say the least, pissed me off quite a bit.

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