Monday, April 25, 2005

Fuck You!!!!

I've just pulled up some random image that I found on google and put it here by converting it to b&w in PS and just adding a lil` text and I dont really give a fuck for the guy who originally owned this image anyways.

Having said that, I fucking hate that dickwart who spat on me today. I remember I blogged about spitting and how I hate it when these fucking retards stick their heads outside the bloody bus windows and then just spit away on the road outside without giving a fuck for gravity, physics, velocity of the wind and most importantly, the bike riders who are about to overtake that same fucking bus from the side that they are spitting onto.

Today, while I was headed to Koramangala, I overtook one such bus from the right side of the vehicle and thanks to my lucky stars, one old man, in all probability a villager spat right out of his window. We're not talking about a small blob. We're talking about a huge mother fucker ... the size of that flem-covered-salvia filled blob was atleast the size of my palm if we had to lay it out on my palm. Anyways, it just flew across and came and landed right on my shoulder. I mean what the FUCK!!!!

I am sorry if I've used way too many abusive words in this one post, but I just felt very disgusted with my jacket and didnt even wear it after the incident. I just took it off, purchased a plastic cover and put it in and brought it home. [note: to add insult to injury, it rained today]

Anyways, the fucking dickhead pissed me off, although he was old and I should probably cut him some slack, i still hate him and thanks to what he did, he's registered in my blog for good.

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