Friday, April 01, 2005

Power Failure

power outage

A power outage is the loss of the electricity supply to an area.

meaning derived from

I hate power cuts. Especially when they interfere with your day to day activities. Like today, without any warning in the newspapers and all, the power company just decided to cut power for nearly 4 hours. I dont see the reason why they had to pull it off.

When I called them up, they told me that a tree had fallen over the lines and had snapped the power. I believed them. Then my brother woke up about ½ an hour later and he called them up without knowing that I had already called them up and they told him that the road work was going on on the main road and thus they had to remove the power. When I figured out what they'd told my brother, I knew they were bullshitting us. I made my mom call them up after nearly an hour after my brother's phone call to them and they told my mom that a transformer had blown up.

It was pretty evident with all the lies flying around that they had deliberately snapped our power supply and wanted to trouble the whole area that we lived in. Sadistic mother fuckers. Anyways, power cuts piss me off. I cant stand them.

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