Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Peace Frog

Ok so hey..
I ran over this frog today and lets just say I am not really in high spirits about it.

I am kinda pissed off with myself for having run over him. I mean, it was dark. I was riding back home and I couldnt see much on the road. To add insult, there was also a tad bit of rain.

So there I am, on my bike. Perched some 4 feet off the ground and expected to notice a tiny little frog hopping around on the ground. As luck would have it, I didnt miss him and felt a small nudge of my tire as I rode over him.

I even went back to check if I had actually run over him and it seemed pretty obvious with him lying there, stationary.

Anyways, I am pissed off with myself for having run over that frog today. Poor chap!

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