Sunday, April 03, 2005


mis·un·der·stand·ing (mĭs'ŭn-dər-stăn'dĭng) pronunciation
  1. A failure to understand or interpret correctly.
  2. A disagreement or quarrel.
meaning derived from

Dont you just hate it when you have a misunderstanding?
I am not talking about the kind of misunderstanding that the image is set to create. For heavens sake, she's just helping him get that tire on the rim, thats all. Pervert.

Anyways, having a misunderstanding with someone very close to you can be a real piss off.. Today was one such day when I had this argument which was caused by a misunderstanding with a good friend of mine and at the end of it all, it left me pretty pissed off, both with my friend and myself.

I just hate it..

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