Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mud Splashes

Ok not really. Except maybe if I was in a mud pool reliving my fantasies. But, shit crap man. I love the rains alright. They make me happy. Except for 2 things.
1. Getting wet in the rain while riding back home on the bike wearing the only set of nice formal clothes that I own
2. The mud splashes from all the cars/bikes/trucks/busses/bullock-carts/etc.

Now dont get me wrong, I can make do with getting wet in the rain wearing formals, except that I dont wear a banyan (oh, I love that word) and everyone will get to see my sexy body, but mud from the revolutions of a car tyre, I cant handle.

It rained like mad last night and I worked all night at the office cause I was doing an edit that is supposed to be aired tomorrow on ESPN. Anyways, after working all night and heading back home in the morning, the last thing I need all over my face is MUD. I mean what the fuck. These vehicle owners in and around Bangalore dont believe in mud flaps. Because of all the slush collected in their fucking tyres, the bikers on the road are the ones that are hit the worst. I ended up riding behind this Tata Indica and this bugger, ironically ends up being a cabbie for a call center. He, without knowledge that he has just exited from a mud road that got totally wet because of yesterday's rains ends up taking off at this signal and his tyres kept squirting out mud right into my face. Ironically enough, I had my helmet off and got a good taste of good ol` bangalore mud.

Fucking stupid fucking cabbie pissed me off today. The next time this happens, considering that it will happen cause of all the rain, I am going to throw my helmet at him, come what may..


Alice said...

Y'know what would be really funny on this blog..? Butterflies and daisies...! heh heh! I think you should post an entry on those (perhaps with a picture of you frolicking in a meadow)..! *L*!

But I understand the mud thing.. I walked home in the rain once - was a ghastly sight when I reached!

Dr. Pissed said...

heh, ghey!!!
thats so gay..

Anyways, its understandable that you want to see me running around having fun, trust me, i do. This is a mere representation of a side that I choose to remember in the long run, cause I forget easily.

But sure, 5 points for hitting on me :)

Broken Verses said...

Hmm..so what made u think it wudnt b interesting enuff for me?

Dr. Pissed said...

Like I said, arty ethnic person who probably has the most peace in the planet

Why'd you want to read about the things that piss someone else off?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ...

Just like to say that you cant wear a "banyan" because thats a tree.

Ban·yan also ban·ian

A tropical Indian fig tree (Ficus benghalensis), often widely spreading because of the many aerial roots that descend from the branches and develop into additional trunks. It is planted for ornament and shade.

And I cant imagine what you would look like without one and all wet (nor would I want to), but I am pretty sure it would have made the cabbie's blog today.

- Waleed

Pink said...

Love the rain too and your reasons for not loving it are valid too.

jax said...

lol..nice blog dude. love the pictures you put up with the things that piss you off. are they intentionally grey-scaled? because the colorful ones just piss me off!!

Rat said...

Did nothing piss you off on Monday ? :)

Dr. Pissed said...

Monday? No.. Nothing..

[Same Shit Different Day] if your wondering what that meant

Archrival said...

Guess what we do in our college when it starts raining.....Go to field and start playing rugby and end end up with mud mushed all over our faces and other parts....Can you take that as fun?