Monday, June 20, 2005

Caught Red Handed

Ok, I am really sorry for using his picture but hell, it looked nice and suited the context.

Dont you guys just hate it when you catch someone red handed doing something wrong and then confront that person and he/she just goes on and on lying about it and denying it, jumping from one lie to the other with the false hope that they wont get caught in the long run.

I certainly hate it and I couldnt care less if you guys hated it or not.
I mean when your caught, your caught. Why bother trying to make things up and lie about it and then worsen things? You should just be candid about it and get it over with, no matter what the consequences.

I feel like giving them one tight slap when they go on and on lying. I guess I have this knack of figuring things out and knowing for sure if a person is lying or not. Like that guy Dixit from college says, ask once and you'll get an answer, ask again and if he/she is lying by the forth question, your bound to be sure. I am kinda sure this theory works with all the bullshit that I get everyday from so many people..

I just hate it..


liz said...

shux I had forgotten 'Dikshit'

Loonie said...

Sure it drives anyone crazy eh! I hate it too!