Sunday, October 22, 2006

Misunderstandings - Part II

So I know its been a while and I know its the second post that I am writing to get off my chest without an image to tag along with, but hell, Photoshop wont install cause they've figured out someway to block the old keygens that I downloaded and it just wont work anymore. Oh screw them, I'll work out another way to get it working.

In any case, in time that has flown by, I've realized something. No matter what, I really like writing and that I cant seem to get enough of the fact that I like maintaining this record, as silly as it may sound.

SO here's my most recent obversation, from lands afar and old, one thing doesnt seem to change. The fact that misunderstandings can cause a lot of fucking havoc to one's life. I mean sure, I've tried my best to steer clear of any complications that might arise from anything, but invariably i've noticed so many of my friends and loved ones getting totally bogged down by something as simple as just a lack of communication. It totally sucks to see them sulk all the time and feel sorry for themselves. Sure it must hurt a lot too for them. But what I really dont get is how something thats so small and insignificant drives them up the wall and eventually becomes this huge thing thats right about ready to blow... Only cause one person says something and the other is supposed to understand but doesnt, or something like that.

I think there should be a solution to all this. Any pointers?
I promise i have a tonne to crib about this horrid country with a total lack of culture and discipline. But that for later, when I get photoshop to work or something..

Until then, sit at home, eat some popcorn and wonder why in this world you even have the slightest inclination to watch that horrid film featuring the words devil and prada in it cause it totally sucks and aint worth the 12 bucks I paid for it and also wonder why Dr. Pissed has gone mellow. Trust me, its just a phase of no photoshop. Its bound to pass with the eventual acquisation of a new keygen.

Beers and cheers!


vsqz said...

Beers and cheers!

Vesslan/EM said...

if u cant use photoshop, go to some other photo shop. chumma u r lazy to go to other photo shop. u r shoplifter, because u have a shop in an elevator.

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Oh dear DP, come on - lemme give you a warm hug!!! Better?!!

About insignificant-things-oh-I-am-so-doomed theory, well, unless one wants to get out and have a look around and say, "oh! dunno what bug bit 'em, but this phase will pass and they would come around", one would still be stuck in a shit-hole called self-pity and would wallow .. But trust me, ppl would soon have this enlightment - so cheerup!

someone said...

i am not under-the-stand.. :P

Finch, Scout said...

dei, when you sit at comp no? write two emails. looooong ones.

one addressed to all the fly. members.
one more, addressed to all the friends members.

so, you have amply covered everyone, and conveyed everything you wanted to say. largely it'll be copy-paste work only.


(hug) take care ra! =)
and crack a grin.

kayceee jones said...

hey i miss you so much da!

Tha dalda said...

beers aa? thuu ninna when did u start drinking that. stick to lemonade. i cant share my beer with u and all.

if u want to break the barriers in communication gaps, start speaking in chinese. if ppl cant understand u, they wont take it in the wrong way. :p

liz said...

few things-
1. Obversation...that's the most brilliant and fun typo I've read thus far
2. I hate the devil wears Prada and you are first one i know who hates it too
3. See this movie called sideways, it was nominated for the Oscars, won the Oscars something to that effect and I am wondering why the world is calling it nice...I am really feeling guilty that I hate it.

Floydgal said...

Lol...Im super pissed with Photoshop, and i have to work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY!