Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yellaru Salute Maadi

Wokay, yellaru salute maadi [translated to: everyone put salute]
Dont forget to stand up also.

Now while your at it, let me tell you guys why you are doing what your doing. Basically you are saluting our cops, cause you HAVE to. I mean come on. We all love them now, don't we?

Anyone read the papers recently? Fucking bastard cops here in bangalore end up scamming away shit loads of money, in crores, over various bank accounts, beds, sofas, drawers and other such "secret" hiding places. Whats more important is these mother fucking cops aren't put to death or anything, considering they've been scamming all our money. They are just "suspended" on our Honourable CM's word. How thoughtful.

And whats worse, one of the dickwarts is from the Fraud Branch even. Morally upright aren't we? Gee man. For once, i think we should employ punishment like they did in Saudi Arabia and all.

First we should tie Mr. Ur-I-Dont-Care-Whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is and his friends to a tree ok. Then we should basically round up everyone like you and me and we should form a semi circle around the tree. We should be given rocks of different sizes based on our height/weight/sex. We should have a leader - a jominder if you please who'll scream "throw" and we should all throw the stones given to us at these mother fuckers with the intent to hurt them as much as possible.

How much faith am i expected to have in the system after all this crap eh? And if you notice, the whole scam is already fading away. I love my India, don't we all?


On a lighter note, i want to look like this when I wake up tomorrow morning.


ladyparadox said...

JOMINDER! Bit if you come today... its too yearly! if you come tomarrow, its too layte! You pick the tyme..... a-tick tick tick tick... shit! still laughing man.

Vikram said...

Amybe we should hang them upside down and have rocks thrown from top instead !! :-D

vsqz said...

a classic fuck the police post. nice.

I'm digging the look.

The Dalda said...

alas. such voilence in this planet. i thougt when u said form a circle, we r gonna play ringa ringa roses. u cheated us ya. paapa police makkalus. they never waste food. i guess they have their own bellies as hiding places. look at the size of those things. i bet the place i stay rite now wouldnt accomdate a cop. he wouldnt get past the gate. all fat fat ppl. thuu onlee. jomi sista ki jai.

hAmMoCk PrOdUcTiOnS said...

Superesque blog kid !
But, ru sure u don't already look lke Rajkumar ??? Hehehehe !
Just kidding !

Bees :)

spu said...

tats a great idea....vikrams sounds even better

why rajkumar???

Alice said...

*singing win bright red jacket*

What did yooo saaaaayy?
Whaaaat did yoooo saaay?
It's allraaeet!

You pick the time... tick tick tick tick tick tick AH tick tick tick tick..

the Monk said...

dude, chill...they're all corrupt bastards, but shouldn't we be focusing on trying to find a solution, instead? just my opinion...

Dr. Pissed said...

And my solution is stoning the shit out of the motherfuckers!!

See ok, its damm simple man. Everyone is arguably pissed off with them. Yet, I sit here writing this blog, you sit there sending me comments. Will we end up joining hands, picking up weapons and shooting these guys down? I really doubt anything but an armed revolution like the one in France will really work.

Everyone for armed revolution say aye!

silverine said...

LOL You are priceless :))

silverine said...


Dr. Pissed said...

aye ayee miss!!
Long time. Nice to have you back and reading.

Seen what they've done to our road lately? Makes any sense to you? Damm these guys man. Looks like they are reading my blog too and making sure they're featured on it too.

Finch, Scout said...

those kall-boli-nann-makkalras!

salaam only they haakofy.

no, i suggest a different method. (which i also suggest to do to the man who conceptualized practical records)

hang character by balls*. and suspend head in ginger paste.

ultra torture would be to tickle his feet.

*absence of samaan should result in suspension by artificial ones.

joe said...

Why stones... ill get get those really thin bamboo canes....and distriute for free.. least i can do...apdiye addi only... after that one skin out for them..and then one hot saltwater bath...chindi it will be..