Thursday, July 07, 2005

Old Habits Die Hard

Just today while I was travelling to work, I swear to God, I saw nearly 7 people at various junctures of the road who were peeing on the road side.

I mean give me a fucking break man. Its 9:00 am in the morning. You've obviously done whatever you had to do when you woke up this morning. Like the regular stuff. Take a crap, and while your at it, you've obviously pee'd, and you've gone about doing whatever you do every morning. What amazes me though is, in a mere fraction of say 2 hours, how the fuck can you feel such a strong urge to pee again, that too on the road side?

Dont you fucking have any dignity? How badly is your image tarnished? Dont you care? I mean seirously, the guys I saw today aren't those guys who earn a living washing cars or something. They looked like guys who actually sat in a cement shop and sold cement or were people with enough money in their hands to afford a toilet. What pisses me off though is that they choose to pee on the side of the main fucking road. The same road used by hundred's of people just like me who've obviously seen these dudes letting go. What a fucked up image to begin your day with.

The cops should probably get a hold of all these fuckers and chop their dicks off. But the problem with that is that the fucking cops in our city tend to pee on the roads too. So basically, we are all fucked and we have to live with this image until Honda figures out something for us.

P.S: The image above is only a representation of something that I also noticed today painted on the Cash Pharmacy wall. Its not the actual photograph. Excuse the spelling mistakes.


Finch, Scout said...

Doc, you got PMS.


blame them haarmons i se!

and ver yu gaat my blaag frem?

do you know reyn? by yenny chence?

you tok lek her wonly.

Finch, Scout said...

oh, about posht:

dignity? wassat?

you're in a land where autodrivers flash school-going kids. where men dig their nose freely, and scratch the recesses of their anu's (without the '). where they use those same grimy fingers to pinch some hapless chick's ass.

sure.. dignity!

dignity is a farce.
fart in the wind.

Dr. Pissed said...

I am gents!

I am sawed your blaag chumma like that only ..

If not mistake is there, I am senior of you from same collegage, but cannot confarm

Charayst Collegage wah?

Finch, Scout said...

Ilvo, goobay.
I'm Cormelight.

I know yuv aar gents.
I is tolling what pity state avar siti is in.


Dr. Pissed said...

Ottha nancy!

Nancy is to be uvar senior of persons fram calcharal team
We is funned her off like anything mins anything

Same collegage uvar to came from.