Monday, July 25, 2005

Roadkill Blues

Oh man, if any of you guys are the screaming types, don't read on (and no pun intended on the word screaming types)

I was getting back from work today and I have to take the intermediate ring road back home. It was late, it was a little dark too and it was raining. Somewhere almost near the end of the road, I was riding pretty slow, say 40 kmph or so, when I saw this Tata Sumo, definitely one working as a pick/up drop cab for some fucked up call center around town, pull up right behind me and overtake me. He was doing a good 80 kmph atleast, twice as fast as what I was doing. He overtakes me and just at that moment a dog crosses the road and BHAM!!

The fucker hits the dog on its hind legs and the dog goes airborne for about 5 seconds and lands a good 10-15 feet away, whimpering and badly injured. That mother fucker of a cab driver doesn't even care to stop and look. He just continues driving on the road like nothing ever happened.

And there I was, behind him, having witnessed it all. I had a dog lying on the road side in front of me and there was little I could do. I did stop, but the dog was almost dead, was just twitching its legs when I got near it. I felt really crappy. I wasn't attached to the dog or something, but I felt really crappy. I wish I could have done something, to help the dog survive or shove a hot iron rod up that cab drivers ass. Fucking mother fucker!

Anyways, what really pisses me off though is the fact that there are so many stray dogs in Bangalore. I could be all rude and blame the cabbie for driving fast. But I'd only be kidding myself. Dogs aren't meant to be on the road. They need to be at a home, safe from danger. I just hope someone does something, other than pick them up and electrocute them.
Divine intervention pleaseeeeeee...
I've had enough of this shit everyday. It saddens me.


Puja said...


I had a similar exp with a call center cab on monday...Tata Sumo..
Only this time it wasnt a was my poor car!!
This guy comes speeding up from behind...tries to overtake from the left in choc a block traffic and rams against my car.

I did call up the BPO and im getting my money back for fixing the repairs...but these guys r horrible!...they r rash and arrogant.. bloood begins to boil when i hink of that incident!


Dr. Pissed said...

You know what, I told my Sister-in-Law to carry one of those pellet guns with her that shoot out those small yellow pellets and everytime she sees one of those call center cabbies, all she'd have to do is take it out of her handbag (Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction style), point it at that guys head from her car and say "eeyhnoo thikka ganchalli ah?"

Maybe that'll scare them!

Finch, Scout said...

Oho! So Dr. Pissed has a heart!

Hehe. Kidding.

But true man. Dogs aren't meant to be on the road. Any animal oughtn't to be on the road! Not where humans are!

I've seen worse. I've seen lorries run over little hapless puppies. Not hind legs, but completely. I distinctly remember a whine being snuffed out in a moment. My Math tuitions were on Ring Road (JP Nagar), and every alternate day, I'd see roadkill. SCARY as hell.

Dr. Pissed said...

I live on one of the most crappiest and most crowded roads in Bangalore. Imagine my ride to work every morning dude...