Saturday, June 03, 2006


I went for a show yesterday. Some stupid show that featured a band from another country that I'd never heard of before or some crap like that. What a bummer of a show. First, I didn't want to go but was made to go after some EB [read: emotional blackmail for the uninitiated]. Second, there was only one cool band that was going to get to play for 20 minutes and that was the ONLY saving grace, except maybe for the samosas.

I reached there just when the first band was getting off stage. Not much talent in them. Thought they were ok ok types. Good drummer. Nice skills he's got there. Made the music from the band sound much better, like my drummer friend pointed out to me. Next was the band that I had gone there to watch and they rocked as usual. Started off with Perfect Strangers. Almost covered it to the nail. Thought the guitar was a bit of a let down, but all in all, you cant blame them for a near perfect show. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Then came on this band which I didn't quite understand. Now right from the spelling of their name to their playing skills, I thought this band was pseudo from the word go, pleasing all those boys and girls who had turned up in a multitude of very colorful t-shirts and savrovski laden jeans. 90% of whom were northy I am sure. We Bangalore folk like to go to a rock show dressed appropriately. Not turn it into a disco and break into song and dance at the given opportunity. Which mind you, the band did as well.

Now, I have nothing against the band personally, but the way they acted on stage was just so totally screwed up. I mean the lead vocalist is a good guy. Brilliant vocals too. Think he does a mighty impressive job with another local band here in Bangalore. But with what he did on stage yesterday, my image of the dude has completely changed. I am guessing its the same case of "The band bogged him down". I couldn't care less. Hopping around like your from one of them KorN bands just don't bake my cookie for me. I am sure that wasn't the intent either, so lets leave him out of the equation.

They tried to cover some songs. They failed. I hated their rendition of almost all the covers they did and one of their own compositions had just 6 chord changes in all and sounded like an ad jingle you'd hear on Radio City. Now I am no technical kind of guy when it comes to music. I'll listen to anything that sounds good. But this band didn't. Sure they got a whole bunch of them to throw their hands up in the air and yell "Oh Oh Oh" and shit, but lets have them rave about these guys on their blogs.

What totally made me loose it though is when I saw that drummer boy fellow stand up and pretend to be Portnoy. He even had a scarf around his head which I am sure he'll tell you is a BANDANA. Anyways, its not. Its a scarf. So everytime he's done playing one of his 4 x 4's, he'll stand up, stick his tongue out like Portnoy used to and roll his sticks for a while. Sure man, do all that shit if you have the skills to match. Why only run half the race no? Why not go all the way and play like him too? Seriously, this guy lacked any skill at all. Big guy, tall dude too. Belted the crap out of them poor animal skins and just made a lot of noise. No music. They finished their set and all and just then, the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD HAPPENED. The dumb ass rhythm guitarist unplugged his guitar, came to the center of ramp and destroyed that instrument man.

Lets take another close look at that now, shall we? Assuming that he broke the guitar he was using on stage, it was a nice piece. Made for a good sound too. Assuming that it'd cost anywhere between him selling his teeth to his kidney, its fair to say that someone from his family purchased it for him. And he goes and does that to his instrument? I mean really man, you aint in no trance or some shit. Your not like tripping and smoking good. And even if you were, it wouldn't justify what you did to your instrument. That just goes to show how immature you really are. If any one of us were to ask him why he did what he did, I am sure he'd have no explanation. Fair enough to say that he doesn't owe us one, but then again, its a guitar. Its not meant to be broken. Sure, when you join Nirvana, make a couple of a million yourself playing your fingers off to some grunge music, then feel free to break your old ones (which btw I still think is very very lame and even hate The Who for doing it) But your not no?

The truth of the matter is that your here in Bangalore. Not making music that sells. Not making enough money off music to put food in your mouth and not running your life around music. So don't do shit like that to your instrument man. Take it home. Keep it in that box. Give it to your kid. He'll probably make something of it that you never did.

Like my friend rightly pointed out just a minute back, no musician would want to destroy his instrument. But then again, we never said the guy who did just that yesterday was one in the first place.

VH1 on the other hand did some kickass video sequences that looped on the mammoth 4+1 projectors that they'd setup. Good sound. Good company. Crappy music. Pfft, I need to get out of the country and watch myself a Dave Matthew's concert.


haathi said...

aah 'taxiride' was it??? i got stopped 3 times on brigade rd, with these vh1 people begging me to take passes that were evidently free, or so they wouldnt stop telling me. so the concert featured local bands also?? didnt it rain?!

Dr. Pissed said...

yeah it did.
But that didnt piss me off. I didnt even stay for that aussy band.
Those last guys did. Yuck!

Vikram said...

I hate everyone who molest their instruments man...they should all die! Stupid punksters, cant play, cant buy their own guitars. Screw dad's cash. End result? 3 powerchords is all they can play, nothing more!

Bluefrogtribute said...

Tsh tsh u guys are missing the main points.. I know myself i would never let my guitar touch the wall of the ground for that matter on an accident basis also. You guys miss to see thats its all show man ship. Like Pandit ravi shankar disliked Jimi hendrix in woodstock 69 cause he broke his guitar on stage, Now how many of us dislike hendrix. Music is also a great deal about showman ship, Entertainment and some talent thats nowdays formulae.

Hey boys i aint dissing you, But i am more an optimist, As i see it my glass is not have empty or half full, it just means i ahve little more to go before i can have seconds. Lets look on the bright side.

Esp for dr pissed and vikram(From black earth i pressume both of u boys are guitarist)
1. We all know the 3 powerchord magicand occassionaly if they are little talented they will add the odd minor but as a power chord. So
lets say that was his only guitar and he got carried away way too much. Is it not a good thing Now who wants to hear 2 pathetic m fuckers play a 3 power chord progression. Bad even one guy is playing that now we have his childhood friend whose also doing that and not even in harmonies, Different patches, DIfferent sound same rubbish 3 chord magic does not make it sound fuller only more pathetic. In that case the world has lost a great fool as he smashed his guitar, until he gets one this earth will be spared of the twin 3 chord nonsense.

Option 2 maybe after he saw the local badn he realised that he cant play and does not deserve a guitar. SO he smashed it thinking those splinters will get lodged in his brain and give him some sense.

Pinkbury said...

That show sucked! I can say that without even stepping out of my house to watch it.
I cant wait for Black eyed peas though.....awesome performers and unusual music.

Alice said...

Oh the agony!! How you escaped at the right time no? Highlight was when lead Taxi chap flung a bottle of water into the crowd in all the dubious glory of stardom. 2 mins later, the bottle comes flying back at him.

jax said...

I missed the vh1 show. Who the fuck are Taxiride anyway?

You should've seen yesterday's Sunday jam man. All trash metal bands sounding really really pissed off!

Haracry said...

it's sad people like you who make this place sadder to be in. sadder than the fucking northies here. you obviously dont know too much about music and get all your info from your musician loser friends, whose knowledge itself doesnt extend beyond dream theater and some crap they read off the net. portnoy himself ripped the tongue shit that obviously impresses a loser like you, from ulrich, who himself prbly got it from keith moon. your problems are more deep rooted you stupid fuck - search within - starting with your name - i mean what kind of a dick names himself doctor pissed - is it some kind of throwback to something odd that happened at the time of your birth - i wldnt want to elaborate cos its your blogspace im eating up. anyway, real music fans of bangalore stopped going to shows years back when wannabes like you started coming there and forming bands. fuck off cos you're just like the rest - a rat in a cage on antibiotics.

Dr. Pissed said...

Eyy you fucking cunt haracry or whatever the fuck your name is.

First off, i'll write whatever the fuck I want to and I keep giving you enough shit, yet you come back here and read. I mean, really how much of a low life can you really be?

I couldnt give a fuck if Portnoy ripped it off Ulrich or Moon. I am not here lecturing the world about who the fuck ripped shit off whoever. I am just here talking about the things that piss me off. And that dickhead of a drummer doing what he did, which btw I am assuming he picked up from Portnoy thanks to the outfit and his other stupid gimmicks.
As for musical shows, I was fucking born at St. Johns man. Even before you could spell Autumn Muse (provided you were born the same year as i was, I used to be there helping setit up)

So stfu and go eat your own pants. If you didnt realize, I went there cause someone else forced me to go there with them. Stupid fucking dipshits like you cant comprehend simple english and want to go around preaching to others.

Dont come back you fucking cunt. I couldnt care less for what you have to say. Only cause your not worthy!

Dr. Pissed said...

And Mr. Dipshit
Apparently, you listen to Metal Rock and your here telling me my musical influenses dont venture beyond just that eh?

Peabrain, I'll name myself whatever the fuck I want to. Again, I could do a few takes on "what the fuck kind of a name is haracry afterall" but like I said, your just not worthy of my time.

Again, to state it publically, FUCK OFF. Dont come back!

Haracry said...

ok sir. i'm running scared. but it pleases me to see how much you've justified yourself there. heh. i doubt i'll come back. there's only so much pleasure you can derive out of deriding a fuckin wannabe. your punishment is you'll stay that - a fuckin wannabe. Autumn muse it seems. setting up. even at that point you liked being used and abused eh. loser. dont worry i wont come back if it petrifies your putrid sensibilities. and dont delete this if you got the balls.

Dr. Pissed said...

I am everything you want me to be man! And boy oh boy do I want to justify myself to you. Mastah!

And psst, your free to comment once your done sucking on my balls!

Sutz said...

@'haracry'(i dunno how u could make fun of "Dr.Pissed" with a name like that, really!): im sure you are the drummer from that loser band. or his gay partner who stood right in front jumping along with the other northie F@#$%^&. I suggest that u use your time to practice with those sticks instead. Then may be someday you'll stop getting such 'bad' reviews for your show.

Tha Dalda said...

Thuu onlyy. sad ba. how can they burn a guitar. i had to work my ass off three months and bought one. cling onto it like my air support. bastards only. chee. hope his parents find out and burn him alive by lighting his pubes off. probly his so immature that he probly wont have pubes. trusting that am the bald one, let them burn his hair. i will give petrol if they want. got it cheap from pondi. so will burn them off.

@haracry: shut ur pie hole northie. u dont give ur rubbish music gyan here. i can probly pitch the fact that myself, pissy boi and a few others would have been to rock shows during the time u probly wet ur pants in public. i guess u still do. u still stick to a genre that we grew up from eons ago. so stfu about music. i could talk about enuff music to make u eat ur shoe. lamer.

Bluefrogtribute said...

Just when i though Dr. pissed had lost his fan base. just when u think the fight is over with some last energy one the losing guy manages to land the knock out punch before the final bell goes off. I am happy Thanks hierarkey. Or wat ever the fuck ure name is.

YOu stupid joint smoking cheap cunt. Firstly before i go any further wat the fuck is metal rock, Define that genre. I have heard of Metal,Rock, Hard Rock, But wats metal rock and u say other ppls music dont go beyond a typecast.

I get it, Metal is the bling bling u wear on ure neck and rock is in a place where ure brain was supposed to be.U nimrod.

I think ure the biggest wannabe around man, Who sits and surfs the net all night long when u get some time off seeing porn, you open metallica and go crazy. U probably stopped going to concerts cause when u yelled play some metal rock guys. EVeryone stopped and pointed and laughed at you. Hence u pissed ure pant and went home crying.

Man i invite you to post again bro on this blog and i really want to see wat u made off shit head korn fan.

Wear Loose fitted jeans to hide ure apparent erection from watching some korn guitarist jump up and down.

I really want to know what cool band used to play metal rock, when we invaded ure happy paradise. If u have some balls or metal rocks u will reply.

akshay said...

Wow. A fight. Haracry? Like a green weep? Or misspelled suicide?

Evidently being a 'musician' does not require the ability to take criticism. Or for that matter, read straight.

Let the fag do what he wants naa. His money, his ass, his doof parents. Too bad some of us aren't blessed so.

Black eyed peas? Awesome music? As in "my humps, my lovely lady lumps"? Ugh.

Princess said...

Ok first of all, I read this whole diatribe like three times. For the life of me, I can't figure what point this Haracry character is trying to make, other than a fairly obvious character assault. And he hasn't disputed anything Dr. Pissed said, except to state that he doesn't know much about music. How on earth did he become an authority on that for crying out loud? Does he know Doctor Pissed personally? If so, why the alias?

And who is to say who knows more about music and which sources are more valid than some others? I mean, wtf, practically EVERYONE in India gets their music dope from listening to bands and reading off the Net. Like we all get to go for live concerts! (unless Haracry is some rich upper class twit) Unless Haracry knows all these people personally AND can also prove that his own personal knowledge of music is far superior, how on earth can he question Doctor Pissed's musical knowledge, when he was merely expressing a PERSONAL opinion that too...

But frankly, it sounds like Haracry is some form of bitter 'Chief Groupie' or as Sutz said, a member of the band. I may not even listen to Dream Theater or read crap off the Net or associate with 'musician loser friends' but I know for sure that the drummer of the aforesaid band was freaking drumming off time. Sorta over excited and went faster than the lead and rhythm guitarist who couldn't keep up. And as for the lead vocalist prancing around on stage, hey, that's highly subjective. To each his own. And frankly, I've seen the same band perform wayyy better even in their more amateur days. What the fuck happened to them! The lead guitarist was absolutely dead with no stage presence. What happened to all them (NON-DESTRUCTIVE) stunts like playing with the tongue and all that he used to do. All that used to be suepr cool.

And I mean, the breaking the guitar thing wasn't cool for a concert of this level by an amateur or semi-pro band or whatever the fuck. Donate the guitar to an orphanage or something considering this is a third world country where instruments don't come cheap and easy like they perhaps did for The Who and Jimi Hendrix...bahh!

Anonymous said...

doc, last time im eating up your blog space. god promise. love you, you harmless little fuck. and froggy - as i said earlier, you are the tiny termite ridden hole in my dreary room when the sun comes up. as long as you guys are there, guys like me will be entertained. down froggie, you're out of your league. get the phrases going man - you might get to lay sam after all. And akshay - shut the fuck up. this is not a fantasy bar. this is where doc gets to rant man. its serious shit.
fuckin rats on antibiotics

dee iyer said...

kanna! so much anger!

i love dave mathews too!
im back to blogspot.
and my voice is back too

haathi said...

ushu i missed out this big fight and all. why da why do these haracry type people come and ruin the fun?!

but i read the whole thing and i dont get haracrys [HAHAHA] point either..looks like some personal feud to me..i think he knows the band. or he IS the band. chah!

this blog is fun toread, kindly let it be that way. anyone who takes this stuff too seriously, and for more than its trying to say, fuck off.

Dr. Pissed said...

Ok haracry (haha), now that your done sucking on my khahuunas, let me tell you this much man, your as welcome here as everyone else. As long as you dont have an opinion and hail me your LORD that is. Fucking dumbass camel.

This is by far the last comment that you'll ever get published on my OH SO AWESOMELY FAMOUS BLOG SPACE, so praise the lord you lil` twit of a horseshoe. Cunts like you dont deserve to be entertained, let alone by fancy people like us. You guys just need to be hanged. Or molested by those hijraas (or whatever the fuck they are called)

Moreover, stop listening Himmesh. I think you can try scoring brownie points with him when you move to north india instead.

All my friends are my friends and they'll just be that you cunt. Maybe you should go find yourself some REAL friends and stop chatting up with your right hand so much, who btw I assume is your only friend. So stay in your dreary hole and play with that hand of yours as much as you want cause none of us give a fuck for your existance. LOSER!

BTW, I think I am only being fair by publishing this comment cause he deserves some more abuse, yay!

Gunds said...

Dude.. Nice post, but just to let you know, Nirvana's most songs have just 2 or 3 chord changes and yet take you outta this world. Remember "Something in the way" by Nirvana. That song has just two Chords - "C" and "Em"(like a lot more of thier songs) !!!!

So it doesnt matter how many chord changes a song has, but I have to agree that many of today's Blore bands are pretty Fucked up(read as most bands at Freedom jam).