Thursday, June 01, 2006


I was just going to blog about this a while ago when my friend began talking to me about it and thus delayed it by a few minutes. No problems though. I still remember it properly mins properly.

So everytime I call someone from my cell phone, they have this uncanny knack of putting you on hold. Now I have no clue how they figure your calling from the cell phone, but they do and they always manage to put you on hold, for a very long period of time let me add.

When you call from the land line, it almost never happens. But you call from the cell phone and they have to put you on hold. Its like something up there tells them that your calling from the cell phone and they know how much its going to hurt your bill when they put you on hold.

Now the stupid fuck that I am, I always call one agency that is helping me get my butt out of the country from my cell phone. They have a land line. I pay some 2 bucks a minute to the land line. Now the daft fuckers over there have no fucking ethics. They've done plenty of things wrong which has contributed to quite a bit of stress otherwise also let me add, but today stole the cake. I called their LANDLINE up from my cell phone as usual hoping to get a quick answer so that I could be on my way doing my own work. So that receptionist picks up the phone and says "Hello BLAH BLAH, how can I help you" and I said "May I please speak with ABC" and she says .. "hold on a minute" and didn't even let me tell her that I was calling from my cell phone. So, since I had no other choice, I just waited. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't a minute. But over four. Then she comes back on the line and says "OMG, I am so sorry, your still here. Hold on, let me transfer you" and I said "Oh thanks a lot. Please be quick though" trying to be as polite as possible.

She takes another 30 seconds and picks up the phone again and says "May I ask what this is regarding", to which I said "Umm, she asked me to call her. Could you please just transfer the call" and she said "Oh ok.. one moment" and put me on fucking hold again. Now some good 5 minutes had gone ok. That's a grand total of 10 bucks on just holding the fucking line without getting any of my work done. I wont bother with what happened next cause there's no point.

The point though is that situations like this put you off a little bit. Firstly cause you cant tell that person your calling from the cell phone and losing quite a bit of money holding the line cause then they'll end up thinking that your cheap or whatever whatever and secondly cause I don't have a landline, I don't have a fucking choice.

I just don't get this point of holding the line. Either they should be able to help you or do your work for you on the spot as you speak to them and finish with the conversation as soon as possible or ask you to call back. I hate waiting and listening to some crappy WAITING TUNES. They suck as hell and wasting money holding the line totally pisses me off.

And Blu, thanks for the laughs mate. Hahaha! You had it worse than me.


lavanya said...

I am in total agreement with you over this. the most irritating part is when they say,"Oh! you're still holding,hang on another minute while i get so and so". hello! morons i say! strangling them with the phone cord is a nice way of getting rid of them.

revati said...

you know whats worse?! that hutch hold tune.. raindrops keep falling on my head. happily that dude will be singing away, and you're cursing majorly because you're waiting and the song doesnt make it any better. #$^%^$^%@#$$%^$%!!!!! i HAAAATE that song. and the happy hutch woman who chirplily tell you the person you're trying to call is not reachable because the hutch fucking network sucks. you put your phone in your pocket and its fucking unreachable.

Alice said...

Revati - *LOL*!!!!

I was JUST going to comment on that stupid whistling rendition of "Raindrop Kepp Falling on My Head". BAH!! It's like playing showtunes at a hanging.

akshay said...

go postpaid. 1.20 to a landline. save you 4 bucks for your call.

or lets just shoot secretaries/phone answerers.

Dr. Pissed said...

I pay 40 paise to land lines and it still pisses me off man.

And I am on Hutch Postpaid so what revati and alice says pisses me off too. Not to forget the other things I've already mentioned on my blog in earlier posts about them

And lav, only wish I knew them personally. Damm

joe said...

If i remember put me on that hold thingy too....