Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laugh Club

I just cant deprive you guys of all the fun I am having right now, watching this video that my friend uploaded onto You Tube.

I dont do this often. I mean, I dont drift away from the idea behind the blog and post or link up people, but this definitely deserves to be watched, atleast by all my readers. Consider it a thanks-for-coming-by-and-visiting gift.

More importantly thanks to Wally for putting up the video and thanks to Susu and Sadia for sharing the video. You guys are the punk!

[again thanks to wally for uploading it]

Special thanks to the fourth lady (the one standing right in front of the giggling younger girls) who does the best fucking MOBILE LAUGH IN THE PLANET. You rule ma`am!!
Thanks for all the laughs. This will keep me laughing for life.
Beats that Eef You Come Today video anyday.

I promise I am going to try and organise something so all of us can go there and be a part of this, atleast once. Everyone interested, drop me a line.

doctorpissed at gmail dot com


Susu said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, i watched it AGAIN baby! Im definitely coming once more, this is probably the only thing that i'll wake up early morning for! Amasing it is... We'll join them for a day or two, tape it off & then start our own laughing club... we can come up with our original 'types' of laughter too! whee... this is soo much fun!

jax said...

frickin hilarious man!! hahaheehee *chinese laughter*

i want to be official cameraman for the next event!

ladyparadox said...

i also want to come. hehehe!

Alice said...

Me!! ME!! MEEE!!!

Dr. Pissed said...

We'll all jam up tomm morning, that's Sat morning, at 6:30 in Ulsoor?


If you are game, seriously, write me a line and i'll give you my phone number if you guys dont already have it.

Bluefrogtribute said...

No we dont want ure phone number... ODnt count me in ure stupid club cause i am not coming

Vesslan/EM said...

I also wants to join and laugh.

revati said...


vsqz said...

wow, a club for laughing.
weird excerises.

Tha Dalda said...

hmm. not really a dr pissed post huh. get out there and do somethin stoopid so that some1 spits on ur face and then u get bakk here and start bitcherin spaz. i hate to see u all happy. i dont want to see u happy.

Pinkbury said...

Seen them in person a million times and still get nightmares. That lady in the checks shirt is more annoying than all the laughter group chicks put together. She runs a beauty parlour on Assaye road.
She doesnt talk to me anymore since i turned down her offer to join the club.(sob sob)

Seriously..not funny anymore

Bluefrogtribute said...

New blog updated and where is lavanya my sweetheart.

Pooja Vijay said...

well i actually go to the ulsoor every morning for a walk..
and these aunties are really funny..
but its cute

Psyche said...

the video was really weird. I mean, is that really healthy???

And hey, where you do get your pics from?? Make them yourself?? Too damn cool they are

dee iyer said...

this is the height of coincidence!

Dr. Pissed said...

susu: amazing video ya. We have to shoot them proprely next time.

jax: Come one ra rai. Lets go off like anything and do mobile loff

ladyparadox, alice, em: Legs go!

revati: they are killer man. They do catwalk and charlie chaplin walk also during their morning walks just for kicks. Rocking it is.

vsqz: You should be here in India to fully understand how cool those aunties really are.

dalda: Suck my balls dalda. This wannabe avataar just sucks for you man. Your not working anymore.

The pink berry: For us it is.

pooja: nothing like watching them live.

psyche: I am sure as hell it is. Atleast for me it was cause I ended up having a wonderful day after laughing my ass off watching it so many times. And hey, I do most of the Photoshop work myself with images scattered from all over the place that lie on my hdd

dee iyer: Hello. Been a while no? Another friend of mine also called me up yesterday and told me the excat same thing. I am guessing I am not the only one that finds that ad totally odd.

silverine said...

These guys meet up regularly at the Yoga place next to Koramangala Police Station. They call it the laughter club and laugh their guts out early in the morning :))

Samar Todd said...

I think very nice club for fun and lough..
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