Monday, May 22, 2006

Screw the Spellings!

Oh really, for fucks sake, spelling mistakes?
Its all been adding up lately. I could care less for spelling mistakes really. Yet people make it a point to point them out. Especially when your chatting with someone. I mean really, who gives a fucking crap!!

We're chatting for crying out loud. As long as you can understand what I am "trying" to tell you, who cares if I spelt the world encyclofuckingpedia wrong? Fucking mother fuckers have to make it a point to tell you that your wrong.

Sure its wrong to like make a spelling mistake in a written test or an exam or something, but on CHAT? You've got to fucking be kidding me. Now quickly, all you spelling freaks out there, tell me fastly fast that there is no such word as "fastly". FUCK YOU!!

I've had it up to here with all you dimwits. Like my friend says, "The point behind language is communication" and I tend to agree with her. So fuck the spellings and just get on with whatever business you have online. And I promise i'll make it a point to use a spell check everytime I apply for a job or write an exam!
I hope my spell checker is a hot ass chick.. woohoo..


Bluefrogtribute said...

pery wise vost wy wam...

U understood no thats all matters, even bloody grammar and punctuations dont count there are all lame.. these same ppl use the worst sms language ever in the world.

jax said...

There is NO word called fastly? Theres got to be one man.

wally said...

New post up!
Laughter club and one more freak!!

Tha Dalda said...

ushoo. since when did u care for spellings. waste u r. mucus on kakkas. btw, i onlee scolded u off for spellings means, sollie ya. shit, scratch the sollie. shame shame puppy shame. cows r cool but u r lame.

Tha Dalda said...

p.s. i still love u.

Dr. Pissed said...

Fuck crap!
Jax your right man, there is. [ ]

And I thought all along that it was a wrang word! Pfft!

Archana Nathan said...

Spellings," half mark cut for every spelling mistake" my teacher used to say..
she must read the SMS language..
As long as the message is conveyed in a chat, wrong spellings don't matter!

Ketaki said...

Well i have a friend who spelt it as Hoar (whore) sord (sod)
and says penist for pianist.

hahaha... so u are not alone at all.

wrong spellings and typos are fun actually...
like a friend and i came up with 'arsehold' all thanks to typos! :D

sushma said...

yeay! Im quoted on mittu's fAMOUS!

ladyparadox said...

uzhooo! angwy is came, a? hehhehe!

vesslan/em said...

why is it that even if i start me name in upper case "Vesslan/EM" it gives as "vesslan/em"???
btw, i like spelling bees.