Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The World Was Created by the Devil

Fuck this world man. No, really, FUCK THIS WORLD!!!

Now, I was just thinking to myself yesterday when I was riding my bike and it all fell into place for me. Nothing really sparked this thought off, but for fucks sake, it all fell into place. Atleast for me. If any of you guys are religious and all that jazz, stop yourself from reading on. I am just ranting cause I want to and don't want to offend anyone.

Going by the theory of intelligent design and all that blah blah, this world was made by God. Now, if you and I were to believe that shit, then why the fuck would God want to do this to us man. I mean come on now really. If you guys have noticed, 90% of all the things that you want, like, desire are always BAD FOR YOU. I mean what kind of a sadist of an intelligent designer would do something like that to us?

Right from the beginning of time, out of all the things that God had to forbid Adam and Eve to eat, he choose the apple. The ripe sweet awesome looking apple. Not the crappy green yucky cabbage or any of that jazz. He had to choose the apple. Obviously Adam couldn't take it anymore and plunged on the apple the minute he got the chance. And that my friend was termed a sin. Yeah my fucking ass!! He just ate the apple cause he wanted to. God damm it!! [hehe, god damm it I said, hehehe]

Anyways, moving right along, like I said earlier, everything that you really want is bad for you. Like that hot chick you see one day and you know she's right for you on one hand. On the other, you know if you took her home and introduced her to your mother, one glance of her sleeveless top and those sexy tight Levis L-530's or whatever it is those hot women wear with their shades and their ciggies and your mom will forbid you from ever meeting her. Even sweet mum's like mine will show doubt in their eyes when meeting people like this, although you know for a fact that she's right for you, common sense and everyone around you will warn you with crap like "she's bad for you man/dude/beta/son/whateverthefuck"

You want to have a fucking ice cream just when it begins to get hot and that's also bad for you. Sure it'll end up messing around with your fucking system and will give you a terrible cold just when summer starts, but for fucks sake, if you want to eat an ice cream, you should be allowed to, without people telling you not to have it. You want to get wet in the first rains and you'll hear someone or the other yelling "Dont get wet in the rain".

How about those nice looking chips? Or a Twix bar just before you hit the sack. We all know you want it, but can you have it? NO YOU FUCKING DIMWIT, you cant.

In all honesty, FUCK YOU!!! [to that inner voice]

I can go on and on about this fucking shit and it'll only end up pissing me off more and more. All I goto conclude is, if God wanted us to be living happily, he wouldn't have made sure that all the things we love the most are the things that end up being BAD for us. Now that just doesn't equate right, like 2 and 2 make 5 or something.


Vikram said...

AGREED! According to veggie religions, eating meat is BAD! DUDE! Tell me da...can you survive without Biryani? or the delicious grilled chicken, kababs? But of course, I refuse to obey, obviously!!!!!

that girl in pink said...

he! yeah, it is ironic and pissing off as hell.

the worst part-whether or not we give into these temptations, the devil always wins!

Ketaki said...

hehe... god damn it indeed!
well for what its worth, i got my doctor itself to admit that eating french fries 3 times a week wont kill me. it took a lot of convincing, but she finally gave in!! :D besides i have no weight issues (if anything i shud be trying to gain a few pounds!)so it jus makes things better..
who made the rules anyway?!
i was thinkin the other day, with machines and Microsoft Windows whenever something is not compatible or there is some error, the next version/an upgrade fixes all that .. n everythin is A-okay. unfortunately with the human anatomy, there are no upgrades available! so alcohol & cigarettes will still kill you, marijuana will still drain you, you will still catch a cold and the plague ... but hey at least music is still all ours! ;)

Anonymous said...



kiwi male flower said...

God is a goofball I tell ya! Who the fuck hired him in the first place?

Finch, Scout said...

maybe we enjoy the "forbidden" things so much, because they're forbidden.


the system's fucked both ways.

chappars. jabronis. DIE fiends.

ladyparadox said...

GOD IS A MEANIE!!!! NOW EVEN I AM ANGRY!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Lets all go beat up god. Subbu, you with me?

Archana Nathan said...

I agree with you completely! What was God thinking while creating the world!
But I guess thats how it works! Can't do Anything! Sigh!

Lavanya said...

"Everything is Permissible for me but not everything is beneficial" BTW no point in blaming God for all this you know...he gave you something called "Choice" and he never forces you to do anything his way.

silverine said...

Well..look at this way. If God had to make order and all things nice and all the poeple living in peace and harmony wont it be the most boring thing? Human being would just a bunch of zombies.

Only when you have unrest do you appreciate peace, meanness that you appreciate kindness, one offset the other and only when someone tells you that she loves you with her heart and not because she was created to say it like an automaton, that you will appreciate it.

Don't you think 'He' will like a person loving truth when lies is so tempting and treading the right path when the wrong path is so much more fun and interesting? He gave you the choice and the knowledge to choose wisely. By making the right choice you rise above the animal.

That's why we have evil so that we appreciate goodness.

I think God is a real smart dude. He knows just what He is doing ;)

Dr. Pissed said...

Vikram: Right on bro, right on.

the girl in pink: You cant win man. You can never win when its something that you want bad.

ketaki: Music is ours and ours alone. But like i said in my post, its only the things that you "want" the most that are bad for you, ciggies, pot and other things included, except maybe for music, but that too can be termed bad if you have parents who swear by music that is not classical being the Devils Music.

vsqz: No preaching here dude. Just venting man. Its hell.

kiwi male flower: I am saying God is a nice dude. Unfortunately, the devil was at work when the earth was made. Thats my stance.

Finch: To hell with the devil.

ladyparadox: Its not God da. Its the bloody devil. No one reading my post?

archana: I rest my case. The title of the blog reads, THE WORLD WAS CREATED BY THE DEVIL. Not God. Bahh!!

Lav: Ok, you have totally missed the point. Sure as hell i aint good at expressing my views, but i think this came out just fine, minus all of them verbal complications. Just so that you understand, here I go again. Its not the choice that I have a problem with, but the mere fact that everything that I want or desire ends up being bad for me. It has very little to do with choice, when the choice is already made and there has to be a choice on the choice. Its like dangling a biscuit above your dog and not giving it to him. Watching him salivate his mouth dry and yet not letting him have it. Thats no choice. Thats just cruel.

Silverine: Now now, I dont have a problem with whatever he's done with the rest of the world and the order of things. My only worry is that all the finer things in life are always bad for you. Like my examples. And like i said to lav, it has very little to do with choice. But I agree with the appreciating thing. Only thing here is that everything I appreciate is BAD FOR ME. And that just dont work for me. And even if you or I attribute it to God or Him or the Order of the World, that wont change the fact that its bad for me and that just sucks man. Totally totally sucks.

Archana Nathan said...

okay!okay! Got the point!

Lavanya said...

and i will have to tell u the story again, when God created the World it was "all Good". So he didn't as u say play sadist and create bad things and leave them as stumbling blocks so we could lust after them..If i may qoute the Bible again,"everything is permissible for me...But i shall not be mastered by anything".All these things that you so eloquently say are bad for us are in reality if taken in moderation are ok for us, but then again when have humans ever done anything in moderation? So really its not God you should be blaming but urself for not having the control to stop urself from lusting after things. "Out of the man's heart come all things vile...debauchery,sexual immorality,greed,lust,malice,anger,hatred,strife, envy. Its always someone else's fault...that is in essence what is wrong, we bring about our own downfall and then say u made me do it why did u make it so tempting?? Its all about "balance" Dr pissed..He made everything so that it balances the negative and the positive..that is what perfect creation is about getting the right balance...and we like tipping it so...don't blame him...blame urself u lusty heathen!!!;)

Dr. Pissed said...

Archana: Absolutely no offense meant to you. Ok ok?

Lav: I think we've had a long enough discussion already. To each his own, just like you signed off.

Archana Nathan said...

Hey!c'mon...I know you did not mean any offense!
I read all comments!Most of them seem to have misinterpreted your post! I was one too...So its alright!

Archana Nathan said...

It is indeed irritating when anyone misinterpretes a piece of end up all explaining na ll......sheeeeesh!

wally said...

Venting feels good doesn't it? ...

WRONG!! Its bad, Cuz jood, you are going to Hell for that post! :D

laughing my ass off said...

i lov this blog.
who is this lavanya woman going around everywhere preaching this god nonsense?!
iv seen her comments somewhere else..telling people gods ways was this and you must do that..
blah blah
itsa free world, just accept others opinions as just that and nothing else, and please save us your advice and preaching. if you have an opinion, express it. dont get all condescending and 'you lusty heathen!' at us for fuckssake!

laughing my ass off again said...

"the world was created by the devil!" is nobody reading this blog right? os is this god bullshit cloudijng their minds?!

Tha Dalda said...

i have to agree with u on this. god has given me such amazing things in life. i was so happy. but then one cursed day, in NLS, i met u. since then everythin became topsy turvey. i became bald and life started to suck. now i m melting in chennai. its all due to u. u r worse than a bunch of smelly northies. nonsense.

p.s. i still love u!

Lavanya. said...

lets not get personal here laughing on the floor person! Who i am is irrelevant, and that was my opinion and if i wanted to preach i wouldn't be doing it on the internet when there are plenty of pulpits for me to do so. What i disagree with is the propogation of false information, yes i qoute the Bible and no i do not "TELL" anyone to do anything,i want them to think, think perhaphs that there is another way of thought? That Man is not only a cerebral,physical, emotional being but also a spiritual one? And you cannot ignore that fact? To qoute the Bible again.."Instruct a wise man and he will grow wiser still but teach a foolish man and you incur abuse" Wise or foolish i shall leave you to discern that for yourself. And please i never said you "must" do anything...i suggested that when young people come to you for advice give them the whole story and not just a part of it..that is dangerous...a little knowledge...Good day to you!

STILL laughing my ass off said...

this is someones blog. someones opinion. its not advice to anyone. thrs no need to go around correcting people. this is not 'wrong information'. whats your point?

ban drown said...

All this preachy Bible bullshit is what has gotten the Da Vinci Code banned right here in India. Give up and crawl back into your sad little hole, you stupid preaching thing.

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Oh! "For-Fuck-Sake"!! its just true

Me too often wonder of this paradox - but then thatz the - ying-yang/good-bad/maya - truth, aint it?

That burger was really tempting!

Alice said...

To list, please add "burning down your alma mater".

Pooja Vijay said...

maybe what god's trying to say is that you dont need all that to be happy...
and by making it bad....hes just helping you release yourself from your stupid attachment to all these atupid things are find true happiness

Pooja Vijay said...

i meant "and find true happiness"

Lavanya said...

whoa! someones blog it is alright and someones opinion but when expressed in a public forum and dodgy halftruths and vapid generalisations are prone to be questioned if you can't stand the heat then i suggest you get out of the way. omethings in life you make opionos after much searching and self realisation. Oh but then that is way too much for your puny lil brains to comprehend is it? that is ok, minds that refuse to search for and internalise such heavy matters can only be pitied. And as for getting the movie banned in India,why in hell did they do that,it has as much truth in it as Mission impossible 3. I am on the other hand going to have fun watching it and get throughly entertained. sick little hole indeed? which cave did you come out of Mr neanderthal? And pls save the insults, you silly little "thing" it only makes you look even more moronic than you already are in real life. And the authour of this blog and i have made our opinions and our "lets agree to disagree" in plce so pls shove your insipid comments where the sun don't shine!Good day!

Dr. Pissed said...

No dodgy halftruths here.
I, as i mentioned to you earlier, clearly stated that "if we were to believe in all that jazz" which obviously means that its an assumption. I really wonder why you keep poking and prodding all the time.

And again to make matters clear, this aint no PUBLIC FORUM. This is a blog which expresses my views. Not yours or ban drows or the guy who's still laughing somewhere. Comments are reserved to bring about valid opinions on the topics, not to favour someone attacking or starting a moral brawl with someone. Thats just childish.

So lets all have our own opinions and as i stated in a post quite sometime back, Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one (again, quote stolen from someone)

And with that, the death of this post and onto another very very very very "dodgy" subject pretty soon!

revati said...

thank you!! finally someone decided to put and end to this..i was having a good laugh while it lingered on though..
gosh..some people have this unnecessary moral duty to sanitize everyones views..

how about another very pissed update around here?!

Tha Dalda said...

nah u ppl carry on fighting. i shall take care of dr pissed on the other end.

Bluefrogtribute said...

well well, look who is still crying about small small things that piss him off for less than 5 minutes..

anyways i agree with u this aus govt are fucking losers..

They have put crappy pictures on the cig packets which will help u quit does not seem to work.

anways we got a lot with mouth cancer and all that shit. one day when i was self reflecting my life and walking down the road after my nonsense tel marketing job(which pays well b.t.w) i was talking to a indian( See my loyalty) friend and we were smoking and i said hey u got a gross pic on ure pack. he says wat do u have i said man mine is better i have a small kid dying cause i smoked and i laughed, he says man ure a metal head. now who cares no who asked that kid to stick its head when i was smoking in my business serves her right. Rats who dont obey.

WEll thats just- me,

insensitive pig, selfish- me

for those who dont get the joke see irony O life a really spiritual blog by extinct reflections u will gradually understand

thats all

@dr.pissed full luve

u have just been frogified

Bluefrogtribute said...

MAn i failed to read the comments here before posting mine

Lavanya: I totally love u, but when i picture u. (i mean generally not that i picture u cause i have not seen u or might have). I think of this cartoon johnny quest in which there is this character called ezkial rage if i got the spelling right

who always holds a bible and quotes from it. But he turns out to be the most evil person and the bad guy.

Now i am a catholic.

Firstly for all u dufus morons who got this blog wrong all it talks about is as simple as this

" Why are all the better things in life. Bad for us "

reference to adam and eve was just an example.

Lavanya: Well u read the bible. thats good i have read some of it too atleast the childrens one with pictures when i was small in sunday school. Besides the point, i feel the bible is like a guide
u read it u learn from it u use it in ure live.. u quote it during a mass, in church thats all good. But i dont get why u go on quoting it in daily life and at every occurance and in a way degrading it and showing people i am a holy person. the more you use it the less valuable its becomes to you.

.."Instruct a wise man and he will grow wiser still but teach a foolish man and you incur abuse"

If u already knew we were all fools why waste ure time.U read and memorise the bible all right but u dont understand it i guess.

I know one thing i learnt in sunday school

Dont use the lords name in vain and by qouting the bible u are breaching that very code.

Jesus used parables to preach and make ppl understand not qoutes from a book who half of them wont get. So please refrain from using the bible as ure personal quote book, u have ure views agreed. nobody is going to judge u here use ure own words to convey ure views u dont have to justify it with some quote or case study. this is not law school.


Alice said...

(sorry Jommy, but I must take the liberty of replying to a comment here)

Bluefrog: I think that's the best response on this entire comment section to ANYTHING that Lavanya has to say. Bravo! *applauds*

Lavanya: I'm a Bible-fan too, but I don't go shouting out to the world about it. Somethings are best left private. I believe that's what keeps them sacred.

Lavanya said...

I thought that the death of the post had already occured but it looks like the lynch mob is out en masse to to string up "the most evil person and the bad guy". well here goes again..Dr pissed if its on the internet its a form of public forum..what else is something that is read by thousands of people on the www? Dodgy halftruths coz well see i told you already nothing God made is actually bad for moderation..its all good mate! so by all means eat ur icecream and date that risque chick! the Adam and eve example is not appropriate coz yes God surely does test us but its teh devil that actally causes us to sin,so its not God you blame...Adam failed miserably to stand up and prove God right that he could withstand any temptaion that comes his way,he fell but Jesus on teh other hand withstood teh devil.
Bluefrog: i too totally think ur cool and all,and you know if i was a religious bigot i would probably be crusing you all and plotting on how to drive a plane thru ur house,but what i am trying to do here and failing miserably to do so is set my point of view in a manner that is logical and precise,any proper argument needs structure hence the "law school" type of preciseness. First let me debunk your take on the ten not take teh Lord's name is vain is the warning to not use the Lord's name in a deregatory fashion or to swear in a his name about something and do something else. so Using his name or his word in my daily life is by no means a violation of that commandment. You urself have said that the Bible is a guide,so what do you do with guides you use them in daily try to live ur dailylife in the ways that it teaches i cannot devalue the Bible by using it so much it infact only makes it that much more precious and living to me. Infact if you have read ur Bible pls read once agin Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 4-9,God clearly wants us to use it often! And by no means do i claim a piety that i do not possess,i will be the first person to cast teh first proverbial stone on myself. and i wish i had the luxury of speaking one thing and living another,i have a pair of small eyes that watch me closely and that i need to set an example for. if not for my sake then i need to pratice what i preach you see,so i am not trying to be holy or make anyone look bad, i am only defending a lost cause it looks like. And yes jesus used parables to teach people but he also made teh apostles to write it down in teh form of a book so that we the ones who come later can read it so yes you see reading and qouting from it is a very vital part of being a christian.
Alice: what is teh point of lighting a candle and hiding it under a bowl? if you readyour Bible then i am sure you know where and in what context i am telling you that. You only make something un-sacred when you use it in vain to preach hatred and violence and killing,and i doubt i have preached any of teh above. Dr pissed i sincerly apologise for taking up ur space,in all my statements i have never tried to convey that you are all foolish or unholy,the lusty heathen remark had a wink at the end of the sentence. And i truely hope that this is really the death of this blog coz frankly i am a wee bit bored of it already! God bless!

Lavanya said...

sorry death of this post i mean...coz i actually like your rants dr pissed, there are cases when i take objection to but then if we all agreed to what you wrote what a boring "utopia" that would be huh? If i see you in Good ole Bangy i promise to buy you a beer for putting up with my evil and bad guy Bible spouting!

bad drown said...

hey, if that beer offer is still on, can i come?

Bluefrogtribute said...

Hey lavanya, I dont hate you nor do i want you to fly a plane through my house not drive it and i want beer too. Are u from aus why are you using the stupid aussie accent where u born and brought up there. Thanks u think i am cool.

K u made ure point , i made my point. Atleast this time around you did not quote so its all cool unless i missed something. Anyways all i got to say is

If GOD wrote the Bible then i will believe that i have to preach from it and use it often.But if peter or paul With all due respect wrote the bible then i think i will just read it and let it be. Jesus was also human when he instructed his disciples to record his preachings. So if i do enough research and write the Brand new testament say in 10 years would you quote me as well.

Anyways atleast you stopped quoting.

P.s. Please pray for me even if 10% of wat i am rambling is true i am going straight to the rockers joint( i dont mean weed, i mean hell)and if you are in sydney you can buy me beer.Dont worry about taking up dr. pissed space, B.T.W
Doctor pissed never goes to church he goes only on christmas time if i drive him around that is loser. I go every sunday and attend mass.

Bluefrogtribute said...

Sorry i could not resist. But ure comments are like asterix comics in a good way the more you read the more you notice.

As per the ten commandements, As i have like 2% knowledge of the bible and all is derived from the pictures of the bible i read when in sunday school. SO i quote from that. As i recall in the movie titled the TEn commandments, Now what i dont get is in the entire bible(please correct me if i am wrong) i think the only thing that GOd gave us to prove his existence was when he totally sent lightning and made the ten commandments.

Now if i were moses (i wish) and this is with all due respect would i destroy that one thing i could would thrown my staff or any other ordinary piece of rock.
Now i am not questioning anything or saying i am not a believer. But these are things that make me believe that maybe gods real words are lost and the ones which are available to us may not be precise as if u have ever played the game chinese whisper or its million names u would get the drift as god never wrote stuff, he spoke through people and in tongues and also in the same movie in the end after they cross the sea ramises says his god is more powerful than mine. How many gods are there and if god being everybodies GOd and not just the jews why does he kill all the innocent kids first born in eygpt and spare his own peoples children. There are so many questions like these who no one can answer or can prove. we can just argue and debate with no probable outcome. So unless i know everythign there is to know and if i can answer all the question should i preach. Or else its just dodgy halftruth. anyways may god bless me and a little for you as well. i wont be replying anymore you can reply to these comments if you want. WIll see you in newer posts and fight about other stuff, and i deserve 4 beers now.

Lavanya said...

Faith is believing in something even when you cannot see it and prove its existence, i like to think i have the faith of a child as Jesus said,and no i did not stop qouting i told you to read deuteronomy 6:4-9, :) 4 beers ah? bloody drunkrads i say!!! at this rate you will all drink me out of home and bank balance!! Better have your proof of age card with you!!