Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ad Hic

I mean, is it just me or is there something that is offensive about that ad?
Now before we start, please be sure to use the mull accent to pronounce the word COKE cause I am sure 83% of McCann is Mull and only they'll get the pun. Anyways, moving right along, BIG FUN with the BIG COKE!!

I mean really, do we have to stoop so low? I am not trying to make something out of nothing. The fact that its been happening a lot is pissing the shit out of me. First I noticed this ad the other day as I went to meet a friend alright. Now, sure, I am all for visual communication and all, but if you actually look at that hoarding from a very customer centric standpoint, its got shit loads of pun thrown into it with all the UPPER CASE, lower case communication style and to top it all off, you've got Ash sucking on a bottle of cock, umm, coke!

Thats just wrong man. Its cheap and it aint funny even. What other sort of fun could they fucking be talking about? The fun that one derives from sucking on a glass bottle? Umm.. what else? The fun that those red vectors seem to indicate - NOT. Umm, what else? NOTHING. Cause its a bad ad with bad taste. Call me old fashioned, but good ads with a good punch line, as offensive as they are, are always GOOD ads. This one just sucks and makes absolutely no sense. The copy guy fucked up big time and the graphic guy just sat there, ate peanuts and came up with the idea of the sucking image. Fucking dumbasses.

Remember the Kingfisher hoardings that were ruling our skies a few months ago? The one on M.G. Road was as interesting as hell. They had one of those ugly looking air hostesses (which by the way is the only other thing I hate about Kingfisher. The other thing is that they don't serve Fresh Lime like on Jet) holding her hand up like she was indicating super by putting her index finger over her thumb and the other fingers pointing towards the sky. Much like how you'd make a dog's face impression when there is now power and you have to make do with the candle. In her other hand, she had a miniature scale model of one of those Kingfisher aircrafts and again, call me old fashioned, but the image was YUCKY!! Like she's trying to do something with the aircraft and the hole. Fucking stupid graphics.

Remember the Titan Ad. Sure it was cool as hell and we all 20 year olds loved it and even used that "ooohh yess sirr" once or twice to get it on with someone, but damm man, imagine those hormones of them 13 year olds. Those kids who are just about figuring out that Junior does more than just go pee pee and all. What the fuck are they going to make of the ad? Again, I loved the ad, but it wasn't in good taste, not when the whole demographic is concerned. Its not like we have TV ratings that are followed or any of that crap. All of them 13 year olds watch Baywatch and all that shit. Sure!! But why swim with the rest of them when you can fly solo and stay out of the water man? I say, don't stoop so low. Come up with creative, intelligent copy. Screw the sexual connotation all the fucking time. There's more to advertising than just Sex. But really, who am I kidding?

Like these, there have been enough instances when we, the people remotely associated with the Ad World, have had to just put our heads down in shame. Not because we're all doing something wrong, but because some of us just have bad taste. I wonder who approves of these ads? Don't they go through Censor Certification like the films do? How about the CD's and all at the agency. I mean really, don't they give a damm?

Infact the other day, I was at the movies watching the most fucked up movie of last month, The Pink Panther, which is thought was a total waste of my money. To add to my misery, there were shit loads of northie and southie kids, more northie than southie who'd stand up from their seats and start laughing like dickheads all the time. Then they'd scream, "mummy, who kya tha mummy?" (which is how I concluded more northie than southie) But really though, shut the fuck up and watch the movie kid. You fucking dickwart. No one gives a crap if you understood the movie or not. Just shut the fuck up and thank your lucky starts you were brought to the movies in the first place. Dumbasses.

Anyways, so I was there, bored out of my skull within the first 3 minutes of the movie, sulking as usual. Next to me was a kid, one of them pesky 13 year olds who came to the movies with his elder sister and her friend. The elder sister, nor her friend sat next to me and made that dumbass sit next to me. I didn't mind though. They weren't any hot looking or anything. As my money was getting burnt on screen, there was this scene where that guy who looked like the Naked Gun fellow was trying to get this french chick off a table cause she couldn't jump down like the rest of the women from the rest of the world, cause she's french. So he asks her to climb over his shoulders to get down. Don't ask me why. They thought that would be funny I guess. They ultimately get into a position where the naked gun fellow lookalike has his face right in that french woman's *ahem ahem* and then prance around the room pretending not to be able to dismount one another. So suddenly the dumbass 13 year old who was just laughing cause the rest of the movie hall was laughing for god knows what fucking reason decided that it was time to make his sister and her friend feel totally awkward. So he stood up, turned to them and said "Umm, what happened just now? Why was that funny?" Now clearly, sister dearest or her friend couldn't explain and were totally put in a very uncomfortable situation. They just tried to laugh it off which made it even worse. Thanks to the dumbass 13 year old though, I atleast had some fun.

Sometime later in the movie, it happened again though. The Naked Gun fellow pops one of them Viagra pills, or rather tries to pop one of them pills when it accidently slips into the commode (oh how funny) and then he rips the whole bathroom apart trying to get to it. So after laughing like a dickwart again, the 13 year old stands up and asks his sister "Umm, what was that? Why was he looking for it, why why?" to which his sister replied, "It was nothing. Just like that"

Muhahahaha get the whole deal now?
I am saying, that Pink Panther movie wasn't meant for those kids. If it was, it sucked. If it was meant for people like me and my friends, then it still sucked cause it wasn't funny. Just get your target audience right and make sure they see it. Simple

I hate cock anyways. I am a pepsi fan! They make good Pepsi ads too (international ones atleast)


Ketaki said...

haha!!! tat was hilarious!!! :D

well i wont be watching that movie thats for sure!!

and haha... Coke wit a mull accent ;) its true tho, my sis and i were thinkin how terrible it looks whn that Rai female sucks out of the bottle.. tch tch...

everyone is obssessed with sex these days..
and the Titan Ad..Yessssirrr... WAS LOUSY!!! i hated it.

a nice ad was tat guy walkin late into a classroom backwards n the teacher says he cannot leave... forgot wat it was for. :) some edible item was it? mentos?

Susu said...

@ketaki: ya, mentos.

@dr.pissed: dont remind me of the movie ya...kakkaa it was, who was that who said that it was good again? @#$%^* and i love my DIET pepsi...whee!

Edmund said...

Awesome read man!!!!

These arsewipes go by the concept that sex sells....... idiots have no bloody imagination!!!!

Your last line though..... Pepsi makes fuckall ads too, International ads dont count cuz they're not aired here right!!!

Dr. Pissed said...

ketaki: Mentos ad, pixion made it. Sexy stuff. Even I also liked.

susu: kakka no. Appa. Then too your money! hahaha

edmund: I subscribe to the ad index :) Muahhaha. I have Yariv Gaber's showreel. Muhahaha (thats evul laugh btw)

Bluefrogtribute said...

Sorry to burst everyones happy non sex movement bubble.But i think sex ads are good fun man atleast the good ones. This coke ad how can i say it SUCKs as bad as aishwariya looks like she is sucking or paris hilton. Loafer this blog coming from a kid who wathced all the porn he could in 7th standard or sixth. WHo told u sit next to kids. That is why i tell u get a gf if movie is boring atleast u have paid for the seats for that 2 hours or so. pLus u could have totally scandalised that rat of a 13 year old

Pinkbury said...

Pink Panther totally sucks. What the hell were they thinking? There is no story, no characterisation and WHAT the fuck is up with the fucking accent? Totally butchered the language.

About the coke ad, yes I was totally scandalised when i saw it on a truck sometime back. Bad joke....Bad ad.

I dont agree with the sex-ism ban though. I totally loved the bisleri ads- "Play Safe". The latest moods condom ad is also...well..good.

About sex in movies...Holy Crap....I was watching 'Ice Age' a month back and man, was it really a kids movie or what???? Whats with all the talk about 'mating' and saving the species. All the so called romance scenes were more indicative than the Moods condom ad....

Dr. Pissed said...

I am all for sex in ad films and movies and all that crap guys. What dont you guys get? I said a good ad film with all the sexual connotations in the world is STILL A GOOD AD FILM and i love the Moods ad and the Bisleri ads too. And there are plenty of international ads that I like as well.

But the bad ones using sex just makes it worse.

Pinkie: Ice Age 2 was an ok ok movie. Thought only Scratch saved face there. Nothing to beat Finding Nemo though, my all time fav.

Alice said...

Oh gosh! I never saw that Coke ad before! So distasteful... bah.

Lavanya said...

Sponge Bob square pants is adorable too. Nothing touches Garfield,the guy is the king!Thumbs up for pepsi! (bad pun intended!!)

revati said...

what about those horrid walla, 'pleasure up!' ads?!
pathetic, i think..

Anonymous said...

nice ad, suddenly I feel like drinking a coke.

silverine said...

You wont believe it but I thought the same too when I saw the hoarding for the first time. Of course I didnt get the COKE pun but the suggestion was avery obvious. I think it is sick!!!