Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Oh hoo
Northy i've become?

I need Photoshop for the mac, someone send me a copy. Fast. Otherwise no photos for you guys.

Anyways, so lets get back into the grind now, shall we?

So, like I said, I am in this new city and all.
A few days back, I started to study a course here in Mumbai. My classes are from 8am in the morning to 11 am in the morning. Now what the fuck am I doing enrolled into a class so early in the morning, I dont know myself, but on my way out in the morning, I noticed something that pissed me off so much that i felt like ... errm, writing this blog.

Before i get into it, please note, I cant read Hindi and neither can I care less to learn. I also hate travelling by bus.

But lets just say I have to and have no choice. But you know what, in Mumbai, I cant. And you know why? Cause the fucking buses here in Mumbai only carry bus numbers in Hindi or Marathi or whatever the fucki.
Like seriously man, what the fuck do they expect people from other cities who come here to do with no knowledge of hindi. Let alone, get fucked by the million autorickshaw drivers who only believe in conversing in Hindi, they wont even make it easy to travel by bus.

Imagine my plight. First day in mumbai, headed from my dreaded 8am class at 7:45 and I cant read the bus number. Fucking shit. Its like i've landed on mars. They have the fucking bus number plates in english - MH whatever bullshit. Then why the fuck cant they have a small number written on the BUS NUMBER thing in english too? Sure, cater to the masses, have it written in BIGGER FONT SIZE in hindi. But for fucks sake, put one small indication in English as well.

Now for all you dickheads who'll get on my case for not knowing the matra bhashe and all that, piss off. I dont want to waste another good 5 years of my life learning a script i'll never end up using. If you didnt notice, I know english and this blog is published in english. So is the bus number plate.

The whole reason we adopted English for our number plates is cause if you travel say from one state to the other, you cant expect people to know how to read your fucking script. Whereas everyone can read the basic english alphabet and numbers atleast. Be kind dumbasses, have a small, even tiny print of the bus numbers in english as well.

What happens to that malayalee boy who lands here from Kerela. He wont know Marathi and he'll sound damm funny trying to converse in Hindi. Haha!

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