Saturday, June 02, 2007


Hey hey hey!
So, i am back in the country, in a new city, desperately trying to employ myself profitably enough.

I have more enemies than I'd asked for. Life couldnt be more hell.

But, I am off orkut.
The sucky thing that sucks the life out of you. Even though you know you come home everyday, open Firefox, then press CTRL T thrice to open three tabs and open gmail in one, orkut in the other and facebook in the last tab and sit there aimlessly for about 10 mins everyday checking your mail, reading and replying to your scraps and getting things organised on your facebook page.

Like really, what has life come to uh?
I had enough of the pretentious attitude. Moving right along, I've done many wrong things in my life. I hate it. But afterall, thats why I am only human i guess.

Mumbai is polluted as hell, but I goto be honest, its better than the New Bangalore atleast.
More on this city and the dumbasses who live here later.
Long live and cheers to me deciding to employ myself on again!

I wont promise its going to be fun to read this blog anymore, but i goto find something to do with this time on my hands and this beautiful machine they call the Mac.

Long live and rock on Aerosmith.

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haathi said...

i was in bombay all of last week. i used to hate the city.. but have recently begun to quite like it for various reasons. its nicer than sleepy old bangalore..