Sunday, July 01, 2007


For fucks sake, someone's goto put a sock in it.

I've been in Mumbai for the last couple of weeks and this place is fucking flooded. Like i aint talking bangalore kinda floods. I am talking hardcore floods. Mumbai style. Something on the lines of what hit the city a couple of years ago.

I had to wade through 4 feet of water to get my ass back home after the office was shut and all bookings cancelled thanks to the non-stop rain we've had here in this city for the last 48 hours or so.

Sure the conditions in the city suck and piss me off to no bounds. But beyond all that, I just hate how the media has to fucking sensationalize everything. I've been watching the news often enough to realize that the monsoon was dawning on us and fast. They made so much fuss about it before it hit that they kept bringing it up all the time in every news segment.

Why i even bothered to tune into the news is beyond me. I guess it was just entertaining to watch those dimwits of producers trying to milk every possible news source. When the first rains hit the city and there was the obvious flooding in the lower lying areas, one nitwit of a journo, obviously dictated by his superiors to go and get wet in the rain and to make a story out of it decided to call up one of the guys who is part of the MMRDA or whatever that controls the civic amenities and ask them about the floods.

He kept asking that guy on the phone "Bolo sir, eh aisa floods kyun ho rahae hai" to which that guy kept answering in english - "They are low lying areas which are below sea level and they re bound to be flooded cause the water has no where to go. We've employed pumping the water out into the nearby drains, but its taking time cause the rains havent stopped yet" to which the journo says "But why is it happening? Why arent the pumps working?"

Like what the fuck. How should that guy from the MMRDA know? He's doing all that he can. I mean i dont support the MMRDA fellow or anything. But it was pretty obvious that fucking journo had nothing better to do than to try and make a story out of it. And it was also pretty obvious he was failing miserably. I am sure everyone who watched that segment laughed at home.

I mean i was speaking to a friend of mine the other day who told me a startling fact. Apparently, the CNN or some huge ass news network like that had just 65 Breaking News segments in all of 2006. We in India had 665 in the same year. I mean if you have dumbfucks like that Bhatia or wahtever the fuckia kid who ran some marathon and then lost his breath making the Breaking News, what else do you expect from our fucking news agencies.

First it was the newspapers, now it the news as well.

Moving right along, the rains in Mumbai dont seem to want to stop at all. I can vouch for a fact that any city which recieves this much rain continously wont know how to dispose of this much water coming down on it. Let alone with the added problem of having dumbass Bihari and Bangladeshi people coming and living on the streets and clogging up all the drains with their mess and also the huge number of illegal shops constructed on the drainage and their mess which eventually leads to all the drains being blocked which in turn causes these floods in the first place.
S.M. Krishna is at the heart of things here as well too. Wonder what he's upto. Again on today's news, he seemed to be pretty aware of the fact that it was raining as he replied "I can see it and feel it too. Sure Mumbai is flooded. I'll make sure the concerned departments who are responsible for their areas are questioned"

And then what Mr Gov? Will you sentence them to a session of spanking?
The media needs to rest, so does this city's governor


Anonymous said...

WTF are you after poor Krishna for? He's on a holiday, courtesy Madam of 10 Janpath. It's them stupid MMRDA or whatever heads who should be doing their job. And Narayan Rane or Vilasrao Deshmukh or whoever is the new musical-chairs CM. They have a whole year during which they sit around and chew paan and bait Sharad Pawar or some other ghaati, and then the rain comes and then it's all naat-my-faalt

haathi said...

come to bangalore. its appently not raining as much as it should be.

Waleed said...

Deccan Herald reported Tulsi's death in the 6th page in the national news segment. Tulsi. Not the actress, the frickin TV serial character.

The Indian media industry after Tehelka has turned into E! Entertainment Weekly... and those fucktards at CNN-IBN and Headlines Today are the most despicable.

P.S. Good to see you blogging again. And remember, dont rev too hard under water.

someone said...

shaaad aaaap already!!!