Friday, August 10, 2007

Like Yuck!!

I couldnt help myself.
This has got to be written about even though I am very very busy with work and all that shit.

So i started working at a studio recently and boy oh boy do these places throw up surprises.
We're a state of the art studio and all that shit but every morning when I head to the studio, there's this disgusting smell in each of the studio rooms. At first I was perplexed how a room could smell so foul every morning but then i was later informed by the very efficient management that we're a 24 hour studio and that some people actually work throughout the night in most of the suites.

The dimwits that they are, they sit in that same room with the AC running at full blast cause the machines need cooling and keep farting around, quite literally, till the morning and man does it stink in the morning. First of all cause we have split ac's which circulate air inside the room and secondly cause all these guys working in the night subscribe to some hardcore channa batura or whatever. Yabbaaaaa!!

Its disgusting man. Every morning I keep the door open for 20 minutes and load up the Pot Pourri in my suite with that car perfume thing and yet it doesnt help. It eventually leaves the room in about 2 hours or so. Fuck shit.
And I was unfortunate enough to enter one of the suites in the night to check on some files that I had to check up on not only is wind emitted from the anus all night long, the guy at the machine was burping his ass off.. ewwww

I hate people who gas around! They fucking piss me off.


Anonymous said...

i hate people who pass gas just to get a laugh. how is that any form of entertainment.

it's a shame how easily people are amused.

i'm with you 100% on this one.

haathi said...

what a rant.

poor you.. feel your pain!

Dr. Pissed said...

Hey you guys.
How are you guys doing and all that jazz.
I have no idea how you guys keep track of my blog and when its updated and all that jazz, but I must say it feels good to know that you guys do.

Bear hugs for that.

VSQZ man, you have no freaking idea how much that annoys me. Like they'll just fart and laugh no? What retards man. Its not funny if they've had beans or something man. It just gets very disgusting to smell after a while. And the silent ones are the killer ones. Stay away from a smiling man.

haathi, you should be glad you only feel my pain. Smelling it would be worse.

haathi said...

where do you work btw?

sunny said...

seriously ...where do you work? Hitler would have been pleased!