Friday, September 09, 2005


cdk (dūd, dyūd)
  1. Informal. A fucking wannabe
  2. Slang.
    1. A man; a fellow.
    2. dudes Persons of either sex who are also wannabes
acronym. Cool Dude Karadi, as in bear. Some stupid name that my friend and I came up with sometime back, like say in 1999 or something.

I hate fucking wannabes. They piss me off.
Ever seen some guys on the road and they just dont look right? Ever seen some guys pass by in a car and you know for a fact that they are all prentending to be cool, but actually aren't? Ever seen dudes just hanging around on the by-lanes outside girl colleges wearing those really BIG glasses, a formal shirt (usually white) with jeans and some stupid leather shoes and you just laugh to yourself?

Oh man, they can be such a piss off. They dont have to do anything, interact with me or anything. Them just being around pisses me off. Another thing this breed of dudes have started to do is grow their hair long. I mean what fucking cunts. Couldnt they just let me have my ONE THING? Now, being one of the few people to have long hair in 2001, I somehow felt long hair looked good on me. Now that i see every mother fucker with long hair, it fucking pisses me off. First of all cause they cant carry it off. And secondly, cause I am scared I look like them. I am even contemplating a hair cut!! :(

Anyways, thanks to these stupid fucking dudes, now its just uncool to do so many things. Like,
1. Grow your hair long
2. Take your helmet off and sing
3. Ride on one of the by-lanes of some girls college even if you HAVE to pass it to reach wherever your headed to

Someone please shoot them all down!!


Holy Freakin' Mouli said...

LOFL CDK's....... its been quite a fuckin while since I've heard that word. Dam these guys will never get out of that shit and neither will they get the heck out of the place too. In fact am still surprised that these motherfucks are still there. Its like they have a whole new race, and whole new country, and a government. Their policy is to wear stuff like "dresses". Why I say, "dress", Ok am rite studying in Univ. Of Oklahoma (those of u who are tamilians, its not WOKLAMA, not every word in english can be pronounced with a tamilian accent...... So chill),any ways, I met this one dood from who came from Raichur, and calls himself, Anooj Ariappa James(LOL, we'll talk 'bout later),and he's kinda fine guy, but then there came a day when he told me, "hey man, Mouli, I feel am backward in my clothes, come with me no, I want buy a new dress". HEEEEELLLLLLLL NO ! I am not going with you to buy you a motherfuckin dress !!!
On the second thought why do we get mad at these CDK's, they just pretend to be cool while they are unaware that they are going to be neglected by almost all. But then again, there are these "Jills" (Jillabees') who seem to have enough driving potential with box like figures and have such crooked teeth, that they can actually comb their mom's mustaches, to attract these CDKs'.
CDK's, U dont wanna see them, but when u do, u just can't stop laughing. Its like watching some Chinese Stand up comedy (Not sure if these doods exist, but am pretty sure they know they suck, else the media would have them casted on their lenses already.
Aah, well, trippy ppl !!!

Dr. Pissed said...

Chad bitch!!
Wassa :)

WE invented CDK, like tuwwie, jill among others no? What fuckall people. Everyone is a copyCHAT (in the words of nagaraj, the dood from DSL)

Be cool bro, be cool..

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Dr. Pissed ... We all know you da original "CDK" ...

You used to do all these things before anyone else did of course like

1. Grow your hair long (before country music was invented)

2. Take your helmet off and sing
(before helmets were invented)

3. Ride on one of the by-lanes of some girls college
(Before the concept of co-education was introduced)

... you da man as always. Anyways, I am starting a blog thing too. Dont tell me you started that first too :P

- Wally

Dr. Pissed said...

Wannabe wally!

silverine said...

Chill....the wannabes always move to newer pastures and long hair will soon be passe for them. Keep the faith and the hair!!!

Anonymous said...

i think its time that u reflect on yourself. u have been goin on for years trying to live up a COOL dood life. u are under tha influence that you are unique and your tastes etc, make u appear cool n hip. so far nothin has worked out for u. the point here is there are a lot of ppl like you and u are also a wannabe. every1 is a wannabe in their own respective ways. u r not unique. u were never unique. live with it chooth.

and stop stealing my blog entries. wannabe.


Penny Lane said...

Hahaha... that was so funny... especially the pic!

Anonymous said...

Watch out!

My outfit's ridiculous,
In the club lookin' so conspicuous.
And WOW! These women all on the prowl,
If ya hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow.
And forget about the game I'm spit the truth,
I won't stop til I get em in their birthday suuuuuuuuuuuuuits ...


Pink said...

'Someone please shoot them all down'

Yes, I'm armed and ready... but 1 question... how can I tell them apart from you!! :)

Anonymous said...

*off topic*

damn u anonymous. stop stealing the id of dalda (w.r.t 2nd post of anonymous). its booked only for me. stop stealin my nick u two timin wo! come upfront and show me ur true identity so that i can stick the keyboard where the sun doesnt shine. if its u wallie, i m gonna make u run like a dog and then sell u to the poultry farm.

/me sits back and listens to phish and wonder y dr pissed listens to this band. its good.

(C) 2004
beware of cheap immitations

Archrival said...

I am freaking scared of you now man because there was a time when even I had long hair hehehe but then again who agrees on being called a wannabe...anyways very funny

Rat said...

Why are you worried abt them? Just keep your hair long I say !!

Anonymous said...

hmm..did u study in christ college?


Anonymous said...


How ya like me now,
when my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand,
Lets drank you the one to please,
Dalda fill cups like double d's.
Me and Ush once more and we leaves em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed!!

(C) 2004
beware of cheap immitations

Alice said...

So do men with long hair aspire to be like Sunsilk Girls or something...?

i dont eat cows said...

@alice: its not the case with every man. its just dr pissed. he has more hair products than a saloon. hez even plannin to dye it pink or orange.

@wally: u r gonna die a dog's death. i mean it.

joe said...

sad you are mittu ....... im gonna make him read this....tsk tsk.... and you talk like ur his brother......

tsk tsk...heehehehehhehe

Meghna said...

totally agree with you!
find someone to shoot them and do it right now!

Dr. Pissed said...

silverine: True true.. I sure hope they do. Even today, I counted 12 people who had long hair and looked terrible!! HELP!!

penny lane: so you know what i am talking about right? Westside yo.. Peace out!

lavi: you can tell.. trust me. For one, I'll be the only one who looks GOOD with long hair. Just lock and load i say..

diabolque: heh, wannabe!! :)

rat: yes ra .. full long I will keep off like anything.

rashid: ofcourse I did.

Alice: Only dalda, the mofo aspires to be a sunsilk girl. He fails miserably, what with all the hair he's got on his head. hehehe. I only aspire to be a LIFE BOY! Lifeboy hai jahaan, tandurusti hai wahannn!! L I F E B O Y..

joe: I wasnt talking about Mr. Wannabe himself dude. I was just being general in my approach

meghna: I've looked. I've even posted on the internet. Thus far, only lavi's willing to take aim.