Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It is DONE

Oh well, off late, I havent really been inspired to write, probably cause not many things have been pissing me off lately. Or maybe its just work that is getting to me. But I am not complaining. I am having a ball.

Anyways, as of today, I've decided I am taking a break. A break from all this blogging bits. For sometime atleast. In the past few weeks/months, I know for a fact that i've made quite a few friends and equal number of enemies. The friends I can understand. Ther eare obviously plenty of folk around the world that are pissed off about the same things like me and relate to most of the things I say. The enemies bit I dont get. Dont see why someone would hate me and want to pull a scrap with me. Anyways, it doesnt bother me. Cyberspace has never really intimidated me, really.
For the record though, it'd be nice to know who I am supposed to meet at Koshy's. I can't just go around kissing every other guys/girls ass. By the time I got to the actual guy, the taste in my mouth would only numb the overwhelming experience.

Like I said though, dont matter to me.
So cheers to you all and myself and do have a blast.

But as a sign off, for a friend, here are my

5 greatest joys:

The smell of mud when it rains
The open road
Watching puppies playing
Christmas Carols

(So i've been untagged now and as a piss off, each and everyone of you is tagged now)

Peace, love and tranquility y'all

I miss the days of 0 and 2 comments. Now I blog for the world.


Bluefrogtribute said...

What the fuck man. 5 things u like why bah Puppies playing in the road what a sad scene. Anyways will see u soon in action Blog guy, Actually dont know ure super hero's character name really

Wally said...

Snap out of it!! Do you hear me?
Stay away from the light ... Dont go towards the light, come back!!

What is this sh*t? If i wanted to hear all this stuff I could go to other places on the net like http://www.lovzu.com, is this why I bookmarked this page? Hell no!

I mean what happened here? Promo offer over? Damn it, We dont meet up one day and suddenly you have nothing to blog about? Do I have to do everything around here?

Bluefrogtribute said...

U are becoming commercial Dude, Sold ure soul to Hippie Lovey Dovey ppl i say.

xuquvi said...

u sound like u are running cause you are scared n to cover it all sayin stuff like you are not affected n that you are taking some time off..hahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhhaaaah nice one.!!!

Rat said...

Hey this is the second blog goodbye im saying today. So sad. Will miss you here.

Dr. Pissed said...

abba .. I am not stopping this man. Just find it a bit too tedious to update the blog, thats all.

I will when I have the time, but for now, looks like I am packed with work.

xuquvi - I am not taking sometime. I dont have time, you retard!

rat macha, I am here only. Not going anywhere.

This post was merely for the folk who keep coming here expecting an updated blog .. hehe
One of my publicity stunts

dee iyer said...

like that ..
good thing i read your note at the end of it ..
Didnt think you were actually leaving .. :)
woulda missed you ..
keep visiting though ..

Tha Dalda said...

bye bye bye bye bye goodbye! jaana hai wo......... watever.

peace out. take a break. start smoking up and watch the world turn yellow. look wat happens when u try to please hippies. anyways good that u r pausing this for sometime. get out there and finish your run-in period. we need to make that mangalore trip doofus.
p.s. like the last line. i used to be the only one who used to comment in the blog. good days it was.

@wallie: lets meet up sometime. we both can give dr pissed a few topics to write abt. i dont feel justified when i have just one blog dedicated to me. need a few more.

Alice said...

Nice change of pace. Good luck with work!

Penny Lane said...

Yeah, come back soon. The things that piss you off are so funny :)

Wally said...

Dont worry people, Dalda and I will have Dr.Pissed back and bloggin in no time.

@Dalda: I need a few nails, a hammer and a frog. Meet me at the back of Dr.Pissed's office near the parking area. We going emblazon his bike tank!

Archster said...

Deviant Dr. Pissed... just when i was about to link you.

I would say Good Day, but i think that would be wasted on you. :)

dee iyer said...

thanks for the support my man ...
it is kinda hard .. al these break ups ...

dee iyer said...

and who is wally ?

dee iyer said...

thanks for the support my man ...
it is kinda hard .. all these break ups ...
i really wish we didnt have to go through them huh ?

Anonymous said...

ure just a pussy cunt. i wasnt even warmed up. anytime in koshys mithun, u fucking sad wannabe. hope those pups of yours get run over by a BMTC bus, and good that youve finally discovered ure a warm kinda guy. hope ya drop the drpissed wannabe shit, cos ure just another sad loser from christ who thinks he's different. fucking losers the whole pack of you.

Wally said...

@anonymous: Its real f*cking brave of you to post sh*t and not identify yourself.

When you do get "warmed up" have the b*lls to leave your name.

Bluefrogtribute said...

Hey anonymous ass hole, Leave christ out of this. Idiot god fucking knows which worthless college u studied in College for the Losers, Linkin park wannabes i bet. Sad fucker leave ure name and lets see what the fuck u can write bitch. Apart from swearing u mutt. Anyways u dog which koshys u refering to small or big koshys. Will come if u promise to buy me a ciggy and chicken sandwich, Big koshys is sad da. This lookslike a job for JLA. To get this monkey back on the tree where he belongs he misses his Nuts.

arvindiyer said...

I love this blog..And i've been bloggin for nearly two years, and I haven't come across this place...sad, totally sad only I tell u..Cya around, and constant update messages on my blog DOES PISS ME OFF too.
I miss the 0 and 2 comments on my blog too....
And I miss the days, when commentin in blogger was easy.Not with this whole word verification shit!!!

Angel said...

awww you poor baby, missing those days of 0 and 2 comments, where have the good times gone? ;) hehe

Yanyway, hope to see you around.
-Your fan(NOT!)

Finch, Scout said...

im late.
i was just watching the melee till it all sat down.

simply, to kick it up again.



man, that felt good!

dee iyer said...

yes .. i'm now sure that bluefrog cheated ...
you have all convinced me..
he's going to get it ...

Not pissed with you ...
Who is wally ?
I have asked you this before !

Wally said...

Sorry ... Allow me to introduce myself, I am Wally.

And Dr.Pissed's blog was my idea, FYI.

droilfade said...

visited this place for the first time... ppl here seem to get angry jus coz u're becoming nice(r). He he he...You are like apunching bag to let people's frustration outor something.. way to go reverend... kiddin. liked ur page.

Tha Dalda said...

wasssssssssssup wally. u forgot to mention that i handed blogger.com link to doc pissy and thought him everythin w.r.t blogging. wat the heck, i even thought him english. though i must admit hez a bad student.

vsqz said...

dude, I remember coming to your blog back in April 2005. Since then kept coming back and reading your blog posts.

I think I may have been one of your first visitors. I know "the dalda" was one of the first to start commenting. I think I was the second or something like that.

This is a real cool blog. It has a purpose. Everytime I came back, there was always a new post and about something different everytime. I really thought it was entertaining. I sometimes go back and read previous posts just to reminisce.

This blog is one of the best ones i've read and continued to read.

And now, You're taking a break. I understand. After a while we all need a break. So go on and take your break. Enjoy it. And when your good and ready, blog.

Until then, I'll be waiting for the return of Doctor Pissed.



Blah Blah! said...

Start blogging again already.

dee iyer said...

Hey Wally ..
who are you dude ..
come by the ladder some time ..
And Dr. Pissed .. we're back together . so you dont have to get that army to beat him up ..
I'll call next time though , ok ?